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Hey everyone! A little about me as a writer: I've been a part of the site for years and recently began to post my own work. Currently, I'm writing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim stories, but have potential works saved based on X-Men, Game of Thrones, Left 4 Dead, and Supernatural. In each of my stories, I prefer strong realism as a writing style - the challenge of modifying fantasy worlds to sound as real as possible without losing that fantasy aspect (and still going completely over-the-top, as I tend to do) is one I love to tackle.

A little about me as a person: I'm a twentysomething woman living in the deserts of the southwestern United States. Besides writing, my interests include movie trailers, classic rock/metal (and really, any kind of music with a good beat and bass), my insane three-year-old Shepherd mix, spending as much time as possible in bed, and long car rides.

I very much appreciate reviews as open dialogue to give me an idea of how my readers are journeying alongside me with my story, and I make it a point to respond to each reviewer. I'm a friendly and open-minded person - don't hesitate to shoot me a PM.

Tumblr: (NSFW and semi-personal)




9 March 2017: Hey yall! I've been getting a lot of messages from readers the last couple of years and the past few months, specifically. I've been replying to everyone who asks but I figured I should post an update here for anyone curious, since I still regularly receive notifications of silent faves and follows. You guys are amazingly loyal, and trust me, this does not go unnoticed. Anyway to get to it: yes, I am still working on this and have plans to continue the series! I have a vacation coming soon and will naturally need a little time to refamiliarize myself with Skyrim (my 2016 remastered edition of the game is on its way to me and I'm so pumped!) but I'm loosely planning to get back behind the keyboard in May. Higher Ground only needs a handful of chapters to be wrapped up, and once that is completed I will release news about my next project. My inbox is, as always, open and ready for any questions or comments! Thanks for putting up with my infuriating butt!

21 February 2014: The Curse's Bounty is officially in the early stages of being revised/polished. What this means: I'm going to be going over my old work to improve the hell out of it and bring it up to my current standards, which is something I've wanted to do for some time now. Bounty won't be a different story, but it will be better, with much more detail, information, and development. This will take me a bit of time to do, so the original publication will be left up until I'm ready to bring out the revisions.

4 September 2014: I'm not currently on hiatus, though I know I'm being extremely slow. Life is choosing to throw a lot at me at one time (job stuff, new baby in the house, etc.) but I'm still working on Higher Ground! We're getting closer and closer to some huge epic parts before the end, so I want to make sure it's as perfect as I can get it.

29 November 2014: Skyrim-Junkie initially had this poll in place on her profile, and has given me permission to do the same! I love finding out more about my readers and would absolutely love it if you could please give this a click so I can learn a little more about the lovely people that are checking out my stories. Check out the poll, and thank you so much for patiently waiting for the last chapters of Higher Ground to be released.

In the meantime between updates, check out any of authors on my Favorites list for some great reads.

My beta reader, the awesome Mark, can be found at Webbed to the Pen. The beautiful cover art for Reaching for Higher Ground was created by the talented Original Hybrid.

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Reaching for Higher Ground reviews
Nearly six years after Snowpoint, Aldric is recruited by a young explorer to lead a rag-tag team into Blackreach. Deep underground, he encounters danger, death, and a face he'd never thought he'd see again. Will his life become more broken than it already is, or will he start a new one? [Book 2 of Bounty trilogy]
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Aldric is quietly living in Falkreath after defeating Alduin. One day, he runs into a mysterious huntress in the woods who begins to let him into her life. He immediately discovers nothing is what it seems, and that he has the chance to help save her life and wipe out an evil threatening her and her kind. Rated M for violence and smut. Werewolves and vampires.
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