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Update 4/10:

I updated my website last weekend. I also added a chapter menu for "And In The Darkness Bind Him", as well as a navigation menu which I believe will make the site easier to use overall.

I'm still working on finishing the Epilogue to "September", and have already got a new story in mind and am working out the minor details. I want to begin writing it now, but have decided to hold off until I finish "September".

My next fic will be set during FOTR, around the time of Moria/Lothlorien, and will be Frodo-angst-centric.

Update 2/05:

Since I haven't updated this in such a very long time, I'll do so now.

I can't say I'm "new" to this anymore, because I've been at it for close to a year now. Time sure does fly!

The Frodo-angst community is made up of so many *very* talented and kind people. Ever since my first posting here I've felt welcome. :) I'm very proud to be a part of it.

I've set up a little website where my I put my fics as I finish and revise them. As of now, only "And In The Darkness Bind Him" is posted, but I will be revising and posting all the rest there as well.

Thank you also to my beta reader, for listening to my concerns and helping me work them out. It's so helpful to have a fresh eye looking at each chapter before I post it.

That's all for now, I promise to update this more often in the future. :)

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