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Greetings. I am Jonathan Carreau, formerly known as xm0123.

I'm a writer. I write and publish my own electronic books on Smashwords. You can find my completed ebooks here. or here. (And yes, this is why I'm not using an alias anymore; I'm publishing original fiction under my true name. No sense in using a handle anymore here.)

I also had a blog when I used to be anonymous. It was here. That link by the way leads to an entry that links to other fanfics I've written. But now I have a new Blogspot here.

Although I do enjoy writing original works of fiction, I also enjoy fanfiction, within reason of course. (And by that, I mean I don't intend to violate any copyrights, nor claim ownership of any of the material in my fanfics.) I used to write fanfiction for several years before I got good enough at creating my own settings and characters to write original fiction, but let's get back to my thoughts on fanfics:

I like fanfiction, but only when it's done right. Fanfiction, at its best, takes an already established setting and expands upon it, or offers an exciting alternative interpretation of an established piece. Fanfiction at its worst . . . tends to be poorly written schlock . . . or a writer's sexual fantasy for a fictitious character in text format . . . or a nonsensical crossover that should never happen . . . or all of the above. I wasn't interested in writing anything like that. I wanted to write something to be proud of. Truth be told, I really only wrote my fanfics for myself; not in a selfish manner, but just out of my own desire for self-expression. I do have other fanfics of mine hidden in my blog, but most of them are only okay at best. (And also, they're script fics, so I can't really post them here anyways.) Now then, would you like to see an overview of my fics, right? Well here you go:

My biggest project was Touhou Monogatari (Oriental Tales), which was the collective name of most of my Touhou fanfictions. They are all a part of my own version of Touhou, my "Touhouverse," if you will. They are all connected in some way. There's a tvtropes page (That I started) about it right here. (I no longer update that page. Somehow else has to!) Here's a more detailed explanation:

A Touhou Fanfiction About Nothing: Yeah, the title's a Seinfeld reference; deal with it. It's basically nothing more than humorous vignettes involving Touhou characters. Unlike some comedic fanfics, the chapters aren't random; there is a real story in each chapter. There are action scenes, but there's no hard drama, though. Part 4 reveals how this series originated, in a sense.

Mentor and Protege: Ah yes, my most ambitious project. (prior to my original books, obviously.) This is basically a rewrite of the story of the PC-98 Touhou games, with an emphasis on the teacher and student relationships between Marisa and Mima, Alice and Shinki, and at least one chapter between Reimu and an OC I made. Oh, also, I didn't feature every single PC-98 character ever. The ones I can't find very much information on got axed. Oh, maybe I should make a list of PC-98 characters that won't appear. Don't expect to find any characters from The Highly Responsive to Prayers that aren't Reimu or Mima. I also excluded Rika, Meira, and the 5 Magic Stones from Story of Eastern Wonderland, Ellen from Phantasmagoria of Dim Dream, and any character from Lotus land Story that isn't Yuka, since I kinda axed that entire game's plot from my fanfic. Also, don't expect Sara, Louise, Yuki, and Mai to appear in the Mystic Square arc. If you like any of these characters, feel free to flame me. (Although no one has yet . . . I guess people share my apathy for these characters . . . maybe.) A behind the scenes look for Mentor and Protege can be found here.

Eternal Blossom: These are two one-shots (a two-shot?) narrated by Yukari Yakumo. It is listed as drama/friendship, but there's actually a few other genres incorporated into the story, hint hint. A behind the scenes look at the first story can be found here.

Gensokyan Backstories: Each chapter's an origin story for a Touhou character. I only did six, but hey, they're there.

I did one Touhou series that isn't tied to Touhou Monogatari:

Touhou Omake: It's a series of silly shorts. Need I say more? The reviewers love it, and so might you.

But that's not all! In addition to Touhou Monogatari, I've got other projects. They are as follows:

Ask Rachel Alucard: Shortly after I bought Blaz Blue: Calamity Trigger in late 2009, I was surfing the Dustloop forums. At one point, someone tried to talk like Rachel Alucard. Unfortunately, this person's attempt at that was half-assed. I thought to myself, "I could write in character better than that!" So I did . . . if the reviews I have received are to be believed. Oddly enough, Taokaka is my favorite Blaz Blue character, not Rachel. In truth, I really only wrote this "4 teh lulz" as they say; this isn't an epic like Mentor and Protege. Note: Ask Rachel Alucard has been featured on tvtropes' recommended fanfics page for Blaz Blue! And yet, I enjoyed writing the following spinoff more:

Help Us, Professor Kokonoe!: This is basically Ask Rachel Alucard, but from Kokonoe instead. Both this and Ask Rachel Alucard are now finished, although-

-There is now a behind-the-scenes look at the first eight chapters of Ask Rachel Alucard! Go here.

I also made a crossover between Tsukihime and Fate!:

Endless Number of Possibilities: I have no idea what possessed me to write this. My fanboyism for all things Nasu-related? My adoration of all the cute girls? The silly pop culture references that no one seems to mind? Yeah. This series' genre fluctuated. Like crazy.

Oh, and my friends Heraklinios suggested I write a fanfic based off an anime we like. This resulted in:

Oh No, Not Madoka! It's a harem comedy . . . where the harem is entirely female. Yeah, this was intended to be a spoof of how magical girl series tend to drown in lesbian subtext, and Puella Magi was no exception in that regard. But then again, despite only behind twelve episodes long, I got a really good understanding of the setting and characters of Puella Magi, (Minus Mami Tomoe. Seriously, Shaft!?) so there you go. Sadly, I lost inspiration for this project, and had to cancel it midway. You could still read it if you want; there are a few good zingers, but this isn't the only thing I have written that's related to Madoka! Also check out:

Mahou Shoujo Omake Magica. This is a collection of shorts, poems, and other things related to Madoka. Unlike with my Touhou omake series, not all of these are silly; some will be serious. And also, yes, poetry. Part 3 of this series contains my first attempt at writing a poem in over seven years! And I already ended this too.

I was planning on doing one last fanfic, also inspired by PMMM, but not here. Let me be honest, this site's text formatting is crap outside of the profile page. I intended to host it elsewhere. I showed a test audience this last fic . . . and none of them liked it. Therefore, I'm not sharing it here, nor there, nor anywhere. (Assuming the Wayback Machine hasn't picked it up yet . . .)

And because of this, I don't write fanfiction anymore. I only use this account to keep tabs with people I met on this site. I no longer add nor edit fics here. If you write a review, I won't see it. (Feel free to leave it behind, regardless!) If you send me an idea for a fic, I won't write it out. If you spot a typo in my fics, I will not correct it. If you ask me to edit (or "Beta read") a story, your request will be ignored. Go back to the top of this page to where my original fiction is to see my latest works of fiction.

Regardless, there are a few fanfics here from other authors that I love. Keep in mind, not all of my favorite fanfics can be found on FF.net. (for instance, all of my favorite Touhou fanfics are not hosted here, but instead on various fansites. Also, RPGClassics has fantastic Final Fantasy fics if you're curious.) For now, I'll just list my favorite fanfics from this site.

1: Code Geass: Lelouch of Brittania. Let me make one thing clear; I am NOT a fan of the Code Geass anime. In fact, it would be correct to say that I consider it one of the worst tv shows ever produced. (And yes, that includes reality shows, American cartoons, the whole shebang) However, what Cal Reflector has done is nothing short of marvelous; his fanfic, incomplete though it may be, is what the canon Code Geass should have been. In fact, I accept it as the TRUE version of Code Geass! Eat it, Sunrise! Power to the fanfic authors!

2: Of Leaves and Lilac. There's not a lot of English-language Tsukihime fanfics out there, but of the few that I have read, this one by Dark Pulse is the best. What we have here is the best fanon interpretation of Akiha I have seen, and this is an important detail since Akiha is my second-favorite character in the Nasuverse. In short, if you have played the Tsukihime visual novel to completion (and I have), then don't miss this.

3: Neon Genesis Evangelion: Nobody Dies. Oh yes, there are many fantastic Eva fanfics out there. (There's an Eva script fic by me hidden in my blog link if you dare.) However, of all the ones out there, both great and terrible, this one by Gregg Landsman is number one. Though it has a few grammatical errors, and while some of the pop culture references feel forced or out of place, one can't deny the sheer entertainment value of Nobody Dies. Any Eva fan worth its salt should check this out. (Note: The story gets too convoluted and crazy after a while, but the first 30 or so chapters are a must-read.)

4: Persona 4: Simulacrum. This is a continuation of Persona 4. It is an excellent continuation, with spot-on characterization, well-constructed prose, and a mystery worthy of the original game. If you played through Persona 4, and you wanna see it turned into a Hitchcockian thriller in text format, look no further than Zephyran's masterpiece of a fanfiction.

5: Within a Nightmare. Looking for a good continuation of Higurashi? Look no further than Crimso's masterpiece! She has captured the characters and setting perfectly, making me feel for Mion more than ever before. A must-read for anyone who has experienced all of the Higurashi canon.

Oh yeah, if you're obsessive enough, you can find me on Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter also.

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