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Updated November 9, 2009: THE CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. We were overwhelmed with submissions on the date of closing of the contest! :) Thank you so much to all the authors and readers who have supported our contest! All submissions have now been validated and added to the C2, and the judges are reading! :) The winners will be announced on The Fictionators blog on Tuesday, November 17, 2009.

Updated: October 15, 2009: Please note new closing date for submissions - all submissions must be received no later than 12:01 a.m. Eastern Time (GMT-5), November 7, 2009 - PMs dated later than that time will not be included for consideration in judging.

When Love Was New

The rest of the day, the following night, were hardly enough for her thoughts. She was bewildered amidst the confusion of all that had rushed on her within the last few hours. Every moment had brought a fresh surprise; and every surprise must be a matter of humiliation to her.--How to understand it all! How to understand the deceptions she had been thus practicing on herself, and living under!--The blunders, the blindness of her own head and heart!...To understand, thoroughly understand her own heart, was the first endeavour. To that point went every leisure moment which her father's claims on her allowed, and every moment of involuntary absence of mind.

How long had Mr. Knightley been so dear to her, as every feeling declared him now to be? When had his influence, such influence begun? When had he succeeded to that place in her affection, which Frank Churchill had once for a short period, occupied?--She looked back; she compared the two--compared them, as they had always stood in her estimation, from the time of the latter's becoming known to her--and as they must at any time have been compared by her, had it--oh! had it, by any blessed felicity, occurred to her, to institute the comparison. She saw that there had never been a time when she did not consider Mr. Knightley as infinitely the superior, or when his regard for her had not been infinitely the most dear. She saw, that in persuading herself, in fancying, in acting to the contrary, she had been entirely under a delusion, totally ignorant of her own heart--and, in short, that she had never really cared for Frank Churchill at all!

-Emma, Jane Austen

Ahhh, that moment when we realize we are in love! It isn't always a bolt out of the blue, and it's not always a painful, humiliating realization as poor Emma's was. There are so many ways one realizes that love has found them...and that is what this contest is about.

Starfish422, mozzer0906 and Touchstone67 invite you to write a Twilight-based story about the moment a character realizes they are in love. Please note that this does not require a HEA or fluff - not all love ends with a happily ever after or is easy to realize.

The story must be an original one-shot - may not be an outtake from an existing story. The fic can be continued after the contest has ended, and you may make reference to this in you author's notes. Collaborations are accepted. There is no limit on the number of entries an author can submit. Each story is limited to 15,000 words, and we ask that you strive to remain within that limit.

Once your story has been posted, please send a PM to our link above. STORIES WILL BE VALIDATED FOR SPELLING AND GRAMMAR, and if the story does not pass validation, it will be returned to you. You will, however, be most welcome to resubmit with corrections to spelling and grammar. If you wish to obtain a beta, we strongly recommend you check out Project Team Beta:

Once the story has been validated, it will be added to ours judges' criteria and, if the story is hosted on fanfiction(dot)net, it will be added to the C2. The entries are not required to be posted on fanfiction(dot)net. They can also be on any other hosting medium - Twilighted, Blogger, LiveJournal. If your story is not on fanfiction(dot)net, it will not be added to the C2, obviously, but it will not affect the judging process in any way.

The story may contain NO LEMONS (we define a lemon as penetration of any orifice; fellatio, cunnilingus, rimming).

The following actions are allowed:
- kissing
- manual (hand) stimulation of another, or masturbation
- dry humping

Please note these are not REQUIRED, but rather allowed. An entry that is entirely without lemons is fine too.

Be forewarned: stories that contain non-consensual acts will be automatically disqualified.

If you have any questions, please PM us or ask us over on our thread on Twilighted:

WE ARE NOW ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS, as of September 15, 2009. Submission info must be sent by PM to the WLWN account prior to 12:01 a.m., on November 7, 2009.

All entries must bear the following heading:

When Love Was New Contest

Title of Entry:

Your pen name:

If you would like to see all the stories that are a part of this contest visit: When Love Was New C2 Community


This will be a JUDGED contest, with no public voting component.

Best Overall - this is considered by the judges the very best of all of the entries
Best Canon Pairing - any pairing occurring in the books (E/B, J/A, Em/R, C/E, Garrett/Kate, etc.)
Best Non-Canon Pairing - any pairing outside those in the books (heterosexual or slash pairings)

If we should receive a large number of fics in one category, we reserve the right to further split the categories to add more winners; for example, splitting Canon pairing into Canon-AH and Canon-AU or Non-Canon into Non-Canon-heterosexual and Non-Canon-slash


The overall winner will receive a one-shot written for them by starfish422 using any prompt selected by the winning author (excluding rape, physical violence, incest, non-consent or RPF)

The winners in each category will receive:
- a banner for the winning one shot as well as a custom banner for the fic of their choosing made by Touchstone67
- a feature on the Fictionators Blog where the judges will review the fic

EJ Santry
Dark Absynthe

The stories will be judged based on the following criteria:

- ability to convey the love realization through thoughts, actions and words (points given ranging from 0 to 5)
- overall plot and characterizations (points given ranging from 0 to 5)

The fic with the highest overall score wins best overall. The other awards will be the next highest in whichever category.

Good luck, and thank you to all who enter!

Katie (starfish422), Shannon (mozzer0906) and Val (Touchstone67)

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