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hello- welcome to what i like to call RANDOMLYAWSOMEMONKEYNESSCENTRAL, now say that 3 times fast (lol)


Okay i know have WAAYYY to many unfinished storys- i just keep getting writers block- usualy cos i get a new idea and can't conentrate on the old one =s


-just ta let ya know- I HATE YAOI!! it's just plain... disturbing!


-I am currently thinking of writing stories for other categories (mainly: Pokemon, harry potter, and various computer games)


stuff I like: reading, writing, acting, most music, drawing in general (especially dragons,) drawing anime (i drew my own avatar!) playing computer games,talking to my yami (who I just discovered tas I was writing ch. 3 of my story) Pokemon, Yugioh, Anime/Manga in general, Being random, telling jokes, being silly, sleeping in and staying up late.

stuff i don't like: er... hm.. let me see... ants, high school musical, tamagotchis (I know that's random but there just so #&@ annoying!) avocado, cigarettes, alcohol, Bullies, and having to wear make-up (I only do when I'm on stage.)

Arnika: HI!!

Monkey: and this here is my Yami, Arnika.

Arnika: and here is the stuff i like/don't like

stuff I like: Beating up people who are mean to my Hikari (they wont get away with it!) Helping my Hikari whenever she needs help, Being supportive...

Monkey: OK i think they get it, your like my gaurdian...

Arnika: well then, moving on: Swimming, soccer, Netball, kicking the footy (but not playing footy,) cooking, and I to like most of the things she likes.

stuff I don't like: all of the stuff my Hikari doesn't like, but also slow music.

Monkey: yeah it is kind of boring.

Arnika: exactly.

My favorite smileys:

the monkey: C(o_o)D the rose: @+8- the pizza(this one is lame): (o8o) icecream 8> birdy (- )>

expressions... sad: =( very sad: =C angry: >=( happy: =) very happy =D bored =l confused: =S silly/happy: =3 glasses person 8)

Stuff people like to copy and paste on there profile...

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If you think the toucans should just stop the damned 'fruity treasure' hunt and go home, copy and paste this in your profile.

eliforp ruoy otni etsap dna ypoc ,sdrawkcab siht daer ot hguone trams era uoy fi (It's a secret language! =3)

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(Arnika helped me make this one up!) If you think it's dumb when siblings call each-other a son of a... copy and paste this on to your profile! =3

potatoes, brocoli, chair, monkey, voltage, lemon bikini, lamb bikini, lambogini, apple, spapple, spit, grocerys, have a nice day, triceratops, tree house, roof, king kong, mass organistaional joey, computer virus, diddy kong, legend of the magic pine cone, matrix space slub- so what, where do these words keep coming from, ice lollie, japan, printer, it's time to duel, 68.9(recurring), look a space cone, crop circles, beet root salad, moving target, growing your flower into a bug, pineapple, super mario, jackson vill, stranded on youranus, cloth, X.Y.Z dragon cannon, blue eyes white lightning, potatoe car, rich poodle, retorical pigmy, gunue fowl, seto kaiba, OMG... if you have no idea what this is but read it all anyway- copy and paste this onto your profile

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the day death saved me reviews
The reason my love life sucked was not that fact he was a death god, not even the fact that he was a homicidal maniac who enjoyed cutting people up with that chain saw thing, no reason my love life sucks is because i am 99.9% sure that he's gay
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