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Update July 2013:

I have been temporarily retired from fanfiction for the last months. Moving house, starting a new career, and a child who's been diagnosed with autism means I can't presently dedicate much time to writing. I do hope to eventually come back to my stories, especially 'Forsaken', though I'm also incredibly rusty! I still read and enjoy all your reviews, though you're unlikely to get a response. Please bear with me.

I'm a fan of the Harry Potter series. My favourite character is Severus Snape. Complex, intelligent and sexy, he is the tragic hero of the series.

I hated how JK Rowling killed him off in Deathly Hallows, and it was what inspired me to write my first ever fanfiction 'Flying With The Raven'. It took me over two years from the idea through to completion, as I'm a perfectionist and kept rewriting sections over and over. I originally wrote it for my own enjoyment only, with no intention to publish it, but am glad that I did and that it is giving other people so much joy. I have since continued to write more, and enjoy exploring different angles of Snape's character.

Posting my stories has also turned me into a complete review addict. Seeing the review alerts in my inbox is like opening a christmas present, honestly. So, be nice... If you read my stories and enjoy them, return a little bit of that joy to the author!

I'm very excited that semperadreamer has translated 'Flying With The Raven' into Italian and is also translating my other stories. If you can read Italian check them out at

I mostly read SS/OC and SS/HG (though I'm not a particular fan of that pairing, there is just so much of it around!), but occasionally other pieces that catch my attention. I don't like stories that drag on and on without much happening and rarely read anything over 100,000 words unless it is very good. I'm quite forgiving about typos and punctuation errors, but poor style or grammar puts me off straight away, as does OOC. I also like realism and don't fancy time travel, de-aging, obscure family links or vampire stories.

There is some FanArt and illustrations I made for "Flying With The Raven" on com

I am also on Sycophant Hex (Occlumency and Ashwinder archives) and the Petulant Poetress under the same name.

About me: I am a thirty-something young mother. I am German and hence not writing in my mother tongue.

About my stories:

Flying With The Raven is set during HBP and DH and pairs Snape with an adult OC who is on a par with him. It is a Snape survival story, offering plenty of romantic fantasy fodder. Snape's characterisation focuses more on his noble side, prickly shell notwithstanding. Yes, this is self-insertion, but I am willing to share if I get a few reviews in return. ;-)

Beyond Captivation is my venture into, and contribution to, the huge field of SS/HG fan fics. I find most SS/HG lacks realism and requires the use of rather contrived plot devices (marriage law, de-aging, time-travel, to mention but a few), which is not my cup of tea. So this story is rather different - romantic and touching, but still firmly rooted in canon fact. I hope SS/HG fans will not flame me for it. On the other hand, those with misgivings about this pairing may actually like it, so do give it a try.

Avada Kedavra started as a short piece about Snape and Charity Burbage. The original three-chapter story ends with Charity's death, and has a sort of tragic beauty to it. From a lot of the feedback I received, it appeares that people just want a happy ending though, so I have since started on an 'alternate ending' that will give you just that. I love the plot idea I have, it has some great twists. Unfortunately I'm not sure when and whether I'll ever manage to write it. I keep trying though.

Forsaken is a post war marriage-law story. It explores a Snape who survives but is left severely disabled as a result of Nagini's attack. This heart-breaking and heart-warming story is all complete in my head, and is quite long with a few colourful original characters thrown in that I'm rather fond of. It's likely to turn into a bit of an epic. Unfortunately I haven't managed to cast much of it into text so far, but out of all my works in progress it is the one I most want to finish one day.

Wishing On A Star: This has moved to the bottom of my priorities list now, which I fear with how little I manage to write is about as good as abandoned - sorry!

All my stories are canon compliant. Not that I mind AU, I just enjoy exploiting the many gaping holes JKR has left us fanfiction authors.

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Forsaken reviews
Snape survived the war, but is left crippled by the effects of Nagini's bite. Teaching potions on St. Mungo's prestigious trainee programme for Healers, a certain know-it-all once more sits in his classroom. When the new Marriage Law puts Hermione in a desperate situation, Snape proposes a deal, but they both will get more than they bargained for.
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