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Author has written 18 stories for Final Fantasy IX, Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, Worm, Harry Potter, Magic: The Gathering, Final Fantasy XIV, Elder Scroll series, Persona Series, and Code Geass.

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity." Sorry, Einstein. I disagree. There is one third thing that has no limits: imagination.

I am Elia41. Real name: Emeraude. In English, it says Emerald. No, I won't give you my last name. I care for my privacy.

I am French, suck at German and am basically bilingual in English, which made many people mistake me for an UK or American citizen. They are wrong. If you look at the flag in the corner of my profile, you will see a blue-white-red banner with vertical bands. I don't say this to flaunt my country. I just want to make things clear.

My hobbies? Writting, big time. I won't say it's a drug for me. The drug would be either being on my computer or anything with chocolate. I swear, a piece of chocolate has the same effect on me as coffee in other people! By the way, I hate coffee and anything bitter. But if it's sweet, and juicy/fruity, over there, man! Other hobbies include MMORPGs and watching movies, as well as listening to good music. Epic soundtracks and dancefloor are my favorite. If you've read my stories, you'll notice that it shows a lot.

One last thing: I hate grey. It's a sad color. And I may have Asperger's Syndrome. I haven't been professionally diagnosed, but I think I would if I mustered the courage to go see a psy. I don't want to. I know I've got issues and most people around me see me as a weirdo, but I don't want to.

I have recently been through the rough separation of my parents. I thought for a time that things would settle down but, unfortunately,things have gotten really messy and complicated. I never know when they get along and when they're not. One day they're in love and the other they are at the other's throat and it's such a royal mess that I decided to say "Sh*t, I'm outta there." Now I live on my own with the regret that this mess cost me my third year in University.

But enough with my personal life. Let's skip to the really interesting business: stories!

I will be honest: I have an utter love for awesomeness. The more epic the better, so I try to make my stories as epic as the books or movies I see. And I don't hear you complaining. Now about these stories, there are three main series. The others are skippable.

The Pokémon series: made of "Pokémon: the great adventure", "Pokémon: mysteries of the seas", "Pokémon: Legends of Johto" and "Chronicles from Oak's Corral", it is MY big one, the series that has most of my care. Though, these days, I'm more into other series. Sorry, everyone, I need to take a breath from our dear Mons. Doesn't mean I've stopped writting, I'm just putting my priorities to other series.

The basis is simple: at a young age, Ash meets a silver-haired stranger who becomes a mentor and father figure. They travell across the regions as Ash gets stronger. Now, things are a little more complicated than that. For starter, Ash's mentor belongs to a race of so-said extinct precursors known as the Ancients, who are at the origins of the modern world. Furthermore, despite having lost a huge amount of power, he is still a deadly Ice Aura Guardian who is fiercely protective of his student. As for Ash, he turns out to be the Chosen with a Golden Heart, the first half of a pair who serves the Legendary Council to do what the Legendaries can't do as Pokémon. He has a flute that can control the heart of any Pokémon and powerful Aura powers that make him a skilled empath capable of bonding with the fiercest Mon. And to say his family is screwed is an understatement ...

In "Pokémon: the great adventure", Ash starts his journey alongside his mentor and slowly gathers a team of friends and partners while dealing with Gary, his former friend turned rival. We soon learn that a civil war is raging between Team Rocket and a rebellious faction dead set on conquering Kanto, only for Ash and his friends to stop it with Giovanni's help. Ash eventually enters the Indigo Conference, meeting some of the people he encountered during his journey and defeating Gary at the cost of his rival's mind. His final battle against A.J. is considered one of the best Pokémon battles written.

In "Pokémon: mysteries of the seas", Ash, Misty, Silver and a new friend called Tracey travel across the Orange Archipelago trying to solve the mystery of the G.S. Ball while stopping the Rocket Rebels from gaining a foothold in the region. More is learned about the Ancients, culminating in the resurrection of one of their gods and the reveal of Ash's legacy as a Chosen. Ash ultimately confront Drake, the Champion of the Orange Islands and wins despite Dragonite mega-evolving.

In "Pokémon: legends of Johto", the Legendary Council orders Ash to put an end to the Rocket Rebels once and for all. His brother being there, Ash decides to go. Story in going.

The Destiny series: based on Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's, it is so far made of "Birth of the Dragons" and "Yu-Gi-Oh 5d's: Crimson Destiny". A sequel titled "Yu-Gi-Oh 5d's: Golden Destiny" is planned and may be posted if the preview proves appreciated enough.

"Birth of the Dragons" tells the stories of Ehecatl, Astyan, Lyria, Althiel, Uriah and Leona, and how they were chosen by the Crimson Dragon to become their servants. It works like one-short, but the stories of Lyria and Althiel, as well as Uriah and Leona, follow one another due to the bonds shared by the protagonists. Said protagonists are not Yusei, Jack, Crow and co.'s ancestors but their previous incarnations, having been reborn through the ages to serve the Crimson Dragon.

"Yu-Gi-Oh 5d's: Crimson Destiny" is the sequel of "Birth of the Dragons". Having been rescued by Stardust Dragon and trained in Summervale, Yusei returns to Neo Domino City to gather the Signers against the mysterious threat ahead. And he doesn't see Goodwin as an ally. In-going.

"Yu-Gi-Oh 5d's: Golden Destiny" is the next sequel and follows a boy called Vian Carmine, who spots a pair of Golden Wings on his forearm and owns a Signer Dragon. He befriends the children of the previous generation of Signers, including Jack's son, Johan. Also, the Crimson Marks have returned despite their disappearance at the end of the series.

The Final Fantasy IX series is one of the first series I made and is a remake in four tomes of the original Final Fantasy IX game. It is a lot different in quality and overall appearance to my later works. Also, a certain character from the Pokémon series appear by the third tome ... Used to have a Dissidia sequel that was deleted.

Pokémon team datafiles

Where all the information about the group and their teammates can be found for the current region. Only counts the Pokémon caught in the region or Pokémon from previous régions who evolved during the story.

Ash's team

Heracross: a kind Pokémon who sought to protect his forest from invading Pinsir, he joined Ash after the later helped him solve the crisis. Possessing tremendous endurance and an impressive strength, his specialty is moves that turn his opponents' strength against them and increase his resistance before a brutal retaliation. His Nature is Gentle and his True Name is Unwavering Shield.

Moves: Reversal, Counter, Arm Thrust, Close Combat, Brick Break, Focus Blast, Protect, Endure, Bide, Giga Impact Megahorn, Pin Missile, Iron Defense

Chikorita: a little girl Ash met while she was taking a nap, she challenged Charizard and proved incredibly strong and tenacious for her young age. She joined Ash to get stronger and quickly bonded with Clefable. Was born with Leaf Blade as an egg move, which is why she was abandonned by her breeder. She was later given an unknown True Name in Ben'Alia. Her Nature is Rash.

Moves: Leaf Blade (egg move), Magical Leaf, Vine Whip, Energy Ball, Sweet Scent, Tackle

Cyndaquil: a shy and gentle creature Ash took in after separating with Charizard, he's the new baby of the crew now that Axew has become a Fraxure. Doesn't know a lot of attacks and can only use Flamethrower Under pressure, kind of like Blaze, but since Ash is training him ... His Nature is Bashful.

Moves: Ember, Flame Wheel-Burst-Thrower, Smokescreen

Spinarak: a young Pokémon Ash got as an egg after helping a group of Officer Jennies who were working with Spinarak rather than Growlithe. She is the baby of the team and doesn't fight yet due to having hatched after the Azalea Gym. Her Nature is Docile and Heracross named her Soul Weaver.

Moves: none

Totodile: a playful Pokémon with a fondness for dancing who joined Ash after hearing him train with his flute. He is by far the most easy-going of the team and is great friends with Snubbull, who shares his taste for music. Ash trains him to combine fighting and dancing. His Nature is Jolly.

Moves: Water Gun, Aqua Tail-Jet, Rain Dance, Bite (Currently learning Ice Fang-Punch & Crunch, Water Pulse)

Noctowl: a Shiny Pokémon hunter by poachers, he joined Ash after finding out he was the Chosen with a Golden Heart. He is incredibly intelligent, even for his kind, but is also considerably shorter. No one in the team makes fun of it, though, for he has a nice array of moves and the brains to use them in clever or impressive ways. His Nature is Serious and his True Name, that he hasn't revealed yet, is Little Wisdom.

Moves: Sky Attack, Wing Attack, Mirror Move, Feather Dance, Air Slash, Hyperbeam, Foresight, Synchronoise, Extrasensory, Feint Attack

Gary's team

Ledian: a timid Pokémon who snuck in the boy's sleeping bag and was mauled by Umbreon the next morning, prompting Gary to catch it. A nice creature who wouldn't hurt a fly but can still defend himself despite having more of a supporting role. His Nature is Docile.

Moves: Silver Wind, Bug Buzz, Bug Bite, Light Screen, Reflect, Double Team, Acrobatics, Safeguard, Mach Punch, Swift, Giga Drain, Thunder-Ice-Drain Punch

Misdreavus: a cute Pokémon met in Ben'Alia who was cast out of her breeding center for her unability to control her Dream Eater attack, which triggered every night and gave the other Pokémon nightmares. Longing for human contact, she befriended Gary who welcomed her in. Her Nature is Jolly.

Moves: Dream Eater, Confuse Ray, Perish Song, Grudge, Shadow Ball, Will-O-Wisp, Mean Look, Return, Power Gem, Thunder Wave, Dazzling Gleam

Houndour: a canine Pokémon, son of a Houndour the team helped rescue the brother. Like most Dark-types, he has a bias against Psychic Pokémon but, being trained by a gentle-hearted Psychic Trainer, he knows better than judging someone with mental powers. Gary keeps him in case his powers may run out of control. His Nature is Serious.

Moves: Dark Pulse, Bite, Feint Attack, Thunder Fang (egg move), Howl, Odor Sleuth, Flamethrower, Fire Fang, Flame Charge, Will-O-Wisp, Shadow Ball

Brock's team

Stantler: a very young Pokémon Brock befriended with Lugia's song and tried to return to his herd. Unfortunately, the other Stantlers cast him away for being in contact with humans, so Brock was forced to keep him. He didn't mind at all. He is naturally nice and has a Gentle Nature.

Moves: Hypnosis, Stomp, Double Kick, Jump Kick, Confuse Ray, Megahorn, Zen Headbutt, Captivate, Wild Charge

Pineco: a male Bug caught by accident by Brock as he was trying to defend a little girl, he is a very recent addition to the team. Brock has yet to give him a proper training. His Nature is Adamant.

Moves: Take Down, Rapid Spin, Protect, Pin Missile (egg move), Struggle Bug, Iron Defense, Drill Run, Giga Drain

Misty's team

Wooper: a playful little prankster with really bad aim (maybe because he's young...) that Misty protected from another Trainer. She then started mentoring the little critter and he decided to tag along. He and Totodile get along, but Wooper is more mischievous. His Nature is also Jolly.

Moves: Mud Shot, Dig, Water Gun, Rain Dance, Surf, Aqua Tail, Body Slam (Curreently learning Earth Power, Mud Bomb, Water Pulse and Ice Punch)

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