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Well first off I'll state my name, Ryan. I'm 19 and yea I still watch some anime, theres not alot of good ones left out there anymore. Umm, I mainly joined this site for the Digimon, mainly Taiora, and Inuyasha fan fics. Its interesting to see some of the creative stories everybody can come up with, and alot of them are pretty good. I plan on making a few Taiora fanfics and Digimon fanfics myself. Digimon has been my all-time #1 fav show. I've always been a Tai/Agumon fan from the very beginning, not just just cuz he's one of the strongest. I can really relate alot of my personality and life to Tai's in the show, its about 90 percent similar to his in every way just about, aside from not bein a digidestined and having Agumon. And I've always loved Inuyasha, I suggest if you haven't seen it get online and watch it, cuz its pretty good! NOT as good as Digimon tho!! Hopefully I'll get some fans of my own when I get my fanfic work posted and some new friends too, its always nice to meet a fellow Digimon fan, especially a Taiora one!

HOBBIES: I love playing football, I'm pretty good at drawing anime(I'll try and post some of my artwork).

Things I Love: Digmon, football, Inuyasha, my friends, and my family.

So far my favorite 2 stories that I've read have been published by Miss-Stoneflower and The Digital Typhoon. They're called Digiattacks and Everything For You...The "Everything For You" story has been my favorite story I've read on here so far, so i suggest checking it out, its really good. Keep up the good work you 2!

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