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hey everyone its me one of the best reviewers out there if i do say so myself!!

you already know i'm a little werewolf at heart: Kraven Victors -AKA KravenV, babe.

but before we start i have to put this out there, man i've been watching alot of It's always sunny in philidealphia recently and i must say ive got a crush on Charlie Day man!! he's so cute!!XD

OK anyway...

off to the favorites please:

Favorite shows: CSI, DragonBallZ, Angel, and Yugioh (and yes the original sorry for disliking the others XP)

But of course I Just LOVE Nick angst, Vegeta angst, Spike angst, and Kiba/Seto angst...don't hate me cuz i'm sick!! *laughs evilly*

Don't judge me becuz i'm also weird too*eyes shifty with a sweat dip* becuz i have fake husbands o_O' YES i admit it I'm a little crazy but they're in a number of things ...and they are:

(in order)

DragonballZ-(obviously)VEGETA BABE YEAH!!! sorry *blushes* got a little carried away there for a sec.

Yugioh!- Seto kiba

X-men- James (Logan) Howlett AKA Wolverine

Tekken- Howarang and Kazuya

Final fantasy 7- Zack, Sephiroth, and Cloud

Angel- Spike and Angel

(IF you read the Anita Blake books)-Edward, Asher, and Damen, then richard (what a cry baby sexy as hell tho)

(((Me personally i think they should have made the Anita Blake books into a movie than Twilight , and i'm not bashing I just think Anita's better that's all *smiles innocently* really)))


But talk about me if you want but I think they ARE ALL SUPER HOT, and SUPER SEXY TOO!! *Jumps up and down blushing bright red and pretty much pulling my hair out*

But anyway

i love me so yaoi! Yes i'ma big yaoi fangirl!! BUt i just can not STAND certain pairings. There's just certain line you just not cross. but the major two that i just can not stand i have to right them out..*shivers in disgust*..just thinkin about these pairings make me wanna gag XP *cheeks stained blue* and they're:

VegetaXYamcha!!!(why why why why WHY!! i hate it!!!!!!)

and my most hated pair is the one the only...drum roll please...thank you...

SetoXJoey!!!!( WHO THE HELL THOUGHT OF THAT!!! XO *throwing up* sorry just thinking a bout it made me nauseous)

Disturbing right?! I KNOW!!! i just can't, with my fantastic imagination can see that at all, really!!!

O-O...-_-'...XD sorry bout the ranting XP but...

I am a creepy kinda guy so yeah!

with my stories i know i have some errors in some of my fics and i assure you i'll get right on that ASAP honest *fingers in the air* scouts honor...XD *burst out laughing* sorry couldn't hold it in lol ;P

And yes I'm in progress!!

So I hope to hear from ya, PEACE XP

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