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So, this is my profile huh? (Looks around, sits on an imaginary chair in her new fantasy office) soo... I'm starting to like the place already...

Alright, back to business!

My favorite anime's/manga’s;

1. Full metal alchemist,
2. Bleach
3. Dragonball Z
4. Gundam Wing
5. Ouran high school host club
6. Vampire Knights 1 & 2
7. Chobits
8. Special A
9. Pandora Hearts
10 Lovely complex
11. Bokura ga ita
12. Fruits basket
13 Minami-ke
14. Avatar; the last airbender.
15. Aishiteruze baby
16. Akira
17. Itazura na kiss
18 Toradora!

(I'll probably change my list a bit if I watch something that I think it's better, But that's it for now.)

my favorite (Japanese, Korean, Taiwan, Chinese) drama's

1.It started with a Kiss, they kissed again.
2.Boys before flowers.
3.Delightful girl choon-hyuang
4.My girl
5.Hana kimi
7. Lovely complex

if you ever need some kind of advice about a good anime to watch you can always contact me ofcourse!

Currently working on:
1. The beginning of a legend (sequel to, if I never saw you again)
2. Bulla's indentity (going to make it a one-shot, so it isn't posted yet.)


'If I never saw you again':

I'm planning to make a sequel because I really want to solve the misteries and if I do that in one story it might frighten possible readers by the size of the story.)

The mysteries:
Pan's dream at the beginning of the fanfiction: Pan thinks that her dream had something to do with the encounter with the alien, and that the danger is over, but she couldn't be more wrong! The fight is still coming!

Goku's prediction: Goku said he couldn't wait to meet this strong kid who happened to be a full-blooded-saiyan. Most of you maybe thought it was Takai (Gohan and videl's son) But, Takai happens to be a full-blooded-human, and Goku expected a full-blooded-saiyan.

there are other misteries, but it's still too early, contact me if you need me to explain.


'The beginning of a new legend';

The sequel!

Chapter 1 up.

a bit of pre-info; Pan and Trunks are starting their new life as a marriage couple oblivious to their surroundings. Things have been changing dramatically around them. Chichi is struggling with her memories loss in secret and Goten has finally woken up to life! Bulla is growing up and even if they haven't noticed yet, something is driving their families apart...

Alright that was it for now @_@"

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