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Hey people! I'm bizzleb, but you can can call me bizzle. Or bizz. whatever. I don't care. :)

I'm a big sports fan, but that doesn't mean I don't like to write some fanfiction when I have time. I like sitting on the couch or in front of the computer on the nights and just chilling. I don't know about you, but I find it a good way to escape the real world for a little bit.

Favorite movies: Field of Dreams, The Rookie, Man of the House, Die Hard, Terminator, Matrix, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and just about every movie with adam sandler in it.

Favorite tv shows: Baseball Tonight, Family Guy, 24 (Jack Bauer is the man!), and Supernatural

Shows l loved in the good old days: Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh, digimon, chip n dale, lilo and stitch

Favorite games: Halo, the Spyro games, madden, call of duty, kingdom hearts, grand theft auto

Favorite music: I prefer rock and country music, or anything with good guitar work. That's right. I like country music. You don't like it. That's your problem. My favorite country artists are Garth Brooks, Toby Keith, Shania Twain, Kenny Chesney, and Brad Paisley. My favorite rock bands are Nickelback, Linkin Park, and Breaking Benjamin.

My style:

My original goal for writing fanfiction was just to write my kingdom hearts story with me as the main character. I guess I grew to write fics for other things after that. I'm not a complete writing fanatic, but I like to do it because it's fun to put my imagination into words. Plus, I probably watched way too much TV as a kid...

I consider myself to be a pretty decent writer. I do my best to write what I see in my mind's eye and put it into words. I rarely make mistakes with grammar and spelling and I've gotten better at it since I started on this site in September of 2009. I usually write in third person and try to follow the main writing rules I've been taught. Usually I don't write everything that comes to mind, but I usually don't write story cliches as I want my ideas to be mine and mine alone. I want my idea to be original. I also understand that not everyone will not like my work, and that's fine. That's why I appreciate those who find interest in my stories and read them. I like to read stories that not only catch my attention, but keep it.

My strength is probably that I prefer adventure stories as my favorite to write. I like to write action and dialogue scenes as well. I also try to make sure to keep any characters I use to actually stay in their character as that is how the original writers made it to be. It's what makes writing a challenge. I don't consider myself a good romance writer, but I believe I can be with practice.

Update for fans as of 5/25/2014

Greetings to you all! I know it's been a long time since I've updated or even done anything up to this point with my stories. Things just got to the point to where I found it tedious to sit down and type up a chapter, so I figured it was best that I stopped so as I don't disappoint you all with crappy writing. Things in my have been up and down in the last year or so to the point to where I couldn't focus on stories much if at all. Still, I feel you all deserve at least something of an update of my plans.

Am I going to starting writing again? Well...I still don't completely know for sure. I know that there have been several fans who've asked me to pick up where Setting Sun left off and finish the story, and trust me I do want to finish it at some point to give you some closure as to the big finale of the saga. Still, I need to make sure my heart is completely into it before I decide to go for it.

Speaking of my who KH stories in general, I look back on them now and I feel that there was just so much that I wish I could go back and change. Unfortunately, I'm a bit too lazy to completely rewrite everything. Still, if I did I would promise you a lot more backstory and character development (especially for Stitch and Pikachu. I gave them some moments, but they deserved a little better). There were also some worlds I would redo, and some would stay the same as well. And also keep in mind when I started the story, Birth by Sleep hadn't come out yet, so it would be pointless to include those characters in this story. Still, it would be a lot of fun to do.

As for the continuation of the 'Key' stories featuring Matt and Selema, I've given some thought as to how to continue the story and where to lead it, but there hasn't been enough of inspiration for me to come up with something. For now, I'd expect those two to be silent.

Again, thank you all for being as great to me throughout my time writing, and I hope you still enjoy what I've done up till now.

Why I like:

Legend of Spyro series- I played the original games when I was a kid, and I loved it. I told myself not to play the new versions, but I caved...For these games I LOVED the story behind it more than the game play. In the originals, it was always just go to a world and kick butt blah blah blah. I just love the deeper, more serious story behind these games. It feels more like you're watching a movie trilogy than a game. Love the voice acting choices, too. Very well done. Love the characters Spyro and Cynder. Spyro is just more serious and displays just about all of the 'hero' qualites you'd want. I like Cynder because of the way she overcame her dark past and helped save the world.. Characters who accomplish that are really cool to me. Plus, it's pretty obvious those two belong together.

Lilo and Stitch- To be completely honest, I don't know why I like this cartoon so much. It's just a twisted, fun story. Stitch is definitley one of my favorite characters. I didn't really realize this until he 'died' in the 3rd movie and the scene where I say he finally discovers his 'heart'. There's something about the little guy that puts a smile on my face. I also like how the movies and show are perfect for kids. These two are and will be BFFs for life!

Kingdom Hearts- Ok, when i played Kingdom Hearts 2 the first time, i was hooked. The idea of traveling to 'worlds' and reliving these movies i grew up watching is fun as hell, even if they are mostly Disney movies. I really think that they should more movies besides Disney, but that's jus my opinion. Plus, the Keyblade is a kick-ass weapon. Thanks to this game, I had a story idea stuck in my head for the longest time, for now which I can put it in words and hopefully entertain you all.

24- I like it because this show always keeps you guessing on what happens next. Plus, Jack Bauer is a great character. He's rogue, but he does what is necessary and more importantly right. One of the best shows of all time! My other favorite characters are Chloe and Bill.

The Matrix - Neo. Ass kicking. Enough said.

Pokemon- It's gotten more and more childish as I've gotten older, but I always will like Pokemon as long as I live.

Call of Duty- Great game, love MW2 a lot. Ghost is easily my favorite character.

Stories I'm Currently working on:

Kingdom Hearts Next Generation: The Long Road!- the continuation of my Next Generation series. Matt, Stitch, and Pikachu journey around the worlds in search of his friend, Laura, and the missing Sora.

The Key to Destiny: The sequel to Key to the Soul, taking place about seven to eight months later. Matt and Selema are united again, but they're not out of danger yet.

Stories I've finished:

Key to the Soul: The Untold Story: A prequel to my 'Key' series that centers around Selema's past, specifically her parents, Aurona and Aragon.

Key to the Soul- A sequel to Key to the Heart. It will have less of a Kingdom Hearts feel and more of a Spyro feel, but Matt will still use the Keyblade. It will also introduce a new OC of mine, named Selema.

Kingdom Hearts: The Next Generation, Part II, and First Contact. The beginning of my series featuring my main character, Matt. He doesn't have a last name because Sora and the others didn't have any last names.

Dragons and Controllers: My first Spyro fic. This tells of what it would be like if Spyro and Cynder played themselves in the video game Dawn of the Dragon on the Playstation 2.

Key to the Heart (Legend of Spyro) - a story that ties in my Next Generation series with the Spyro series. In other words, Matt and Spyro fight together. Kind of a crossover, but if you like both games, give it a read.

Awakening: My first 24 fic. This shows what might happen when Jack wakes from after Day 7 and interacts with his friends and other allies.

A Reason To Live (24)- A tribute to Jack and his granddaugther. I felt it was time for a good-feel 24 story for once.

Stories I'm thinking about for the future:

Light Meets Dark (Spyro)-What if there were two dimensions, light and dark? Could they work together to stop utter chaos? Still in the works.

The New Brain (Pokemon) -Ash decides to accept the position as a Frontier Brain. What could possibly hapen? Still in the works.

Moving On (Lilo and Stitch)- What happens to Stitch in the future when Lilo is gone? Might be just a one-shot.

Special thanks to:

Luna Goddess of the Night Sky- One of the first people who review my stories. Thanks a lot for giving me the confidence to keep going even when I was still new. Also, good luck with your writing in the future!

Alec the Dark Angel - I'd say if it weren't for Alec, I wouldn't be where I am on this site now. He was one of the ones who gave me even more confidence to keep writing what I loved. He always says what's on his mind, which is as dark and twisted as he says it is. Still, I owe him a lot of credit to my success.

Riverstyxx - I just want to thank her a lot for challenging me to improve my writing even more, which was another big reason for my current success. She's a fantastic writer (better than I'll ever be), and I always love what she has to say. I'd say she's got a lifelong fan in me..

I also would like to thank her so much for making a beautfiul picture of Selema. If you get the chance, look up her art on Deviantart and you'll know why she's so good!

wolfbladekeybearer - I just wanted to thank him as well for his support. He has nothing but good stuff for me every time he comments on a story, and I don't think I'll ever have a fan as big as he is. Don't ever change, pal.

Solrac - Thanks for your comments, dude. I'd glad to know that my stories make you think that much. ;)

scrin99 - Thanks for your comments as well. It's good to know my stories make your day.

Cornys - For being a really good guy. He was kind enough to think of me as one of the better Spyro authors out there even though I'd hardly been on for a few months. That meant a lot, dude. Thanks.

My main characters (Next Generation) :

Matt (OC) : 18 years old. Brown hair and eyes. Wears white t-shirt, black shorts, and regular black tennis shoes on his journey. He doesn't have Drive Forms.

Deep down, Matt has always wanted to go on some wild adventure and be a hero like Sora. He's always fantasized doing this. Matt is a little more serious about the adventure than Sora was. He still has trouble at times realizing what he's actually doing.

Matt is apparently the next chosen wielder of the Keyblade. His Keyblade is like the Kingdom Key, except its blue rather than yellow and it has the same powers as Sora's Keyblade. Uses magic (firaga and blizzaga) as well. Matt is from reality as we know it, so he kind of has an idea what goes on in worlds as he has already seen most of the films or games the worlds are based on. Sometimes he needs to use the knowledge in order to help in that world. He is searching for his 'friend' Laura, who the new Organization captured, the reason which remains unknown for now. He is determined to find Laura and realizes he cares deeply about her. Matt feels his heart on fire in First Contact, indicating Laura is in trouble.Matt is also searching for the missing Sora, Kairi, and Riku. Their whereabouts are unknown.

Matt's most powerful attack is called the 'Kingdom Blast', a powerful blast of energy that emits from his Keyblade. It is mainly used as a last resort because it drains Matt's life energy to the point of death, unless he has the help of others around him who give him their energy. Stitch and Pikachu aid him with this the most, but any ally or friend around him can assist If you're wondering why he doesn't have a last name, it's because the KH characters didn't have any. (Sora, Riku, etc.)

Matt is also one of the main protagonists in Key to the Soul and The Key to Destiny, where his adventures in the Dragon Realms continue. He meets and develops a strong relationship with the pink dragoness Selema in the process.


Pride Lands: Brown lion cub with short hair. Has to resort with putting the Keyblade in his mouth like Sora did.

Halloween Town: Frankenstien monster.

Atlantica: With King Triton's help, Matt transformed into a dolphin tailed merman to search for the missing Melody.

Appears in: Kingdom Hearts Next Generation, Part II, First Contact, and Long Road. Also appears in Key to the Heart and Key to the Soul.

Stitch: The blue alien experiment from Lilo and Stitch. He is one of my favorite characters of all time, and he is a great choice for a companion to Matt. Uses plasma blasters and his own bare hands to fight enemies. I don't own him, he belongs to Disney and his rightful owners.

Pikachu: Ash Ketchum's Pikachu from Pokemon. He's given the ability to speak English from King Mickey and Yen Sid. Uses a lightning shaped sword that helps him harness his electric power to attack enemies. Can also use his regular attacks from the show as well. I don't own him, and he belongs to his respective owners.

Both Stitch and Pikachu decided to help Matt after talking with a mysterious woman they met. They say that she was so convincing that they couldn't refuse. (If you were going to ask, yes, we will visit their worlds!)

Laura (OC): 18 years old, from the same school and class as Matt. She has dirty blonde hair and wears a red blouse with jeans during the story. She and Matt went to their junior prom together, and they do care for each other. Laura's feelings for Matt are unknown. She was captured during Part II and is currently being held by the Organization's leader and Maleficent. In Twilight Town, Matt learns that her heart had been taken by the Heartless, making him stride forwards to find her even more.

Eventually, Matt and co. manage to locate and rescue Laura from Maleficent's grip thanks to help from Captain Price. She is currently at Disney Castle waiting on Matt.

Neo: The 'One' from the Matrix trilogy. Somehow has been in contact with King Mickey before. A sort of mentor to Matt, Stitch, and Pikachu on their journey. Has all of his abilities from the movies. I chose him because I thought he could serve as a good ally and someone who Matt can look up to. Plus, he kicks some serious ass! I also don't own Neo, as he belongs to Witowski brothers and other respective owners.

'Organization members' (I've made 2, but I might add one or two more.)

Xavier (OC) - Age unknown, although he isn't much older than Matt. Has long red hair that goes down just below his neck. He also has very dark eyes and a deep scar on his right cheek. He wields a long samuari-like sword with spikes attached on the end. Fights with swordplay and powerful energy attacks. Has kind of a sarcastic personality, but still takes his fighting skills seriously.

He first appears when he tries to kill Matt before he can become one with the Keyblade, but fails as he is overwhelmed by Matt's newly found strength. It's in this fight where Matt and Xavier officially become 'arch enemies'. Xavier then retreats when Matt saves Stitch and Pikachu from his deadliest attack.

Xavier also makes an appearance in two sagas so far, The Matrix and Pocahontas.

Zendrix(OC)- Age unknown. She has short red hair and dark eyes. Wears a necklace with a large red crystal attached to it. She wields two axe-like weapons that are very powerful. Zendrix's ability to drain the strength of her opponent makes her dangerous.

Zendrix first appears in First Contact during the 101 Dalmatians saga. She nearly defeats Matt, before Lucky the pup comes to his rescue. Zendrix then escapes Matt's Kingdom Blast due to her draining his strength beforehand.

Zendrix is also one of the primary antagonists in Key to the Heart. She works alongside the Nobody Malchoir to lead Matt and Spyro into a trap.

Anthrax(OC)-Age unknown. He is a bald man with scars lining his face and a pair of green eyes. Appears in the Pokemon saga of the story when he challenges Matt and co. to a Pokemon battle-Heartless style. Little is known about his powers or weapon, but he has been deemed insane by the King.

Anthrax also appears in Twlight Town and Disney Town, but is defeated by Matt and co. in the latter world.

Malchoir(OC)-The Nobody of Spyro the Purple dragon. Created when Spyro gave in to the darkness in his heart at the Well of Souls...but because that was only for a short time, Malchoir couldn't be fully born and was trapped in the realm of darkness. Resembles Malefor to a degree, and has most of the same powers. He is the main antagonist of Key to the Heart.

Other OCs:

Selema(OC)- She is a pink dragoness with a blue underbelly and wings. She has two, white horns on her head and blue eyes. Selema has powers over time and space. Not only can she use Dragon Time to a certain degree, but she can also move herself and others close to her through time. However, these abilities are extremely draining to her energy. Selema is also one of the main protagonists of Key to the Soul alongside Matt.

According to Ignitus (the New Chronicler), Selema was born outside of the Temple before the raid by Gaul. Her parents, Aragon and Aurona, did this out of fear for her safety. Even though they lived in peace for a short time, eventually the family was found by the dark armies. In the end, Aragon and Aurona both sacrficed themselves in order to save their daughter's life. However, Selema was then soon captured by the apes and kept prisoner for unknown reasons.

Selema was then discovered by Matt after he heard her call out to him in his dreams for help. He then saves her life by pulling her out of a lake after she was thrown in by the apes. She had been kept prisoner there for an unknown period of time. For some reason, both Matt and Selema seem to share an odd connection as he somewhat knew of her existence even before the Guardians did...

Recap of the worlds Matt, Stitch, and Pikachu have visited or are currently at (I'm always open to suggestions!):

The Matrix, Radiant Garden, Disney Castle, 101 Dalmatians, Pocahontas, Pride Lands (Lion King), Halloween Town, Hawaiian Islands, Dragon Realms(TLOSpyro-Key to the Heart), Kanto (Pokemon), Star Wars galaxy, Twlight Town, Olympus Coliseum, Atlantica, Disney Town, Enchanted Dominion, Ben 10 world, (Naruto, Harry Potter, and Halo were visited, but due to time restraints were never fully dove into).

Worlds I'm considering for the future (as of now):

I've recieved requests for Digimon and Dragon Ball Z...and I know enough about I'll see what I can do. I've also recieved other requests as well, and I'll see what i can do.

I think these will probably be the last worlds I'll do for sure, but you never know...

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