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Author has written 7 stories for Tales of Symphonia, Kingdom Hearts, and One Piece.

Fhew, it's been a while since I've frequented this site. My name's Marie, an avid fan of anime and games, who is prone to happy screaming whenever they're brought up. I tend to appreciate in-depth discussions, but I'm not above going into a capslock spree. You've been warned >>

My current site of choice is tumblr, and I also have an AO3 account that's yet to see much use. To be honest, writing is second to my love of drawing (here is a link to my deviantart page because damn right I'm shameless), but hey, practice makes perfect. Currently I'm working hard on a Tales of Symphonia multi-chapter fic that has been in the works for... years, really. The very fact it's stuck with me for this long means I'm gonna give it my all in writing it out and sharing it with the world.

Outside of Tales of Symphonia, I have a soft spot for many anime/games, but among my favorites are Tales of the Abyss, One Piece, Mushishi, and Sailor Moon the anime. There is more but I can't think of them all right now, bah.

Also to note, I'm in the process of editing many of my current stories - just to tighten up some of the writing. If nothing else, I can say I've improved over the years, even if I haven't written anything of note.

NOTICE: I'm easy-going as a rule, but I will not tolerate any form of misogyny, racism, transphobia, homophobia, fat-shaming, etc from authors. Basically if you can't be a decent human being, we have nothing to talk about.

What you can expect from my stories: Introspection; well-thought out plots and detail; fairly decent characterization; more obscure pairings since that's how I roll

What you can't expect from my stories: crack; excessive amounts of humor; romance without some plot on the side; Zelos/Sheena or Sanji/Zoro

Trials of Reality - Tales of Symphonia multi-chapter. Adventure with some romance thrown in, and very plot heavy. I actually deleted this story for heavy revisions and editing, but I plan to bring it back when I'm finished with the first arc/20 chapters.

Summary: Combining the worlds came with consequences, just as Mithos predicted. The twin countries of the new world are already at each other's throats, the half-elves have started fighting back, and the Heroes of Regeneration must scramble to save what they have wrought.

Finished Works
Farewell My Dreams - a little drabble I wrote featuring some of the darker aspects of Colette's personality. She's obvious not all sunshine and roses, and I haven't found a lot of fics focusing on the hardships she's had to endure. Plus, my head canon says Colette loves to dream. That being taken away from her was probably a huge blow. Lloyd/Colette if you squint

Angel Kisses - You know Zelos would insist a kiss from an angel would heal his every sickness/illness to a gullible Colette at least once. He just didn't expect her to take him so seriously. xD Zelos/Colette if you squint

What Are You Watching? - I don't even. Just. Wut. A crackfic that's not a crackfic. I wrote it on the spur of the moment for my friend who demanded I write Saix/Axel porn from Roxas' innocent perspective. And this is what happened. No doubt this will get more reviews than my other stuff. :D;

Spoils of Duty - A little ficlet from Robin's POV. SanUso

A Little Acceptance - Sometimes all you really need is your friends backing you up, and Sanji gets this and more when he and Usopp start a relationship. SanUso

Comments and criticism are more than welcome. Hope everyone enjoys my stories!

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