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Hi all!

I am an over 45 male from the south.

My parents was raised in the north before I came along.

Recently I have seen a insurgence of wrongs with this site according to the guidelines set forth by this site. Upon reviewing of the guidelines I found them to be in a totally obscure location. The guidelines should not be hidden be be displayed proudly so all can read them without having to search for them.

Below is a Link to the guidelines for this site:


Hey guys and gals! Be sure to check out my blog. I posted some pics there I use as inspiration for my stories.


Here is a link to my DeviantART page.


The True Militant

I nope you all read my story about Mabinogi. Funny I played Mabinogi ever since they started years back but now its progressed so much that recently it became unplayable on my machine. I think that bites the big one.

Anyways please read my story even if you don't play the game. You will not be disappointed.

About Comments

What is it about readers not writing up a comment or two when I know they are enjoying the story. Is that really so much to ask to let us know why you are enjoying the story?

I look at the crappiest of stories and they have like over 100 comments. I write decently but my best story only have 30 comments.

How am I to improve as a writer when I don't get any feedback from the people who is reading my stories. It is kinda rude to enjoy a story and not send back any feedback or comments after all it only takes a few seconds.

Another aspect of comments it connects writers with their readers. Some writers love this kind of connection and thrive on it. Don't you want to feel a personal connection a struggling author, help them become better with your comments or with your PM afterwards. I know I do. Heck I sometimes get inspiration from this alone.

If you are reading this then you must have already read one of my stories on this site. Please review it and give brutally honest constructive criticism if it is warranted. I understand there are a lot of people who will hate my work so please be objective and refrain from personal attacks.

A brief word on my comments

If I comment on a story at all its because I really like the content of the story. When I do and critisize it its because I like the story and hope to help you make them better. I only give constructive criticism. I do not like when people attack me or my stories on a personal level therefore I refrain by doing the same. I believe however in being brutally honest though which sometimes get misinterpreted as a personal attack. Now how can one improve without honest constructive criticism.

However I do now recognize that being brutally honest in constructive criticism can hurt just as much as personal attacks. If you came here because I hurt you and want answers please accept my apology for the misunderstanding. I was only trying to help.

If I do hate a story I would simply bypass it to another for there are many other stories out there. If I like a story a lot I will say so. However If I like a story a lot but see ways to improve a story I will say so also.

Please don't hate me for being honest.

We seem to be unable to copy/paste anything from anymore. What is up with that?

We need that capability especially since Fanfiction can delete good stories at any time and without warning. Why do this to the public? It is a travesty.

I think I found my niche in writing. I like writing about Fox-girl Naruko. I plan on another such story about Naruko. I kinda like imagining that. If anyone does draw up a cute version of that send me a PM with direction to the site its at. I would love to see a cute Fox-girl Naruko. :)

Manga/Books I Like:Cant say for I don't really read written material anymore since I research everything from the computer desktop.

Anime I love: Star Blazer (Space Battleship Yamato), Robotech, Flame of Recca, Godannar, Ranma 1/2, Yu Yu Hakisho, and Daphne in the Brilliant Blue. I am a guy so sue me.

Oh and who don't love Sword Art Online. It just tipped the charts on my all time favorite list.

I like most anime. There is only one anime I hate but dont remember it off hand because my mind blocked out that painful experience.

Recently I discovered another type of anime I love. Its the type wherethe main characters have animal ears and tail. I know this fascination goes for both sexes hehe. Amoung my favorites is Spice and Wolf, Strike Withes, and Cat Planet Cuties. Cat-girls :) . If anyone know any other anime that is predominately like this send me a PM.

I will list the animes I already seen having an animal-girl:

Spice and Wolf

Pilot Candidate

Fruit Basket (although they more anthro than animal-girl)

Strike Witches


Wolves Rain (again more anthro)

Edit: I seem to have forgotten about Cat Planet Cuties in the above list. How can I forget that one?

Edit: I just come across the anime AKB0048. since then I watch it at least 3 times a month. Its simply awesome.

TV shows I love: Magnum PI, Airwolf, original BattleStar Galactica, Heartland, and The Biggest Loser.

A Suits (TV show) Fanfiction Challenge

There are many of you who know this show also know of Mike's and Rachel's relationship. Most of those people also know when Logan kissed Rachel at his apartment in season 4 when she was telling him never to have contact with her again. All of you agree she got into the kiss hot and heavy before she grew a conscience and ran out of the apartment. She then told Mike who in turn beat the hell out of Logan before making his way over to Harvey's apartment to sleep it off.

My challenge is simple and will probably anger most the Suit's Mike/Rachel shippers. Have her change her mind in the few seconds after Logan initiated the kiss. Have them tear off each other clothes off in a mad dash to his bedroom. After their passions are satisfied have them stay there (in his apartment and bed) blowing off all meetings and everything else on their perspective schedules so they can make love to each other until they are discovered by both Harvey and Mike.

A Ranma Fanfiction Challenge

Ok I realize I was way too specific in my original challenge and did not leave any room in for creativity. I will try to broden it.

While I still like an OMC (original male character) to show up at Furinkan and everyone recognize him as a true man amongst men, How others interact with him is your business. I still like ranma to have feelings for him. I feel it might be neat to see how he reacts when his own masculinity is questioned.

As far as yaoi goes, I hate yaoi(gay) and don't think female ranma with a male character is yaoi but that is up to interpretation.

The reason I am throwing this challenge because I had this idea forever but not the patience to write the story myself.Such a story would mean a lot of chapters and thorough knowledge of the universe and how to write it effectively.I have neither. Although I am a great fan and have the full series on dvd.

EDIT: Even though I have since written a story similar to this challenge I still wish to see someone do this that have better writing skills than I do. I for one do not particular like my own story which is saying much as I tend to read my own stories over and over again as I tend to enjoy them afterwards.

Another Ranma 1/2 Challenge - The Prom

There are so very few stories with the Prom being the theme of the story. Yet all of us know its a big part of teenage High School life. Of those very few stories there is only one were Ranma attends the Prom AS the girl with a date with a guy.

You should know the challenge I am going to propose. Write a convincing story where Ranma gets invited to the Prom but as the girl half of a regular man-girl date. That's right girl Ranma gets asked by guy to be his date to the prom. Please, the guy can't be a canon character meaning an OC (original character).

I don't want this to be an overly hilarious story. It would cheapen what a Prom is supposed to be about. Let this be one of the most romantic evenings Ranma ever experienced. Shouldn't be too hard considering his upbringing.

I suggest the OC be one of the guys that practically blended into the background until he made the invite. I am sure you know what I am talking about. Every class of every school has at least one or two such people.

A Ghost Whisperer Fanfiction Challenge - Ghostly Seductions

Imagine a ghost that slowly intrigues Melinda. This ghost was able to ignite feelings within Melinda she never knew she had.

Now imagine this turning out to not be a ghost at all but a demon succubus in the classic sense and not the modern way.

Imagine the conflicting emotions Melinda must be having for her feelings for her true loved ones vrs her feelings this demon is igniting within her.

For obvious reasons this fic should be rated M. I would like one chapter where Melinda succumbs to her new feelings and allows herself to be successfully mated but not in a night full of passion but one full of pure terror.

Of course I like a happy ending to what will promise to be a dark piece of fiction.

Ghost Whisperer Challenge 2 - Rick and Melinda

This is a Rick/Melinda Challenge. I know that stories have been done about them in the past. However I have been seeing a decline of literature on this pair.

As you recall Rick was introduced during season 2. It became apparent there was real good chemistry between the two characters as they flirted with each other. Kate, Rick's dearly departed wife, even told Melinda Rick likes her a lot for he came out of his depression over losing her because of his flirtatious relationship with Melinda. Their relationship intensified during season 3 to the point were Rick admitted his feelings of love while Melinda was distracted so she could hear him.

It was at that point he decided he had to leave for he respected her marriage too much to stay and no other reason. During his preparation to leave he wanted Melinda to stop but the only way to stop was to give him a reason good enough to stay. In other words fall into his arms and offer herself to him if he would stay. We all know that did not happen but Mel did admit she cared for him for more than a friend just before he drove off the final time.

What was not generally known to the public is the show was supposed to go down the path of a love triangle in season 4 but a halt during season 3 by a huge outcry of Jimel fans. Rather than alienate that crowd they changed gears. Too bad too because when Jim died she was supposed to end up with Rick. But instead we had the whole Jim died and came back storyline which everyone hated. They ended up dropping that storyline very quickly.

The actor that played Rick knew they were going to write him off so he got another gig. The Eli character only came on the show to replace Rick but this time without the romantic overtures.

Now the challenge - begin writing a fic as if Rick never left. As for respecting the Marriage, you be the judge of that as long as Mel has a romance connection with Rick inside the fic. You can decide to include Eli or not. I don't see Jim accepting Rick as an equal in Mel's life but I don't see Rick, Mel, or Jim as being bad guys in this mixed up situation. You can even write that Rick tries to leave but Mel wont let him. Please do whatever you want but I hate any Rick, Melinda, or Jim bashing fics.

Ghost Whisperer Challenge 3 - Becomes Erotic Dancer after crossing over the Pole Dancer

During season 5, a female ghost made Melinda Spencerian part of her life of a Pole Dancer for a bunch of men so Mel could understand her better. My challenge is simple. Write a fic where Melinda not only understood but loved that vision. It brought out a part of her she never knew existed. Have her keep this a secret from Jim as she start to Pole Dance for a strip club. Let her go further down this road until she does the unforgivable with another man only for Jim to find out about it later causing trouble inside the once perfect marraige.

A Pokemon Challenge - Ash is a pikachi

Remember when Ash was temporarily changed into a pikachu. Well suppose that Brock or Misty did not keep a good eye on him while he played with his pokemon as a pikachu and got lost. Then suppose another trainer came along and saw him. The trainer does not know he is really a human changed. He just sees a wild pikachu wearing a cap. The trainer sends out a rock pokemon to weaken him and then successfully captures him. Then he leaves with his newly captured pikachu who happens to be our hero Ash.

Please use the name Ashchu or Ashachu for easy searching and finding.

I would like this fic to be a story of Ash's journey from resisting the natural bond between pokemon and master to one of being one of the trainers best pokemon. Eventually I like to see Ash of course be found and rescued from his captivity of course. As far as him being able to talk you can work it out for I am sure he will try convey his not being a real pokemon to the trainer.

I also would like for the trainer to be a good but relatively new trainer. In other words anti team rocket.

No Ordinary Family Challenge Stephanie and Dr. King

For those who know or remembers the series, I like a fanfiction romance between Stephanie Powell and Dr. Dayton King. We saw hints of his feeling towards Stephanie during the early parts of the series. Then Amanda blatantly told Jim of those feelings which Stephanie started to use to gain information. I was hoping for more but they killed off Dr. King. I like to see a fanfic exploring any possible pairing between the two. Let your imaginations go.

Hayate No Gotoku or The Combat Butler Challenge

Here is a very unique challenge. For those who read the manga or saw the sub anime I challenge you to write a fic based upon Kotetsu not acting like a jerk when he found out about Hermione's true identity. Maybe his feeling for Hermione/Hayate were strong enough to overcome being upset but rather pleased and not freaking out Hayate. Of course there will still be the whole Nagi hurdle but that is for yall to decide how overcome. I personally don't like Nagi. She reminds me a little like Akane from the Ranma Manga. I would like to see it proceed toward reciprocation.

Normally I don't like Yaoi but if you write in it in where he (Hayate) likes to cross-dress then its all right. Plus it is a must with this anime since I prefer to see read stories about non-standard couples.

For those who what to take up this challenge but don't know the anime/Manga, the first several episodes can be found at WatchDub. From there you can research over the net the particulars about this manga storyline.

Terra Nova- Elisabeth and Malcolm

This is a prime example of a couple that could have put a lot of drama and depth into a fic. A love triangle is always a good thing. Of course we would like to see Elisabeth with Jim but a lot of us are reluctantly seeing there was or is something there between them.

It was revealed at another site that Elisabeth never really dissolved her feelings for Malcolm. Its just that she wanted children and Malcolm did not. Malcolm reasons was why bring kids into the hell hole that future turned out to be.

Elisabeth understood that but turned her attentions elsewhere and that is where Jim came in. She loves Jim but she never resolved her love for Malcolm even though they became good friends afterward.

While it was true Malcolm had hopes to rekindle his relationship with Elisabeth when he picked her, he honestly picked her for she was the best person for the job. If he could offer her a comforting shoulder for her to lean on then all the better (because of her husband being trapped in the future in prison).

Malcolm above all wants Elisabeth to be happy. So when he was introduced to her husband naturally he was slightly disappointed but at the same time happy for Elisabeth being reunited with Jim. Malcolm even grown to like Jim.

Now that you know the basic back story for this pair you can begin to think of a way to bring them closer together to the unthinkable.

And please, let there be no Jim dies and Elisabeth out of grief begin kissing Malcolm before the funeral or even before the body is cold. I read one story like that and it makes me want to puke.

I don't see nothing fast happening for these two. It has to be nice and slow. like the fic 'Ranma's Boyfriend' under Ranma 1/2 in the anime section. Followed by its sequel 'Ryoga's Girlfriend' - same section.

Chuck challenge Morgan - Sarah

I know I am going to get burned for this but I like to see a Morgan/Sarah romance.

I know a lot are saying she is happily married to Chuck. I know a lot like the Chuck/Sarah thing. I just like my fiction to have a lot more intrigue is all. You can decide how to proceed on this as long as there is some kissing involved.

Grimm challenge

A Renard/Juliette romance.

We all know by now that Renard is a bad/good guy. Did anyone catch the fact that he is a Prince. He may be a prince of darkness but a prince indeed.

Juliette said no to a marriage proposal from Nick cause she know he has been lying to her. Now add to the fact that Renard literally went thru hell just to wake her up. I feel he is better suited for Juliette. But how will Nick react to this and about finding out about Renard's dark part.

Star Trek Deep Space 9 Keiko O'brien Cheating

If there are any trekkers that read this challenge they might understand where I am going with this challenge. Remember when Keiko O'brien was having so much trouble adjusting to life on the station. She hated it. She opened a school only for it to fail. Then the Chief arranged for Keiko to be part of some agricultural thingy on Bajor which she loved but it meant she be apart from Miles for a very long time.

My challenge is going to be very OOC for the whole Trek genre. Write a story where Keiko meets someone one Bajor she not only finds attractive but starts spending a lot of time with. And over time write it where they fall in love. Naturally I am asking for a long story with many huge chapters. I like it if the chief finds out by something Molly innocently says to her Daddy one of the few times they communicate. But instead of flying in a rage he merely talks to Keiko and they agree on a seperation leading to an eventual divorce. The "Juicy" part of the story will be Keiko fighting her growing feelings for another man for she still loves Miles. Let me get to know your OC you set up for Keiko.

I do love the standard couples in the mediums. (anime, comics, cartoons, books, games, ect)

However when it comes to reading and writing fanfiction I like stories about non standard couples or when the character acts out of the norm.

The reason being cause it takes more imagination and skill to write those type of stories than the stories about the standardized couples where the copy-protected writers probably already explored every possible avenue so all the fanfiction writer has to do is just borrow a lot from the show and very little from their own true imaginations.

I know a lot of people can argue with this hypothesis and they probably be right. Its just how I feel especially when I see tons of fanfiction on the overused standard couples.

I also do not like when writers take their stories so far out of the range of the normal story you can not connect to it. I hope to try to stay close to the original story even though my stories will tend not be par norm.

I want to make something perfectly clear. I HATE and DESPISE fictions using the standard couple the media make famous. I find these fics very unchallengeable for writers.

I rather read a crappy piece about non standard couples. Where you take the people in the media out of their comfort zones doing stuff they would not normally do and then come up with a logical and understandable reasons why they are doing it.

With such fics you have to think about what they are doing, who are they doing it with, and finally why the hell they are doing it in the first place.

Examples of COUPLES I LOATHE for reasons listed above are:

Jim/Melinda - Ghost Whisperer

Jim/Elisabeth - Terra Nova

Angel/Buffy - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy/Spike - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Naruto/Sakara - Naruto

Sasuke/Sakara - Naruto

Inuyasha/Kagome - Inuyasha

Aang/Katara - The Last Airbender

Scott Summers/Jean Grey - Xmen

Jean Grey/Logan(Wolverine) - Xmen

Ash/Misty - Pokemon

Ash/May - Pokemon

I repeat that I hate reading fics about the above couples. I think I gave you enough couples to get my drift.

Now on screen or the official mange I am all over them loving and hanging onto every word these couples speak but when it comes to fanfiction type stories you get the picture.

Geez A number of people rather see Kushina Uzumaki hook up with Naruto than any other male character from the genre. Don't you know Kushina is Naruto's mother. That is incest. I know I know, anything can happen in fanfiction. But this is not . You are going to give little kids the wrong impression that incest is ok and not ILLEGAL. Let's cut the crap out of this website please.

I like risque stories myself. Check out my now discontinued story "A Time Of Darkness" but I think incest is going way too far and yuck on that pairing anyway. If you want to write Kushina romance stories that excludes Minato the try these pairings:

Kushina x Jiraiya

Kushina x Itachi

Kushina x Kakashi

Kushina x Orochimaru

Kushina X Danzo (eek I just got another bad taste in my mouth)

Kushina x Sasuke

Or any other pairing you like as long you don't pair her up with her own son, geez.

I think it will be even hotter to see Kushina go to the dark side after surviving miraculously what Madara and Danzo did at the Naruto's birth. Now that will take imagination and talent to pull off.

Stories up for Adoption

"A Time of Darkness" is up for adoption. Please PM if you like to try to finish it.

A sequel to "NaruNekoChan" - I plan for no sequel to this. However if YOU wish to write one the just PM me so I can comment about it at the end of the story thus linking both stories.

Speaking of sequels, if any of you wish to do a sequel on any of my stories in general just PM me and let me know.

As for me I am taking a break. I know this might spell the kiss of death for a lot of authors but we just get burned out ever so often. I hope to have the sparkle back soon but if not - oh well.



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