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Author has written 9 stories for Chobits, Digimon, Fruits Basket, Spirited Away, and Fairy Tales.

Personal Note(s):


Eeep. Been way too long since I've been on here with a serious zeal. I had every intention of sitting down at several points during the past few years to update this and a lot of my older stories, and yet either my muse wasn't up to the task or I had no TIME. Time is something that I seemed to have a plethora of as a child and teenager. Now that I'm almost 30, it seems like I have so little of it. I blame this adult condition that so many suffer from called "Working to pay bills."

So, what have I been up to this time? Well, very long story short, after playing lifeline to my best friend for more years than I'll admit to anyone, he finally woke up and realized what he wanted in life and just how much I'd been helping him. And then he asked me to marry him. Several times. And each time I refused because I didn't want to have him want to be with me only because he felt like he owed me. Somehow he managed to convince me that this wasn't why, and I finally said yes. We got married at the end of August, almost 10 years to the day that we first met.

One of these days I'm going to turn our real life drama into a story on here, but first I've got to figure out the perfect couple to use. Hmm... so many ideas.

Anyway, I told myself that while I'd never made a New Years Resolution in my life before, this was the year I was going to do it. That resolution was to write at least 20 minutes a day, at least twice a week. So while I haven't been exactly pounding out the new stories like I used to, I'm at least testing the waters for a few new things. I'm also trying to finish up a few of my older ones. As of today, I plan to have finally finished my story about Chii and Hideki, a couple I haven't really felt anything for in almost 12 years. Blame it on my ex, who always compared us to them. But people who like the fandom deserve my effort just as much as all of the others. While it probably won't be the perfectly clean ending people usually want, it will be an ending that will at least tie up the loose ends that the story introduced.

For those people who are after that "Happily Ever After" ending, you'll finally get it with my stand-alone sequel to "Waiting for You" that I am forcing myself to finish in the next two weeks, the day before my birthday being the deadline. If I post this on my actual birthday or worse, even later, you have my permission to beat me over the head with your verbal lashings for being such a slacker. If you haven't read it, I advise you to give it a shot. Though based on what everyone has told me in the reviews, bring some tissues.

Well, no more lollygagging. Time to go write that ending for my Chobits fanfic.

~M&M Forever

Well, I'm back finally. It's been a long since I was seriously active on here, besides reading, and I'm starting to get that itch again. I've grown up a lot since I posted my first work on here, though one could argue that I simply have physically caught up more with the level of thoughts and emotions I've always had... you be the judge.

So what have I been up to all these many years? School-related "adventures" and such. Finally got my BA in Music (worthless) after four years, along with a double minor in Meteorology and Climatology. Then I went on and got a Master's degree in Library and Information Science (Potentially worthless piece of paper with the perk of worth-while skills and knowledge). I'm currently unemployed (no surprise there). but I'm actively looking, so I'm thinking of really getting back into writing to pass the time (and so I can appear to be busy job searching every waking moment of my life whenever my father is home).

So what are my interests, now that I'm "all grown up"? ...pretty much nothing's changed. I still have a soft spot for Mimato (Mimi X Yamato from Digimon), though it's been enhanced a lot by an increasing love of what could be called their parallel characters, Aeris/Aerith and Cloud from Final Fantasy VII. Also still think Yukiru from Fruits Basket is the best pairing of all from that series (Tohru should have totally ended up with Yuki... which is REALLY odd when you consider it, since I am a HUGE cat lover...) and wish there were more stories about this pairing out there to read. I'm still hoping Fuu and Ferio (Magic Knight Rayearth) can find a happy ending together, even though I still think Hikaru is a better match for Master Mage Clef than Umi...). I have ALWAYS adored Hitomi and Van from Escaflowne, though I really do wish they'd do a second season with them (hopefully she'd STAY THERE this time). And while my interest in Chobits has seriously dwindled thanks to an ex's obsession with calling me Chii and himself Hideki... (don't get me started on it... it's not pretty...), I might actually finish off the one I started, even if it's just to finish it.

And of course, how could I ever not like any of Miyazaki's films? Though Disney DOES typically ruin them when they cross the lake... *grumbles*

I've also added a few "new" ones to the list. I seriously enjoy Sakura and Sayoran stories, be they from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles or Card Captor Sakura. I'm also trying to get into InuYasha, but I have since found that Netflix (who had it in JAPANESE!!! _) has taken this series off of streaming (BOO!!!) and is only available on DVD (an additional $8 a month for 1 DVD at a time), so I kicked Netflix to the curb and am currently trying to track down the second half of the series.

Ironic how nearly all these couples are doomed to never be together, ne? Some things seriously never change.

Now for couplings I don't favor...

I'm pretty tolerant of pretty much anything canon, and while I may not personally like it (*cough* Sorato *cough*), I've learned to live with it. However...

There is only one I will NEVER EVER want to read, and that is a slash fic about Frodo and Sam. I have gone through YEARS of needless torment from people who have seen the movies and suddenly thought "Gay lovers" was the only appropriate label for these two. Do they love each other? Yes. There is a great trust and deep friendship that the two of them have before they leave the Shire and that only strengthens as their journey progresses. Does this love ever manifest itself physically, or is it implied anywhere in the book? Do I consider anything that happened in the movies "canon" simply because some fat (I'm fat, so I can say this), lazy, no-moral-of-the-story BAKA says "I never liked the ending of The Return of the King. This is what should have happened"??? NO! You tell me this: is it possible for you to love someone without ever wanting to be physical with them?

And if you say no, then I really have to question what kind of relationship(s) you have with your parents and/or siblings...

Anyway... *clears throat*

On to...

Author's Note(s):

I'm surprised by the number of responses I've gotten to the Spirited Away story I wrote. I honestly don't exactly know what inspired me to write it, but I suspect I tried to bring a bit of "realness" to something that for many people would have seemed like nothing more than a made up story. With anything I write, I find the most memorable things I write are rich in emotion and believable characters. If I'd written about how Chihiro had suddenly decided to move to Las Vegas, USA and become a hooker for no apparent or valid reason, I don't think anyone would want to read it. I know I wouldn't.

But I AM curious to know something, guys and gals. A LOT of you said I made you cry with that story. ...did I really? Or were you just saying that?

I'll also be doing Beta Reading again for anyone who is interested. I had to stop when school got too crazy, so I apologize for any inconveniences I caused with that.

I think that covers enough for today. I should have an update about my writing plans sometime by this weekend.

See ya! R & R my stories! Please!

-M & M Forever

P.S.- The Shameless Plug:

Please be sure to check out both my forum and my C2 community! Both are Mimato based, but the C2 is also Taiora and TKari! I will try to add some more, since more things have been written that deserve to be in here.

C2 Community= http://www.fanfiction.net/community/Mimato_Taiora_and_TKari_Haven/49477/

Forum= http://www.fanfiction.net/forum/Mimato_Magic/35864/

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