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Name: Rayne

•..••.. In a Nutshell ..••..•

Writing is my heart.

•..••.. STATUS ..••..•


*UPDATE 2023: READERS/REVIEWERS: HHU’s completion is definitely something I cannot estimate or promise at this point. The official BtB series was intended to end with UtS, and to this day those four instalments should still be considered a standalone series. I made the mistake of thinking I could fix what I THOUGHT was writer’s block by setting aside my original works and delving balls-deep back into the BtB realm (with HHU) to try to get my creativity going again…only to end up in total BURNOUT instead. And I’m still trying to recover from this excruciating place. That being said, if I believe there is still interest, I try to give what I can to HHU, whenever I am physically and emotionally capable of giving it. This is my continued way of thanking those who kindly reach out, review and support my fanfics. It may not be sustainable for me, but if I’m able, I will always try. I mean every word when I say how much reader feedback and support has meant and continues to mean to me. 3 It’s hard as hell to do what I once did…what it requires demands so much. And I need to be able to give my all to where my heart lives, which is with my original works. They are my raison d'être…my ikigai. I miss my original characters desperately…I owe them their time, their deliverance, their stories. There are a lot of them to be told. And those babies are going to require my all. That’s why I can’t ever make promises concerning HHU and urge readers to hold to the original four instalments of BtB as standalone.

•..••.. WHAT I WRITE ..••..•

I tend to write across most genres (namely drama/angst) and I tend to keep it in the canon world. Humour is pivotal in most of my writing, no matter how dark a fic gets. I think that balance keeps it real (or at least I hope it does!). Yaoi/Het. I'm intrigued by human "character" - the human psyche and spirit fascinate me.

LIKES: Creativity, music, open-mindedness, philosophy, mythology, good conversation, nature, tea, passion and a good sense of humour are always welcome in my world. I make creative expression/ideas my playground. Simple things move me, the raw and the real. I love beauty, just a different kind.

FANDOM(S) I WRITE: NARUTO (yaoi and het), THE WALKING DEAD (slash and het)

IMPORTANT Note/warning While I write yaoi, I don't write it using the "seme"/"uke" mentality. I don't pigeon-hole characters' personalities by the conventions of a sexual preference. I like blurring lines, not defining them. I play with characters in the grey area, not the black and white.

Any feedback from those who are kind enough to take the time to read my stories would be greatly appreciated!

•..••.. UPDATES / INFO ..••..•


Φ BREAK TO BREATHE / BtB ShikaNeji [multi-chap] (COMPLETE)

Φ ON THE CUSP ShikaNeji/NejiShika, ShikaTema [multi-chap] (COMPLETE)

Φ REQUIEM - the aftermath of Asuma's death, ShikaNeji [multi-chap] (COMPLETE)

Φ UNDER THESE SCARS - BtB Sequel [multi-chap] (COMPLETE)


•..••.. LINKS & ARTWORK & PLAYLISTS ..••..•

For some reason some of the links here on FFnet fail to work. Please google "Okami-Rayne" "OkamiRayne" on Google and "BtB Series" on Facebook for links to all my various BtB haunts.


Please search for"Okami-Rayne", ”OkamiRayne” or "BtB Series" with the following social media sites:

Φ okamirayne on Tumblr very active]

Φ okami-rayne / ta.rayne on Facebook [active]

Φ BtB Series FB page on Facebook [active with updates]

Φ okami-rayne on DeviantArt [less active]

Φ OkamiRayne on AO3

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Fate's changed the game but it's not over between the players. With Kusagakure's mission as the final round, Neji's agenda is finding his freedom. Shikamaru's agenda is forgetting his fear. But when an old and unfinished game threatens to pull Shikamaru back into the shadows of his past, Neji must make an impossible choice; his own destiny or Shikamaru's darkness. (Part 4 of BtB)
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