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Anonymous http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6059885/1/Anonymous

What if Edward loved someone when he was human? Her name is Marie, but on the morning of their wedding, Edward disappeared. The reason? He was bitten by a vampire. The sad thing is, Marie was left in the church,
and pitied by everyone because everybody thought her own groom ran away from
her. Now, Marie was broken-hearted. She does not know what to do with her life
Edward. And she believed them, she believed that her love really left her.
After several months, she disappears too and was never heard of again. When
heard this, as a vampire ofcourse, he searched for ways to kill himself, but Carlisle found him and as all of you know, the Cullen
family started. But Edward yearned for his Marie, and pledged never to love
someone else except Marie.

Until decades and decades after, Isabella Marie Swan looks so much like Marie. She
does not know her past, because she was adopted in a car crash by her adoptive
parents- Charlie-the chief of police officer, and
Renee, a local doctor of Forks. They all claim she had "amnesia" after the
crash since she remembers nothing. But a year after, her amnesia has done 0%
recovery. She does not even know the faces of her parents, does not know her
address, but the diamond ring she wore since the crash is the only token of her past.

Love's Wounds http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5988736/1/Loves_Wounds

When Bella comes to Forks, it was because she was broken-hearted,
because a golden-eyed vampire named Daniel Rosen left her.. in the
same reason Edward did in new Moon. This vampire has the power to
trick humans into believing he is a human,he does not glitter in the sun and he can make his eyes any color he likes. But Bella found out he's a
vampire, and then the story unfolds like she loved him and he her, but
things got messy when he almost killed her. He is a nomad, he has no
never knew his human loved Bella too, but like Edward wanted to protect her from
himself. So, he left her, much like how Edward did, and Bella comes to
Forks, because she and her parents wanted her to fix her life again.
She was broken-hearted, she was numb, but like in twilight, she meets
the Cullens, the only different things is that she knows what they are
in her first day, and she hates them, because they remind her of him. Bella is not Edward's "la tua cantante" in this story, i figured it
will be harder if they're both angry at each other. Edward can't read
her mind too, and Bella hates the Cullens.. so how will the Bella Edward loveteam unfold?... What if someone who is after Daniel comes after Bella? Who will save her? Will she even be saved? Will time run out? And what if "he" shows up at Forks, exactly

when they fell for each other already? And what if he has a deep connection..with one of the Cullen's human lives?

Golden Eyes http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5857622/1/Golden_Eyes

What if Carlisle had a daughter biologically, Bella He left them because he was afraid that he will be tempted by their blood But he comes back after a few years... But the news had made his heart broke.. His wife had died and his daughter was missing. In this story, Esme wasn't bitten by Carlisle and Edard and Bella were born in the same year. STORY STOPPED.PM ME TO VIEW THE NEXT CHAPTERS AFTER CHAPTER 25.

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Anonymous reviews
Edward loved someone when he was human.Decades later, Someone that looks alot like the present Bella Swan crosses his past. Who is Bella Swan anyway? What is her past..Who is she? and is she the love of his life..or not? How is she connected to him?
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