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Hi there my fellow FanFic lovers! I'm a student from the UK, studying English Lit at university.

I'm here to help improve my writing skills, so to start I thought I'd apply the things I've been learning in my degree to the show/comic/game series that I love.

As for said shows/comics/games, here are some to give you a sense of what I'm into:

Favourite Animes:

Naruto + Naurto Shippuden: You can't get better! A few things I will confess though; 1) I SOMETIMES enjoy watching the Dub, but Sub is fine too, and 2) I actually enjoyed the Filler Arcs a lot, when you can watch them in hindsight 3) I will be constantly up-to-date with Subbed, Dubbed and Manga storylines, so I'll always try to maintain as little spoilers as possible, but whenever you read any of my fics, know that I DO know how the story progresses and may use certain spoilers as a starting point (to this end, I'll be using the Subbed/Manga more often)

Bleach: I was at first a little sketchy about watching this, since a lot of my adolecense was spent on Naruto, but this series is the perfect alernative to the more juvenile ninja

One Piece: If it weren't Naruto, then this series would be my favourite - there is NOTHING bad to say about One Piece, its a rare show in that its FUN to watch!

Dragonball Z: If you can't appreciate Akira Toriyama's animation style, then you can't be an Otaku! The three aforementioned series can try (and come close) to matching the apocolyptic face-offs, but DBZ broke every possible rule in physics; flight, repeated reincarnation, regenerative limbs, time travel, aliens with fluent English (or Japanese) and one's own energy capable of altering their natural hair colour...what more could you want?

Death Note: I dropped into the comic store near my campus (I know Naruto is free to download all over the web, but I still like to buy the DVDs :D) and overheard two kids talking down this show, and how boring it is. HOW!? becuase it doesn't have endless showdowns and high octane fight secquences? This series has cemented itself as an Anime/Manga great, becuase its SO intelligently written and is one of the few series that has a Dubbed cast which suits the characters well

Fullmetal Alchemist: As narratively exciting as Death Note, and as creative with its action as Naruto - though out of the two, Naruto's tactical element is what won me over, still this is a fantastic show! By the way, I'm referring to the original Anime - I've yet to sit down and watch Brotherhood, or get a hold of some Manga on it, so don't be offended if I get a few things wrong in the canon :P I'm now reading up on 'Change the WorLd' and 'Another Note' - seriously, this series has a damn good universe of supplementary workings

Pokémon: I dunno if this should go in games...It's on games in the categories...ah, what the hell, I liked both. And still do. The biggest fault with the anime is its own commerical success globally; their is little desire to create something more memorable, and the fights have become too repetative. I won't jump on the bandwagon and talk on shipping, since the show was NEVER catered for romance, and retorspectively, the series itself was a part of the game's franchise, thus...probably why I should be talking about it in the games, sorry!

At this point, I'd like to add that whilst this list is rather macho in that it seems to revolve around violence, I am fortunately friends with an equally obsessed anime fan. The friend 'who wishes to remain anomynous' would also like to point out what a geek I am for shows such as Ouran High - which I have to admit, I am. The same friend also got me into the fantastic - yet short - Elfen Lied series; I always think something like that has fulfilled it's purpose if you feel slightly 'uncomfortable' with the world (Death Note also excels here) and, since I'm often at her place, I'm also pretty interested in the Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! series...there...I said it...

Favourite Games Series:

The Legend of Zelda: Ever since the Ocarina of Time on the N64, I've loved this never ending struggle with a mute blonde kit with a sock for a hat and a demonic pig. The Wind Waker timeline is probably my favourite in terms of narrative, sinces it has transpired further than the TP storyline, though Twilight Princess is visually outstanding - just can't wait for the next installment :)

Final Fantasy: There's too much to say about this series that it'll take far more space than I wanted for it. Let it just be known that this series has to be the pinnacle of computer-game story-telling. A fan such as myself could sit here and name-drop as many characters and pretty comprehensive backstories for each of them, whilst comparing each characters narrative struggle to the other. To that end, Dissidia was a god-send - you've no idea how long I wanted Cloud and Squall to square-up to one another! Oh, and totally has nothing to do with the inconspicously good-looking girls...honestly...

Star Ocean: It's a bit of a risk to mention this to RPG gamers, since a lot I spoke to criticise it to death, but TTEOT was...AWESOME! It took weeks for me to crawl through that, since I liked to camp at early stages of the game. Much like Kingdom Hearts, mixing in a battle-style that's far more fluent than turn-based-action is often an overlooked boon to most RPGs, so I've total repect for a series like this, though I felt Last Hope was a step back in the series narratively, since it became quite a 'What would happen if Fayt had blonde hair and did this?'...

Kingdom Hearts: Donald Duck a Mage!? Goofy a Royal Knight!? A Key...for a Sword!? This game shouldn't work, it couldn't work, but for SOME reason, its one of the most beloved creations Enix has ever made XD!!! Plus, Sora and Kairi have got to be the cutest game couple :P Well,they're up there with Naminé and Roxas...but does that count...since their kinda...the same people...I dunno...KINGDOM HEARTS, YAY!

Favourite Comics/Shows/Films:

Batman: I'm talking ANYTHING with the Bat; Tim Burton's films, Christopher Nolan's versions, Batman The Animated Series, The Batman cartoon, the Arkham Asylum game - hell even when Adam West wore the cape! Since a part of my degree required the study into modern gothic fiction (be it film, TV, or book) and since 80% of my class chose 'Twilight' - I've nothing agianst it, it's a cool series (Go Jacob, btw) - I opted to be a bit unique study the Dark Knight's adventures. Because of this, I've picked up the 'Year One' comic book, 'Arkham Asylum - A Serious Home on Serious Earth', 'The Long Halloween' and 'Hush'. I know, not the most ideal Batman collection, but hell, it's a start (I got a First on the Batman essay, btw XD)

Spider-Man: I found the films a little to patronising of what is an epic story, and, like in many film adaptations of story - fine details that help a series get lost in the editing. Nevertheless, I've enough catalogues of Marvel to appreciate the Wall-Crawler in all his akward, angst ridden, smart-mouthed glory! Whilst I'm pretty adept in the canon of the series, I probably followed the 'Ulitmate' verison of the series, so if you ever come across a Spider-Man fanfic by me, it'll be written with that series in mind - primarily due to my adoration for the artwork

Supernatural: Because of work, I missed out on 24, Prison Break, Lost (and now Glee, though I'm fairly thankful for that) along with endless American teen dramas, but since the age of sixteen, I'd come home from my part-time job around Ten at night, switch on the TV, and I came across this show - ACDC, Shotguns with salt, ghosts, vampires, demons, Castiel the Angel, Chuck the Prophet, Slow Dancing Aliens, Ghostfacers, "I am Batman!", Suicidal Teddy Bears, the apocolypse and a 67 Impala. Take that 'Lost' XD

Dr. Who: I will confess I was never privy to the old-school series of the Time Lord, but I've followed the series since it's reincarnation in 2005, and I've seen it pick up pace and notoriety like a locomotive; it just gets better and better. I was devastated when David Tennant left, though Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor is quickly proving to be one of the funniest and quirkest actors to grace the BBC. I've heard friends critise it for not being as serious as other Sci-Fis, but come on! It's Saturday night entertainment broadcast to millions on BBC One! It's not meant to through down every shackle of Sci-Fi cliche, it's meant to be Fun! And boy is it fun XD

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