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Sooooo... Im a South African girl with waaaaay too much time on her hands. Addicted to Greys, well mostly Sara Ramirez, enjoy the occcassional writing and acting. My writing might suck, but go easy on me. I have the sudden urge to say love you... Whatever, and yes, I do use full stops a lot, can't help it... There I did it again. Anyhoo, read if you must, mock my writing if you will.

What do I think of the following ships:

MerDer: I haven't watched them enough... I think the Post-It scene was bordering on sacharine-sweet which was a little much. But, I like as them individuals and they're not vomititious.

Alexzie:... I'm not an Izzie fan. She has her moments, but I'm not crying cause KH decided to haul ass out of Greys. I LOVE Alex. He's fabulous. I love him because other people hate him. And because I simply love him and I think he's kind of an ass but that makes me love him more because I'm a freak. So basically I'm neutral on the Alex/Izzie front. I'd prefer them not to be together, but I'm neutral.

Huntina: The face suckage in every scene is getting old. I love them in s5, but... The face suckage is old and they're getting kinda dull. Spruce 'em up, or break 'em up. (sorry to Mel, I know you adore them...)

Slexie: THEY BROKE UP!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!! I did NOT like them at all. They didn't make sense to me.

CalZona: My opinion on them varies constantly. You will find that I have reviewed A LOT of CalZona fics, but that is because I like them better in FF world. I don't like the way Callie was potrayed in their relationship at first. Like she was a really bad girlfriend. I don't like that the Sloan-baby situation gave the Arizona fans a reason to hate on Callie. But I do think that on call room scene in 6.12 was HOT. So yeah, I change my mind often about these two, but I do like them.

Those were canon couples, now for previously canon:

Callica: I never liked them, never will. But I have an odd afinity for Hahn comes back fics. I really don't know why, but I wanna see how that would go.

Gallie: They were cute. At first. Then he cheated. Not so cute.

Gizzie: I despise ships that were born while one half was already paired up. I basically hate infidelity.

Burktina. Because I mostly watched s4 onwards, I don't know much about them. I hate him for hurting her.

Maddison: I love 'em both. If Mark can't be with... (someone else) then I'd be chill with Maddison, but I know it's not happening.

Addek: I think she hurt him. Bad. But that doesn't mean he gets to hurt her back.

Dizzie: Is what this pairing makes me. Heheheh that's a lie. The s2 finale breaks my heart, but I don't have an opinion on these two. Because I didn't see them being couple-y. Not really, outside the hospital couple-y. But I'm probably just talking out my ass cause I never really watched s2.

Callex: I don't know if they can fall under this category... :D But I LOVED them!! They make me all joyful and they're HOT and... I LOVE that they happened.

Okay, now for those I WISH were canon:

MALLIE: I. LOVE. THEM. They are AMAZING. The love and devotion they share for one another cannot be matched. And Sara and Eric's chemistry... It's on FIRE... They're both gorgeous and hilarious and wonderful and they would be INCREDIBLE together. Can you IMAGINE their babies?? I can talk about them for hours. I LOVE THEM!! To DEATH!!

... That's all I WISH were canon :D.

Basically, I'm respectful of other people's ships, so don't bash mine. I'm allowed to have an opinion like everybody else and I would never question your reason for shipping a couple, because we're all different. If I do question them, or diss a couple I'm either making a joke or it's the heat of the moment and you're pissing me off. We're here to have fun. If you don't a pairing, don't open a fic about them and then give the author shit about it. He/she didn't FORCE you to read it. And also, I'm possibly the worst person ever at updating on time, so sorry if there's a fic you like but it hasn't been updated.

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