Bat ne Depth
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I am Bat ne Depth.

The name really has no meaning for me,I just like the way it sounds.The picture over there?I don't own it,but it means alot to me.

At one time,I thought it was okay to just put'love your story'as a reveiw.But I'm to the point where I feel bad about ever doing that.A good reveiw(no offense to anyone else who does that,I once did it myself,obviously)should,in my opinion, pinpoint the good points in a person's writing or critique it(in a respectful manner)and, overall, help them grow as writers.

But that,as I said above, is just my point of veiw.

I'm still pretty young,in the scale of things.I havn't seen much of this world,though someday I hope to.I also hope to someday leave my mark on our kind(humans,that is).

I was born a girl,and,incase your wondering,still am,a girl.I try to be resonable,to be a good person.I also try to do the right,honorable thing.

But,sometimes,that is very difficult to do.

What else can I say?


-Bat ne Depth