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As you can see from my username, I am a huge fan of the Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Sisters Grimm, Princess Diaries, Airhead, and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series. It's amazing no one else thought of this username, but then again, I am spectacularly brilliant. ;)

So, to make this profile easier to read, I'm going to give it several sections: Things I Like, Things I Dislike, Things I'm Good At, Things I'm Bad At, and The Reason I Even Joined Here in the First Place.


-Reading. What kind of books, you ask? GOOD books, thank you. My absolute favorite book is Harry Potter. Oh great, I forgot to add the 39 Clues to my user name. Imagine: HarryPercySabrinaMiaEmAmyDanPants!!

But they wouldn't allow it. :(

-Writing. Duh, that's why I'm on here. But not writing like 'I'm the perfect little girl and I love reading, writing, and 'rithmetic.' No, writing like I aspire to be an actual writer, as a full time job, and I have written- okay, AM WRITING, a book. It's called Leira Frank and the Wedding Video and I bet you can't wait to see it in bookstores. Well, no need to worry, it'll probably get to your local Barnes and Noble, oh, by the time I'm dead. Or something.

As for fan fiction, I like that too. Obviously. I have tons of ideas and I couldn't believe it when I found a fan fiction website that actually had Animal Farm listed as a possible book. Seriously! Never mind the Sisters Grimm or Percy Jackson, which I could never find anywhere else either.

-Pizza. Not just junk food takeout pizza that I tossed a dollar at the pimply teenager at the counter to buy that's basically a hunk of grease and overly processed cheese that's half burnt, but REAL pizza. Like, the kind with a delicious soft crust, fresh mozzarella, tomato slices and perfect sauce with basil and oregano, and possibly a topping or two.

I know my facts, too. I am a registered Pizza-ologist (I registered myself to my own Pizza-ology Registry). I have my own website on pizza. I am an expert on pizza history, styles, and recipes. In fact, I have visited- and eaten at- the first pizzeria in America, Lombardi's.

-Proper grammar. Sure, I use words that I just make up out of nowhere (one of my favorite Sisters Grimm characters is Daphne), but I use them properly. Don't say 'a lot' in front of me unless you mean a parking lot, or a lottery ticket, or something. And don't even think about 'I did good on the test.'

WELL!! Well, well, well, well, well, well, WELL!!

Oh yeah, speaking of grammar, I love semicolons. ;;;;;;;;;; They rock.

-Randomness. Why else do you think I love semicolons, pumpkin butter, and the word 'Joongee'? Or 'Joongeelands'? They're all so random.


-Math. Ugh, don't even mention it! I'm studying Algebra at the time of this profile creation (well, at the time of a couple weeks into the future when school starts again) and I absolutely hate it! The only reason I take the class in the first place is because it's required. It's not that I'm all that bad at it, I just hate it so much.

Oh, and I'm going into eighth grade. Like, if you thought I was going into college and still studying Algebra- I'm not THAT bad at math. Or going into second grade and already studying Algebra- not a child prodigy. I'm not a math genius, clearly.

-Athletic stuff. When I go back to school, it'll be back to having to change into new clothes super-early in the morning, running five laps around the gym, then ten push-ups and fifteen sit-ups, and then making a total idiot out of myself trying to act like I can play whatever sport we'll be doing. And this year I'm probably going to have to do it first period, too, so it's not even like I get the luxury of sitting around in science or social studies for an hour first before subjecting myself to that torture. Instead, I'll be arriving at science or social studies LATE and smelling horrible because the deodorant is valiantly losing the battle against my sweat.

You see why I don't like it?

-Meat. I am a vegetarian, not because I want to save the animals or whatever (though I do) or I'm worried for my health (though I am) or I think the conditions that those animals are put in are morally wrong (though I do) but just because I think meat is totally disgusting.

THINGS I'M GOOD AT (may be slightly a repeat from 'Things I Like')

-Reading, grammar, spelling, writing- all that stuff.

-Academic things.

-Creative writing.

-Drawing and other forms of visual art.

-Sometimes cooking.

-Singing and music things like that.

-Presenting weird facts that I know.

-Pizza knowledge.

THINGS I'M BAD AT (may be slightly a repeat from 'Things I Dislike')

-Being organized


-Math-kind of.

-Fashion sense, number sense, any kind of sense.

-Taste and style and grace.

-People skills.

-Looking at all even decent.

-Not being shy and weird in bad situations.


I was Googling 'Percy Jackson wallpapers' and this came up because some Percy Jackson fan fiction mentioned wallpaper. So I was looking through it and I thought it would be cool to join. So, well, I did!

Hope you liked that and read it, because it took me forever to type that up!


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What happens when the main characters of The Outsiders, The Devil's Arithmetic, Flowers for Algernon, The Miracle Worker, and Brian's Song all travel back in time and land in Animal Farm? Find out in this fan fiction.
Crossover - Outsiders & Animal Farm - Rated: K+ - English - Mystery/Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,328 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 1 - Published: 9/3/2009
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