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note:me and my friend created this profile together

favs: friends favs:

couple:amuto couple:fakir x ahiru

food:pizza/pockey food:seasoned shrimp ramen

color:midnight blue color:grey

animal:neko(all u anime freaks BETTER know what that is) animal:kitsune(fox)

anime:shugo chara anime:higurashi no naku koro ni kai

song:loosey from burst angel song:daisuki dayo

if youve ever done something that you wanna go back in time to change,copy and paste this to your profile

if your so obsessed with anime youve started collecting dvds,posters,dolls,etc.from animes,copy and paste this to your profile

if you freak your friends out sometimes becuz your just that weird,copy and paste this to your profile

if your incredible insane copy and paste

if you like being your own person copy and paste

if you agree with the one above and only hang out with people that are like that,copy and paste

if your pets all love you,copy and paste

if youve ever done somethingy incredibly stupid,copy and paste

if youve ever spaced out and not paid attention to the conversation then asked a question out of the blue that had nothing to do with the conversation that was about whatever you were spacing out about copy and paste

if shugo chara is your favorite anime copy and paste

if youve seen all the current released shugo chara episode and watched the entire rozen maiden series,copy and paste

if you judge anime guys MOSTLY on their hair copy and paste

if your an amuto fan,copy and paste and amuto 4ever


if you agree with whats written above,copy and paste

if you call hotori kiddy king like ikuto-kun(we all luv him ladies dont be thinking he's mine cuz hes not yours or mine we all know he's amu's~AMUTO4EVA!)copy and paste!!~

if you've ever crashed into a trailor on your bike in public like my friend has copy and paste(im not kidding she was looking at the car road and she crashed her bike into a trailor that was parked in the parking lot we were ridding in and she bounced out of her seat and hurt her butt she says it still hurts lol but it was soo funny u had to be there)

if ur a kisshuxichigo fan,copy and paste!~


1)you wait for someone to come near your house and stare at them suspiciously until they pass then pretend your making a phone call

2)sit in a random area at a crowded place .sniff the person next to you and write something random down on a small notepad.continue to do so until the person leaves.

3)stare at someone for a while and when they look back at you growl and walk away

4)stare at nothing in particular in the sky but keep focus .when someone asks what your looking at announce"look,cant you see it?its the lost soul!"lol this was from a personal experience me and my friend did this and it totally worked!on everyone we tried it on!!

6)this might work if your sibling is smaller than you.i woudlnt know my bro is bigger than meh.

sibling:its my turn get off the computer!


30 mins l8r

sibling:i told you earlier to get off the computer!!

you:i was never on it(staring at the computer screen)

sibling:yes you were i saw you!

you:but if i had been on the computer im sure it would have broken under my weight and the pressurelol i tried that but then my bro pulled the chair out from under my butt and logged me off!

7)you all saw the story read it,then read this

8)you didnt notice there was no number 5

9)you looked back for nuumber 5

10)you laughed at your own stupidity

11)now you'll copy and paste this and try to trick your friends so you dont feel as stupid when the fail to relise that there is no #5.its ok we all fall for this eventually.

things only special people can do:

1.triping UP the stairs

2.triping on a flat surface

3.hear the voices that u cant see

4.see the lost soul(thats what were looking at when we look at "nothing" in the sky)

5.sdrawkcab epyt(again,only specials can read that) so random they give u a headache

7.fall for hypnosis

8.turn off an ipod touch

9.let there pet fish "sleep" for 3 months and then decide there boring

10.have a pet "dragon"

11.have to study "normal"for high school into automatic doors

13.slam revolving doors

14.understand the most complicated math but not know what 2+2 is

blonde things ive said or heard from friends:

1)i dont like singing solo's alone!

2)friend:i hate apples

me:yea i hate apples tootakes another bite of my apple

3)whens the fourth of july?



brooke:doritos...stares at lunch line(it was funnier than it sounds)

5)men dont have manboobs!

6)me:i didnt really like pheonix that much i hate being upside down

brooke:wasnt it awsome??

me:i just said no

brooke:oh(note:she wasnt rly paying attention to wat we were sayiing)did u ride it sarah?


brooke:wasnt it awsome??

brooke's a natural blonde i swear-_-