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Got a new Boston Legal one up! It's a short one between Alan and Shirley, I really like it, Alan is one of my favorites to write for, I understand him very well. Well, hopefully I'll try and get more writings up, but I'm slow and easily distracted, lol

9/15/09 AHHHHH runs around like a tweak SOOO I haven't really done ANYTHING in like a year... I know, sad. I have to hunt around and see where I left off with In Unguarded Moments AND I have a few new stories up I'm working on. My newest, Heartless, has a lot I want to work with and I actually have another X-Men one I REALLY want to get put up here and get working on, That one will take place shortly after the X-Men: Take a Stand. I have a HUGE plot figured out for that one and I'm really excited to see where it goes. Other then that I'm trying to work a piece of writing I want want to get published and I MIGHT test the waters on here first and put up like one chapter and see how it does... But I'm not sure if that's a good idea... Have to get back to that...


Just wanted to make an announcement, I'm currently updating In Uguarded Moments ALL the chapters will be slightly different and have some new content in them. Hopefully I'll also be adding to the story and finishing it soon, there'a a lot I want to do with it and I have ideas for continuing this little world I've created within Witchblade

I have replaced up through chapter 6 and will let you all know when I replace more _


Wow, it's been YEARS since I've been on here... looks around with wide eyes Yeah... for most of you who read or use to read my stuff... I'm still around, still trying to work on In Unguarded Moments... NO I havent finished it LOL, man, so much has happened the last several years... I have gone back through the story and redone parts of it, I might take a look at what's up here and slowly start going through and putting up the edited and rewritten parts... I might also pick it up again and start adding more stories of mine. :)

Years, and years ago...

What can I say? I'm a freak that likes to write, but never seems to finish anything I start...heh... I love wrestling and Star Wars. I started writing stories with some friends of mine about Star Wars which in turn got me interested in writing... I had no idea I was any "good" at writing untill I started with my Star Wars Fan fictions. Most of my stories involve Lexi, who, heh, surprise surprise was thought of for my Star Wars stories... I love her and I live vicariously through her :) Oh yeah, I also have several vampire stories as well, love them night walkers...yumm... oh wow... I haven't been around in awhile... crap. I need to start putting up the stuff I've got! I've got a new one I started awhile ago, I hope everyone likes it, and of course I'm still plodding away at In Unguarded Moments! My baby. I've also been thinking about how I could expand the story and perhaps follow it through for as long as I possibly can, lol. Anyways. I'll be trying my best to put up new stuff and to get back into the whole, writing gig again. : )

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