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Im planning within a few months to upload the 5 first chapters of a story 3 years in the making

I have many forums made here ,and on my backup account, I will link to the other in a short while

and seine the site doesn't seem to show the link to 'My Forums' (it used too), I shall post a direct link to my forums:

here is a direct link to a forum on my backup account, I am currently trying to get members for, it is anime centric, but mostly focusing on the Anime Series's Strike Witches, and the online game/anime Kantai Collection, Feel free to join. :

I am a large fan of various animes, noticeable by my forums and my story likes, so feel free to join any of my forums or message.


I pull the trigger, the gun goes off, and your brains splatter all over the sand. The beach gets bloody and you get dead.-Bando- Elfen Lied

When you're miserable, you need to make someone even more miserable than yourself.-Lucy-Elfen Lied

Know your Place! - Inner Moka- Rosario Vampire

I guess once you start doubting, there's no end to it.-Batou- Ghost in the Shell SAC

Good. Bad. I'm the guy with the gun. - Ash- Evil Dead

This is i am to ferry you to Hell...- Ai - Hell Girl

Oh pitiful shadow lost in darkness, Bringing torment and pain to others...Oh poor damned soul, wallowing in your sin...Perhaps... it is time to die...- Ai- Hell Girl

'Treat them with Honour, my Brothers, Not Because they will bring us victory this day, but because their fate will one day be ours' - Astorath the Grim- High Chaplin on the Blood Angels Space Marine's Chapter- Warhammer40k

Exia Will Seek out and Eliminate Targets- Setsuna F Seiei

'You can not invade mainland America, there will be a rifle behind every blade of grass - Isoroku Yamamoto

My Main OC.

My Warlock (Male Witch) OC

Name: Adam Sakamoto

Age: 20

Country of Origin: United States of Liberion (alternates living in Liberion and Fuso)

Gender: Male

Animal features/Familiar: Black Wolf/ Ears and tail

Appearance: he has blonde (Link may be NSFW, just to warn) , His hair is blonde, his left eye is icy blue, while his Right-eye (which is Purple, a trait of users with the 'Magical Eye' Ability) is covered by a black eye-patch with a red diagonal streak though it (gains a hexagonal pattern when he gets a new one)

Aircraft Striker Unit: F-22 Raptor Air Striker Units (damaged and written off) F/A-37 Tallon 2 Air Striker Units (current)

His First Air Striker is His Mother's old A-1 Skyraider (that he maintained though out the years, which is a good practice striker for him to try, when he was still trying to build up his magical level)

And later he transitioned to F-22 Raptor units, and once they were damaged, he became the test pilot and user of the F/A-37 Tallon 2 Striker Units.

Weapons: First and Foremost, a weapon which never leaves his side, is his family's blade, the magically infused Katana, Rempumaruu, his duty sidearm is a Colt Model 1911, his father's previous side arm, and for when he is using an Air Striker Unit, he will carry a M61A2 20mm Vulcan Machine Cannon, *2 x 'Mini' AIM-9X Sidewinder Missiles, 4 AIM-120D AMRAMM Air-to-Air Missiles, but his strikers can also fit other load outs due to changing mission parameters.

(Accessing Restricted Data, File N-730, Granted: This young man, a fact that was hidden, but know is know, is that he, being one of the few, has a Neruoi core within his body, symbiotically fuzed with his heart from birth, (the core was originally within Sakamoto Mio the first, his grandmother, due to her actions on the Yamato, which when his mother was born, it moved itself from a lower powered magical vessel, to another, which did the exact same when he was born, however, due to being a male, the core had an easier time fuzing with him, and will not leave his body due to the link.), He has access to Neruoi-fiy himself, coating sections of his body within black hexagonal plated armor,his eyes both take on the properties of a user of the 'magical eye' his pupils slitting slightly and his eyes changing to a purplish coloration, when the armor coats his body, it can repair damage the normal way a neruoi could, regenerateing though a flurry of white metalic shards, his voice takes on a metalic ring to him, and when the armor coats his arms,his fingers gain armored claw like tips to his fingers, smaller hexagons on his palm's gain beam emitter plates if he wills it, is able to shape his arms into say swords, a 'beam', machine gun, or what ever he wills, as long as he retains enough energy for combat and flight (his fuso shield changes between a blue and crimson red coloration if he is in his normal human, or Neruoi combat form.)

Bio: A young man, whose family has many years of Military Service, mainly starting from the 1940s Era, (at least to his knowledge) with his Fuso Grandmother,A Witch within the 501st, known as Mio Sakamoto the 1st, and than to his Mother, whom served in 52nd JFW (Mio Sakamato the 2nd), who had fought against the ground forces of the VC, as well as the recurrence of Neuroi over Korea and Vietnam,utilizing an A-1J Sky raider striker, a unit developed at the end of the 2nd Neruoi War that soldiered on due to ground support roles, whom finally had seen and end of combat, marrying and bearing a child with a little known Liberion flight officer, (they both have been killed, his father being shot down in the sky, while his mother died protecting Adam when he was young), which though all of this, now lead finally to the linage being traced to Adam, The young warlock whom is Ironically now, a Major within the in the 73rd JFW, a Joint Fuso-Liberion-Orussian Fighter wing, to foster and promoat the feelings of comradeary between the 3 counties whom war and a mad man had torn, The patch he wears on his uniform is indicative of such, with the top left half/middle between taken up by a Fuso Katana superimposed over Fuso's Flag, the top right half shows a Liberion Model 1850 sword superimposed over a Liberion Flag, and the bottom section is shown of a Orussian Shashka sword superimposed over the Orussian flag, the Orussian sword upbetween the Fuso Katana on the left side and Liberion 1850 sword on the right side, on the top wording of the patch is '73rd Joint Fighter Wing, and on the bottom is the unit's motto ' We Will Fight', translated in the 3 country's languges as ' 我々- Уилл - Fight '.

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