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Author has written 5 stories for Shugo Chara!, Legend of Zelda, Sherlock, and Death Note.


Going by 'MistressFi'. The icon picture is from the Shugo Chara wikia, which is brilliant for looking up the details and I keep checking it every time I work on a chapter. (I think the image is from an actual episode. If it's your picture and you want it down, just message me. )

I've got few hobbies but my most regular one is reading and writing, hence why I've got myself an account here. I'm open to everything a writer writes, be in a shocker plot or a crack pairing more bizarre than the ones I come up with! and I hope you enjoy fanfiction as much as I do. It's great for meeting new people, personal progress, increasing knowledge and playing about with characters and scenarios. But also, I've found fantastic reading material on this site from budding authors and fans. Hoping to find more.

A bit about my writing...? I’m... hoping to get better. I’m far from great and sometimes I’m not pleased with what I’ve written even if I can’t place why, so I’m always keen to hear thoughts on it, get feedback and improve from there. Some of the styles I've begun trialing include use of carnivalesque, Gothic and Romantic. CC is loved, flames are ignored.

I don’t always follow the canon; I’ll write about crack pairings and OCs and weird story lines that would have worked if someone else wrote them, but again that’s another reason why fanfiction is so appealing. You can do what the canon didn’t. Some people quite like staying within canon and some don’t. That’s okay! I just write about what I feel like, and ‘it’s not canon’ isn’t in my mind a good enough reason not to. (It’s fanfiction, people.)

Consider pairings. Why not have any pairing at all? Amuto is pretty much canon, and as much as I like the pairing (and I do actually, for your information ;p) I would get bored only writing about that all the time. I don't have favorite pairings, just least favorite pairings. I fully support Yaoi and Yuri pairings.

Same with OCs, I read those stories to see some new characters. I like using OC's for an effective change of perspective, and/or as a subplot. Hell, even as the plot, I don't mind. I’m always inclined to try and balance it though.

If the story is AU it just makes characterization even more vital. On that note, character bashing. I don't do it. We all have opinions about the characters we write about, but if I can't write a serious non-biased account of them then I won't use them. I may use character faults to explore a story, but never just to ridicule them.


Just sorted out my profile a little. See! Story descriptions are in alphabetical order. It was messy and bothering me.

Death Note

Title: Forgotten Eden
Story type:
Experience and analysis of characters from primarily Misa-sympathetic stance. Follows canon to a point, then plot takes a turn.
Rating: T, some chapters M. (In particular, there’s a scene of sexual nature between Naoko and another character, and a scene which features suicide. Those will be M.)
Pairings: There’s no fun in telling you!
Summary: Naoko Takahashi is Misa Misa's best friend, and has been for years. They were inseparable until one day when Misa dropped off the face of the planet and Naoko chased after her.

I was just absently mindedly thinking about the few females of Death Note, and what would happen if more characters got involved, when it hit me. I spent ages working out the right OC, eventually deciding on an anorexic twenty-six year old. I think Naoko is a pretty balanced character as well, though she has a supernatural element about herhidden within all the contradictions. She, like all the other characters, is more than what she seems.

Legend of Zelda

Title: What it means to be a Hero
4~ (there will be quite a few chapters)
Story type:
Set immediately after Twilight Princess.
Rating: T for language, violence, some suggestive scenes
Pairings: the obvious ones are: unrequitedLinkXMidna, suggestedLinkXZelda, but there are many less clear, also I’m not giving them all away just yet.
Summary: Midna left in the crack of a mirror, leaving Link and Zelda behind to clear up the mess. It’s not going very smoothly at all, with Link hallucinating and Zelda having troubling nightmares that lean towards something very suspicious. The twilight mirror was more than just the gateway to the Twilight Realm.

This is a considerably dark fic, going by the ‘Split Timeline Theory’ and knowledge of Ocarina of Time and possibly Wind Waker is key to this story, the others not so much. (I’ve tried not to be too broad.) Since the focus is on reincarnation and previous/future lives you don’t have to agree with that the fic suggests to read it, but you may enjoy it less. Think about the Sheik/Zelda debate, some people are REALLY opposed to Sheik being a boy but some argue that it makes more sense. On that note, this story features a male Sheik. I would advise anyone to have an open mind when reading this story and take it with about seven teaspoons of salt.

Other characters take a role in the story as well, but it does mainly involve Link and Zelda.

(the BBC TV series)

Title: Counterfeit at its Finest
4~ (aim to complete within 10-15)
Story type:
Set between Episode 2 and 3, follows canon.
Rating: K+ for language, some unpleasant scenes
Pairings: hinted!SherlockXJohn but since follows canon I cannot put the two together in this story.
Summary: It’s just another small murder. A 27 year old woman reported missing, presumed dead. And normally Sherlock would leave it up to Lestrade as a simple domestic abuse crime, only it’s not that obvious. What’s the motive?

First drafting this, I was really pleased with my little crime. Then Episode 3 came out and nicked my idea (totally. Yeah...) However, it also means I can put this story between episode 2 and 3 and still have it make sense.

Shugo Chara

Title: He'd have liked to've kissed Nadeshiko
Story type:
Set during manga when Nagihiko comes clean about his gender to Kukai.
Rating: T for language, kissing scene between two dudes
Pairings: unrequitedKukaiXNadeshiko, potentialKukaiXNagihiko
Summary: When Nagihiko revealed the truth to his old friend, did he really expect it to go down easily? Of course not, dealing with heartbreak is not a bucket of laughs, as Kukai knows more than ever. Not that he probably wouldn't have likedNagihiko, but how could one morn the death of a friend who never really existed?

My brain came up with this after I found it out. Nadeshiko’s a dude?!? I think I felt heartbroken, actually. Nadeshiko and Temari are two great characters, so I guess this story was spawned off my own sense of worry and loss. This story has a pretty happy ending, I think.


I'm hoping to get more involved reading and reviewing stories, so I'm not going to be uploading lots of my own stories, probably one-shots in various fandoms when the mood takes me.

That said, I am going to work on What it means to be a Hero and Forgotten Edensince it wouldn't feel right criticising others without stories of my own to judge.

I will continue with Counterfeit at its Finest for fun, that requires a bit less thinking. I've been working on a Zelda three chapter story about Skyward Sword. Proofing over the first chapter is taking forever though, because I write in a lot of symbolism/metaphors/themes.

A few months ago some friends introduced me to the Death Note fandom, a series which I simply adore, so I'm working on that. I've got two chapters up - however it's told from an OC's viewpoint and it's going to take a lot of time because I'd like to make it a story readers can interpret and read into. And then I thought of another one. So I'm jotting that down for work later.

Here's a personal thanks to reviewers and favorites who encourage me to continue writing, and those who offer amazing feedback to help me improve. It's any writers’ encouragement, and progress is inevitable because of it. I can't thank you guys enough. ;D

That's all for now. Have fun writing and reading!

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