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Author has written 10 stories for Naruto, and Code Geass.

Little info...

age: 15

gender: Female

nationality: Filipino

School: one of the known schools in my country (Arrogant much!)*hint* it starts with an 'A' ends with an 'O'

Status: single and a 3rd year High School student

Hi! I'm just me...and yes my avatar is my face!

Okay here are a few Information about me:





-sweet, sour and salty

-history (but please no dates and geography of any places)







-God ( I am a Catholic, but I am not a saint)



-electricity (best invention of all time!)

- Arina Tanemura's mangas


-arrogant, cruel, and people who are just plain evil

-bitter food

-soup ( It depends really)

-twilight saga (It's completly boring! sorry if offended, and please don't hate me just becuase I have an opinion.)

Fave couples

--CC LELOUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

--Mikan & Natsume...

-- Mikan & Ruka

-- Kyo & Thoru

-- Aoba & Sakura (Sakura Hime Kaden)

--Takuto and Mitsuki ( Full Moon)

--Takanari & Haine (Gentlemen's Alliance Cross)

--Kei & Hikari


Future Plans

-- become a writer

-- become a reporter

--start a business


"Light Behind My Shadow"

summary: Ino has lost her memory when she was 7, and certain faceless boy always appear in her mind, and she is determined to find out who he is, while helping her family move from the social class of gypsies to become the royal entertainer…

"Inkless Pen"

summary: Ino is the heiress of a real estate business and is in one of the elite schools, has everything, except for one, Sasuke, how can she get the prince to notice her? (It's InoKiba not InoSasu)

"Couzin Warz"

( got the inspiration from bride wars)

summary: Ino and Sakura are couzins, have the same b-day, but their total opposites, but they start taking their battles to a new level when someone arrives in town...

(still InoKiba but the boy that provokes her and Sakura to compete with each other is still Sasuke, but it's more focus on Sakura and Ino than the pairings...)

"How Strong Are You"

still ino Kiba, just a short story about two sides of love, like "Are you strong enough to let him or her go?" or "Are you strong enough to keep him or her."

-I know I'm addicted to this pairing, it's the only pairing I feel comfortable writting about.

Why do I like them?

Well, at first it's really Gaara that I like but then everyone's wanting him, (I'm the one that doesn't want to be in the in crowd type), and I really didn't enjoy watching Naruto much, but when I saw Kiba I was like "Hey his cute." and so it settled it. Then while I was watching Naruto, instead of liking Sakura, I was (surprisingly) hating her. Well not too hating but like (You're soo boring yet everyone loves you) kind of emotion. (Please Sakura fans dont hate me). And I was hating everyone in Naruto for teliing Ino bad remarks like how ugly she is when in fact she is way prettier than Sakura. And personally I think Sakura is always trying to please everybody and almost hidding her true self while Ino, even if evreyone keeps telling her she's soo vain and all its like she doesn't care becuase that's who she is. And since they just look great together I stareted liking them. Later on I realize they have some things in common that actually make them interesting and not boring. I just think they're the type that fights always, and tells everyone their not alike, and no one wants too lose to the other, and in the end they're the ones making their lives complicated, I think that'll be sooo interesting.

and yeah... I totally love InoKiba, I do have many pairings that I like but crack pairings are more interesinge than the cannons but it does depend really... oh I'm open for suggestions and please: Sa lahat ng mga Plipino na nandyan magreview naman kayo, cgeh na, At sa mga taga Cdo "Hai ginoo kapoi kau ning inani na kinabuhi daghan kau projects ug ang school kinahanglan mag tarong gayud!

Favorite Sayings:

"Sometimes we've been waiting for the right one, only to find out the best is gone." (I think this is the theme of my stories)

"Why do we love it when the young proves the oldies wrong and always win against them, but when our younger siblings says we are wrong we pretend we are deaf and don't listen to them." (so true)

"I hate work, but I love it at the same time." ( common truth)

"Opposites attract, similar beings push away from each other, and balance last forever." (might seem meaningless but think about it, too much oppositeness gets tiring, similarities boring, but if there is balance its a moment worth experiencing)

"I'm a liar, so I lie, am I lying right now? Will you ever know?" (simply confusing but true)

"Why don't we admit we love someone, it's not becuase we're afraid to get hurt, it's not becuase we're too good for them, but becuase we know there is someone better." ( a saying that makes people say after years in marriage "why not him?")

"I'm weird, insane, and stupid, but not shallow enough to actually not notice I am." (this just means not everyone is stupid enough to actually be fooled, "try fooling a fool why don't you)

"The advantage of Librans: We never get to be questioned on our decisisions, infact becuase of the time it takes us to make our decision, the matter was forgoten." (insanely and weirdly true.)

To all who understands love yah!

and that's all...

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Quit Crying, Ino! by Silva Bramley reviews
When Shinobi like Sasuke kill, they kill for self ambition – selfish reasons like revenge and desire for power. When Shinobi like you and me kill, it’s to protect our families, our teammates, the waiter who serves us dinner after a long mission.” KibaIno
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Silver Thread reviews
DISCONTINUED...please don't read anymore...sorry...
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Endings and Beginnings reviews
Its been some time since Asuma's death, how are things for the Konoha ninjas especially for Ino... Read and find out,, mostly KibaIno,,, I suck in summaries R&R... I DON"T OWN NARUTO OR ANY CHARACTERS! Discontinued
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 9 - Words: 11,986 - Reviews: 17 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 6 - Updated: 1/16/2010 - Published: 11/6/2009 - Ino Y., Kiba I.
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