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Profile Created By: ShadowCatcher

This profile was written and updated by the same person who created it and the account, the ninja/author Sarah, who is known on here as Laila but for all intents and purposes shall call herself Sarah on this profile..

Because it's hard to write a profile when you're at a tennis tournament and your only communication is a cell phone.

It belongs to the equally ninjalike author Alexa, who has allowed Sarah to A) create this account and B) make the profile look all shiny and awesome.

The problem with this is that since profiles are not made of metal they can not be shiny. However, they can be awesome.

And so, the ninja/author Sarah is making it look completely awesome.

First off: one of many bands.


A really freaking awesome hard rock band who sings the equally freaking awesome song "I Knew I Couldn't Trust You"

Go listen to them.

Second: a random quote from a ridiculously strange email conversation:

Alexa: oh btw i haven't checked my email in like a year...haha

Sarah: That's your new account! I'm adding myself as a favorite author, just so you know.

Alexa: Haha sounds good! =) did i have alot of emails? lol

Sarah: Over 11000. Anyway, I must now rush off to make your profile for FF look all shiny and awesome, considering right now it's completely blank.

Alexa: Holy shitt i had alot of emails haha and okie dokey =)

And that has been the very awesome and shiny ninjalike profile that the ninja/author Sarah has created.

And since she feels like ending this in Italian, buongiorno and buonna notte.