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Hello! Welcome to our profile! It's like a magical place with unicorns and gum drops... I think there is a rainbow somewhere. Stupid rainbow and your perpetual frown!

Ehem... now to be serious. Sort of. Maybe. Occasionally.

Okay. I'm Nicole. (Yeah, I get to be named first cause it's my computer and I'm typing. Bitch please.)

I'm Heather!! :Crazy waves:

Nicole: We have been friends for... since the dinosaurs first thought 'hey! That guy with tiny arms could kill us.' This is our collaboration account. Both of us have our own... but we're too ashamed to admit that we'd write such crack... I mean serious works of fiction. Cause that's what we write. Right Heather?

Heather: Totally. Of course silly tuna. :attempting to knit socks:

Nicole: Honey, your socks have 8 toes. Not true story.

Heather: There irregular socks. For circus freaks. I'm sure there's a market somewhere for them.

Nicole: Okay. Except Heather's not ashamed. She already writes crack fiction... I'm ashamed... so ashamed...

Heather: It's all I can write! It's hard to be serious. Or maybe I'm not that good of a writer...

Nicole: Heather. You rock. Hard core. I have never seen such a portrayal of Lucius Malfoy that was so... heart wrenching that I felt tears and laughter and the same time. I mean... he's damn sexy! I don't even like Harry Potter. True story.

Heather: I don't like Harry Potter either. :shifty eyes:

Nicole: Wait... didn't you want my Harry Potter books?

Heather: Um... yes... to burn? Burn the witch!

Nicole: Okay... moving on. So as we said this is our collab account. Mostly for just one fanfiction. But ya never... there might be more... dear god there might be more. Mostly Supernatural. I hope.

Heather: There could be a Legend of the Seeker in the works... if we get inspired. Or even! Castle! But crime shows are hard... and they don't have vampires.

Nicole: Hey! I have an idea! Crossovers! So Richard has to team up with Richard Castle and they meet up with John Connor and John Winchester. There would be tons of campy theme music. They would all have to save their women from... super herpes! Or Sam Winchester... who has super herpes!

Heather: No! Not Sam! Lucius Malfoy! With his pimp stick. He'd smack that bitch... make him scream. Jareth! Jareth and Lucius could be bff forever! Giant packages of awesome!

Nicole: Shut up Heather! No more Harry Potter... though good idea. Jareth and Lucius? Devious.

Heather: Sounds like a slash fic. I don't like slash.

Nicole: The idea now makes my eyes bleed.

Heather: I'm so confused! Niki what's happening? What kind of profile is this?

Nicole: An awesome one.

Heather: Okay...

Nicole: FINE! Normal profile here we come. That means... the dreaded lists!

Heather: No not the... yay lists!

Nicole: Muffins.

Heather: Food? I want a brownie.

Fandoms: Supernatural, Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Harry Potter FANFICTION(totally beats JK), Castle, Big Bang Theory, Legend of the Seeker, Stargate, Farscape, that show I once saw... it was a french anime(it's the one where she goes into the picture!), Buffy, the Save Ums, Pinky and the Brain, My Fairly God Parents, iCarly, Sailor Moon, Card Captors, um... Digimon, Video on Trial.

Nicole: Hm, Heather did you notice that half of these things we haven't even watched in a couple eras.

Heather: It made an impact. Eras? We're not that old.

Nicole: It's definition is a significant period of time! Was it not significant to you! Hey... barbies.

Heather: Young in the Restless performed by barbies.

Nicole: We rocked.

Pairings: Dean/It's a secret, Castiel/school girls, Sheldon/Penny(its cannon you know it), John/Connor, Daniel/Vala, Hermione/Harry, RON/GINNY(Nicole writes this out of spite), Sam/Jack, Richard/Kahlan, Kari/Tk, Spike/Buffy,Spencer/No ones hot enough... ooh maybe Sam?(Heather says this... seriously. Nicoles suspects. I concur.) Pinky and the Horse. Evil Cosmo/Anybody. He's god. Teresa/Ethan(proving that the stalker does get the guy.)

Characters: Dean, BOBBY, Castiel, (not Sam. Hey I like him! ... I do too... just he needs to wear his big girl panties and stop writing emo poetry. You know he does Heather!), Cameron, John Connor, River Tam, Bennet Halphers... the character Summer Glau played in DollHouse. This is too dificult! We like them all! Except for Ginny... and Ron. Idgits. Xander. :nervous eye twitch:

Heather: Nicole just wiped up ice cream with her sock.

Nicole: It was my jeans... and my heel... of my sock. True story.

Fiction in the Works:

Nicole and Heather: Untitled. Completely top secret. On a need to know basis. We've been working on it for half a year. The only people that know about it are our moms, Chanalle, and random people Heather tells at her work. It's very top secret. We came up with this while walking long distances.

Nicole: Jeez, we're creative.

Heather: Super creative.

Nicole: I think I told someone about our fanfiction the other day.

Heather: Someone that wasn't in the secret loop?!

Nicole: You use it as an icebreaker with customers at work!

Heather: They're in the secret loop!

Nicole: Whatever you say Heather. I told that girl from the Pharmacy that writes Zelda smut. I still can't believe she just randomly told me she wrote fanfiction.

Heather: It makes a good icebreaker.

Nicole: With nerds...

Heather: They make good friends.

Nicole: Unlike the Amish. I don't trust there no technology.

Heather: :shakes fist: And their amazing potatoes!

We have nothing against the Amish, if by any chance an Amish person is reading this. I'm sorry. On another note... Heather thinks your a bad amish person for being on the internet, go back to making your amazing freaking potatoes! I hope they're freaking worth your lack of technology!

Secrets of the Authors:

(side note... this is played with the Days of Our Lives music voice guy thing.)


I really like Nickelback. I say I don't... but I do. Look at my ipod.

- I share an Ipod playlist with Nicole so she likes Nickelback too

- When I listen to Nobody's Perfect by Miley I feel inspired. Cause nobody is perfect. Except for me.

- I really like X-Men Evolution. I own some of the episodes... on box sets.

- My main fanfic account is: when-turtles-strike-back (Nicole says, check out her Harry Potter fanfiction. NOW.)

- I like paint fumes.

- Liked Twilight in the beginning... but then my mom stole all her books and read them five times each and then was all, wow. And then I can't abide by this. I'm sorry. You suck.

- Likes Keanu Reeves, for his acting. Bill and Teds excellent adventure changed my life. (Nicole says, it's cause he's pretty. Nothing more. He drinks water good, cause you know he's thirsty.)

- My two favorite things to do are eating and sleeping.

- Hates the Olympics... well until they hypnotized me. With all the shiny... and patriotism. If you don't buy this Olympic sweater you fail at being Canadian!

-My Alter ego is a super adorable homeless theoretical vegan called "The Flailer" she wears socks (as well as other clothes, disapproves of naturalists), and lives off the land...

- Reads tons! Of romances novels! There all in proper and order! There spines are perfect... okay not perfect! But one day they will be! Once I replace them all with show pieces so no one can read them. They can only read the crappy ones!

-I spend far to much money on OPI nail polish.


- My base account is Shinki. Oh... the classy fanfiction... I miss you so. :pets it: I turned our crack classy.

- Is intolerant to chocolate, I'm allergic to celery, cucumbers(mostly the peel), Leache fruit, and organic peanut butter(It makes me stop breathing.)

- I'm a Fields bitch. HBC corporation yo. I hate corporations. :shifty eyes; turns around: If you hear this I love you HBC!

- I spend way to many hours patrolling the internet to ruin young hopeful crappy writers dreams and is genuinely upset when my comments go unnoticed. FIGHT ME BITCH! ( sound like a bitch! I'm not... I swear! I think... I hope... I like animals. People just bug me. But I'm really a marsh mellow... with low self esteem. I need the internet to make me feel good.) (Heather says: It's okay Niki! I have low self esteem too!)

- If anyone ever challenged me to a real fight... I'd probably pause take out my earrings. Cry not to hurt me and run while flailing my arms. Cause I'm weak... and I'd lose. Heather says she'd bite them for me. If I was forced to fight... I'd use my X-box. Soul Calibur, yo.

- I have over a 1000 favorites on youtube and counting. Yes, most are fan vids. What? I appreciate creativity! And its how I find new music... and makeup tutorials.

- I have playlists on my ipod named after favorite ships. Cause dude, I can ship my way out of a paper bag.

- I'm Canadian. We're both Canadian.

- I have Olympics mitts.

- I like Keanu... for the pretty. I also swear up and down that he is an amazing actor. Come on guys! Speed! And the replacements! Lake House! Constantine! Ya know... Castiel was actually inspired by the comic book character Constantine... which brings me to the next confession.

- I know way to much random facts.

- I only joined twitter to stalk Misha Collins. I have sadly not joined his Minions. But I am with him in spirit. He's my god.

- I have an unnatural attachment to Stephen Colbert. Singing in Korean was damn classy. Damn fine... all drippy with sweat... what's wrong with me?! He called Canadians ice holes! Oh... he can call me an ice hole any day.

- I seem to have more confessions then Heather

- I'm a total geeky girly girl. I LOVE MAKEUP AND HAIR PRODUCTS!! :nervous twitch:

- I like Harry Potter fanfiction. Shut up Heather, I know. I said I hate it... I HATE GINNY! :breaths fire:

- Romance Novels. Enough said.

- :cough;hack:IlikeTaylorLautnerandNickelback:cough;hack;die:

Is done now... I think... I hope.

Nicole: We are done for now... we'll be back. :evil echo laughter:

Heather: Last word. :moronic giggles: