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What I do here: Sometimes I read things. Very less than sometimes I will review things.

Some Things I Like.

- Being able to understand an author's "meta" or "headcanon" because their work makes sense of it through well-thought, careful characterization. And not a tacked-on litter of author notes.

- The variety of genres that can be applied to fic regardless of the source material's. Murder mystery in my Pokémon? Hell yes.

- Authors who don't rush out half-assed chapters due to "review pressure." Your readers will definitely appreciate your work more if you take care of pacing issues, grammar/spelling, and awkward sentences. Take care of your writing, and it will show, and I will love you (the most important of rewards).

- AUs, Highschool AUs, Parallel Universes, and their endless ilk. They're admittedly guilty pleasures, but I have a soft spot for those that are composed of elements other than cliches. Ah, who am I kidding? If I find a pairing I'm fond of in it, I'd probably eat it up anyways.

- Well-written parody. Good ol' irony. Hello, Full-Life Consequences.

- Gen fic. Jolly old adventures. Plot over pairing, romance notwithstanding.

- Setting; describe it. It's a character in a sense.

- When an author keeps characters in-character so well for a pairing that I'm very likely to ship things I didn't think I would. Be a believable salesperson.

- Honest, concise, constructive criticism. I don't publish anything here because most of the reader base pisses me off with their rampant rimjobs, but I can't help but smile when a stranger takes time to leave their thoughts on a piece, including acknowledgment of the negatives. It's a bonus if the author doesn't fly off the handle.

- Well-written porn. Slash, het, bi, solo, what-have-you, I will eat that stuff up if it's original and awesome. Here's a hint: frottage and tribbing.

Also, Some Dislikes.

- Character bashing for the sake of an OTP, to place another character on a pedestal, out of simple dislike, or anything else of the stupid sort. It's difficult to stomach purposefully poor characterization. Stop projecting, because everyone can tell that you are, and the only thing I gain is a helping of second-hand embarrassment.

- A fanfic being held hostage for a certain number of reviews. It's petty and stupid-looking to do that.

- Complaints about a low review count are laughable at best.

- When concrit is mistaken for a "flame." Why don't people understand the point of the review system?

- When spelling or grammatical errors actually hinder the enjoyment of a good story. I'm pretty lax about them, so you must have spectacularly failed if even I'm side-eyeing it.

- Author's notes that are littered within the fic. It's only good if one is trying to break the flow of reading. In which case, I hate you.

- Random Japanese, Fangirl Japanese, "こんにちわ it means hello" (baka, desu, sugoi, kawaii, teme, seme, uke, itaiiiiii!, etc.). Actually, this also extends to other terminology/slang/in-jokes that may be unfamiliar to a passing reader, not to mention when it's completely out of place (I'm looking at you, Hetalia fandom, with your tendency to use honorifics between characters who are not called Japan). If I have to wade through in-jokes, I'm afraid I won't be able to follow a story, nor find it compelling enough to bother.

- The use of Google Translator for writing foreign dialogue. Native speakers can especially tell when you use it, and WOW can it sound awkward, terrible, and unintentionally hilarious. Seriously. Unless your goal was to start being ironic.

- Seme/Uke; Big Sister/Little Sister; Pants/Skirt. The abundance of these dynamics within shipping fic annoys me. If it exists in canon, that's cool. When you apply it because you can't possibly imagine a relationship where someone doesn't have to play the role of the "woman", and the other the role of the "man", it's called a crutch for bad writing. You will get positive reviews from people who are just desperate to find fanwork for their favourite pairing, but that's all it amounts to. Desperation. Furthermore, if you extend this to physical descriptions where suddenly your characters are obvioiusly oh-so feminine/masculine, I have to wonder if we're even watching/reading/playing the same source material, or if you're just another unimaginative fanbrat.

- Truth or Dare fics. Actually, anything that involves interactivity from the reviewers. MSPA and /quest/ are good at this. You are not. But hey. Keep succeeding at failing to come up with your own ideas.

- "I wrote this while I was drunk/awake@3AM/tired/buzzed/driving, so don't expect me to have proof-read this before I published it kthx bai."

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