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Author has written 10 stories for Fushigi Yuugi, Hetalia - Axis Powers, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, and Once Upon a Time.

Hello everyone.

Geez what do I say about my self in these things? I'm a theatre major, creative writing minor in college. I don't write fanfiction very often though I love it! I really do. Probably what I love most about fanfiction is you get to see other people's POV on characters. It is interesting how people see characters differently. Characters are also put into situations that they normally wouldn't be in, and it is fun to see how they react. Do they act in or out of character? Are they pushed to the brink? Are they the same afterward? That's the fun part. You have to read and see.

And when you find fics outside of the norm, it's. One of my OTPs in Hetalia is Canada and Prussia. Recently, I've only found fics of them already together. Then there was a break through... I found a fic that has their relationship from the beginning, with historical facts to back up how Canada was involved with the dissolve of the Prussian empire after World War II... which of course causes conflict in their relationship... The story is amazing. I'm waiting with trembling anticipation for the next chapter. The story is "Dear Canada" by the user "b. alexander." Go look it up! It's good!

Probably the biggest problem I have with fanfiction is writing it. I tried my hand at it a few times and never finished a fic before I wrote "Run Away." I personally believe that if I cannot give a character 100 of my skills and capture their essence, then I'm not doing them justice. I really want to write more Hetalia fics, but I don't have the time to do it the way I want. Another problem is that I would want to write the entire thing before I posted it. I like to edit things as a whole as much as I can. I believe that if I try to separate it into chapters and write each chapter individually, my writing loses oomph. But that's just me. There are a lot of great fics that don't follow this, and they're fine. I hope to write these fics over the summer, or at least poke at them over the semester.

But I hope that I can get more in the swing of fanfic writing so I can use it to practice my writing.


What I'm working on for the time being:

~Northern Lights: Turkey/Canada fic. Update (5/16/10): I'm taking a break on N.L. to work on Vigilant. For every 2 chapters of Vigilant, I'll put up one chapter of N.L. Here is a blog outlining the plot of Northern Lights: http:///11575.html

Vigilant: It's a historical piece where Canada becomes a POW in WWII and is put into a concentration camp. But I'm researching heavily to make sure I'm accurate. I want this piece to more show the atrocities of that time than to show the anxiety in Matt

Trainer, Coordinator, and Breeder: A Pokemon crossover where Gilbert is a Trainer, Matthew is a Coordinator, and Sadiq is a Breeder. They start traveling together, facing off against other trainers. Follow their adventures together. This is a backburner crack fic.

What I'm wanting to write:

Hetalia stories:

~Vigilant: Soviet Union: About Gilbert's life in the Soviet Union. This will be the sequel to Vigilant, and a companion fic to Northern Lights.

~A Sweden/Finland fic that intertwines with Vigilant, Vigilant: Soviet Union, and Northern Lights.

~Sadiq and Gilbert are bounty hunters in the year 3021 who run a ship together. Along the way, they pick up more crew including a mysterious and lying cross dresser named Matthew, Gilbert's ex-cop brother Ludwig, and others. Bounty Hunting is dangerous especially when you can't trust your crew and romances rise. (Think Cowboy Bebop with Hetalia characters).

~A civil war fic with two Alfreds.

~A longer Prussia/Canada/England fic similar to the one in "Dear Canada" by B. Alexander, but more based around mine and my friends role play. Might become an OT3, might not.

~No kidding, this came to me in a dream. To make up for the atrocities of WWII, Germany works with humans to right wrongs, whether it's little things or major events. But these humans are special. They can recognize the nation people as not being humans. Every nation has one human every generation who possesses this ability. Though most jobs seems small at first, Germany uses these humans to search the world for Feli, who has been missing for generations. Suddenly, Prussia goes missing as well as his crazed human suddenly appears since Prussia's been dissolved. Now the Nation People and their humans must fight against this man who is trying to bring the world to it's knees.

~ For the first 200 years of Colonization, everyone thinks that America was England's money maker. But truthfully, it was a small island called Barbados. The crop was sugar. This is a fic about how a simple crop funded not only the Industrial Revolution but also Britannia

~While Alfred is visiting the plantation of his friend Thomas Jefferson, he falls in love with a slave.

~Scotland fic: Alasdair's life turns upside down when he finds out he has a son. Unsure how to be a father, he's forced to turns to other nations for help. Based about 30 years in the future of N.L.

~Scotland/Canada fic in collaboration with Mad Hatter Fallon

Lord of the Ring Stories:

~A Pippin/Legolas fic

~A Faramir/Pippin fic


~Brock/James fic


~Toya/Yukito fic

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