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There are certain things I want out of life. Opportunities to laugh, opportunities to cry, opportunities to think and a chance to see the one that I love. That's all that I want. Beyond that, we are just pawns in a chess game where no-one plays by the official rules and everyone cheats. Who knows where we all are going or how we will get there? Let's just enjoy the ride.

I am a writer and an actress who also has a passion for photography and fashion. A fashionista who can give great advice for dates and formal events, but also likes to get her hands dirty and soiled doing physical labor. I'm both a bitch and a lover, a child and a mother. I can be your Heaven or I can be your Hell. It all depends on how you treat me and how you treat my friends.

I am bisexual and proud of it. But it sucks to be me. It sucks to be me. It sucks to be gay with parents that don't want me to be. It sucks to be me! (I had to, I'm sorry. "It Sucks to Be Me" is from Avenue Q.) And I will also say this: Jesus taught me the way to live and Artemis gives me the strength to live that way.

Favorite Book of All Time: Good Omens by Neil Gaiman.

Favorite Musical(s) of All Time: Phantom of the Opera, Elisabeth.

Favorite Movie(s) of All Time: REPO! The Genetic Opera, Lord of the Rings, The Little Mermaid, Peter Pan and Harry Potter.


"The only time a vampire should sparkle is if he is gay and in a nightclub!" - Me

"There's a fine, fine line between a lover and a friend. And there's a fine, fine line between reality and pretend." -Kate Monster, Avenue Q

"Everybody, everybody, make your genetics your bitch!" -Chorus, REPO! The Genetic Opera

"I can't believe that we are bribing our future queen with designer shoes." -Tina, Undead and Unwed

"It's time Urusla took matters into her own tentacles! Triton's daughter will be mine. Then I'll see him writhe. I'll see him wriggle like a worm on a hook!" -Ursula, The Little Mermaid

"Sane. Gone sane." -Art Blastside, Piratica

"This is true love. You think this happens every day?" -Wesley, The Princess Bride

"Mad mutant genius...I like the sound of that." - James Bastard Hook, Capt. Hook; the Adventures of a Notorious Youth

"Wenn ich tanzen will, dan tanz ich so wie's mir gefllt, ich allein bestimm' die stunde, ich allein whl die musik!" -Elisabeth, Elisabeth

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Lovely Little Song reviews
Her Father awoke to find her gone, his lovely Emily gone. Now her lovely little song plays, but there is no-one there...
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