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Hi I'm ponytail30527!

I'm soooo excited to be on fanfiction. I've been reading on this website for years, and I got the guts to get my account. All I can say right now is I hope you enjoy my stories and don't forget to coment on them. :) I'm not new here anymore, but I'm alway excited to know people can read my stories.

wanna see what my O.C.'s look like? (well the penguins and their kids) go to this link:

And that picture was drawn by stargazer128 by the way!

Here's ANOTHER picture of them, but more humanized by halfhuman123! Also, there's Roz, which is HER O.C., not mine! :)

(In order from left to right, they're: Elli, Athena, Roz, Maurisa (top) Marshal, Buttons, Prince J.J., Peanut (bottom))

This picture was almost drawn by halfhuman123. It's a picture of Roz dressed as a gypsie and Athena as a mermaid. (Yes, it's humanized. Or... well... human and mermaid.)

Here's another picture by halhuman123. It's Roz, Elli, and Athena. Elli's in the middle, and she's kinda an... anit her in the picture.

Name: Carolyn (that's all I'm saying)

Age: 13

Description: I have curly dark brown hair, but I usualy put it up in a ponytail. (hence the name), green eyes. I live near the beach, so I kinda have a tan, but it's not that noticable. I'm taller than my mom, but not my dad.

Favorite shows: Spongebob and the Penguins of Madagascar. I like othe Nick shows too, but SB and POM are my favorites! And yes, I'm proud to say that even though I am officialy a teenager, I still watch kid shows.

Favorite Couples:



Mr. Krabs/Mrs. Puff






Private/Mother Duck - I know it's not the most heard of , but I think it's cute. :-)

phil/lulu- we need to write stories on this couple!

Sneak Peak of upcoming story! :D

Antartica Adventure

(Shows picture of Antartica)

We hear Athena's voice. "Antartica, our ancestrial grounds!"

(See Kowalski crying at a piece of paper)

"They want them back Skipper." Kowalski said between sobs.

(See Skipper comforting Private on the top of the H.Q.)

"They'll be okay Private" Skipper says tearing up a bit too.

(See pictures of leopard seals, icicles, and killer whales flash across)

"Well they were wrong!" A deep voice says.

(See Marshal running into Buttons and giving him a hug.)

(See Elli swimming away from a leopard seal)

(See Athena crying in Buttons's flippers)

"I won't leave you Elli." Marshal said to Elli behind an igloo of somesort.

(See Athena holding Elli's flipper, while Elli is in pain.)

(See a penguin slap Elli across the face)

(See Marshal coughing hard)

(See all four little penguins sleeping in eachothers arms)

"Marshal look out!" Elli yells before pushing Marshal to the side.

(See Buttons punching another penguin)

"Will everyone survive? Or will some get left behind?" the deep voice continues.

(See's blood splash across the snow and spelling out Antartica Adventure)


I have to thank Skullshovel for the idea of putting trailers on my profile. :)

If you're still confused, the penguin's real families try to get the kids back in Antartica. See the adventure of a life time!

My Own Characters (from the rescue program) :


Marshal: Skipper's son. He does the right thing, but can be trouble maker at time. what can I say? We've pulled our fair share of pranks haven't we?

He has pale blue eyes, and commonly a trouble grin on his face, showing he's ready for his next big prank with his two best pals, Peanut and Eggy.


"None of your buisness."

"Haha, squid." (He uses this one to Roz, halfhuman123's O.C., who will appear in teenage stories with my O.C.'s)

"Elli's so hot--Nice! Hehe."

"My dad's dying! Of course he goes into a building and it squishes him like a bug!"

"Geeky freak!" (He uses this to Athena.)

"I am to mature! ...Where are the fruit loops?!"

Buttons: Rico's son. (you can probably tell by the name) He has learned to hack up things like his dad. He's not as big of a trouble make like Marshal, but he does go along with Marshal's crazy plans at times.

He has dark blue eyes, usually eyeing his crush, Athena. He has a lot to say, even though he may say it in grunts.






Elizebeth: Private's daughter. her nickname is Elli (I think it's cute!) She's sweet, shy, loving, and sensetive.

She has light brown eyes and a soft voice. She'll get angry when she wants, and hates it when she's called young. She just as old as the other mini's and hates to be treated as a baby.


"I can too!"

"Peanut butter winkies!"


"Hi, Marshal!"

"I'm quick on my feet! ...Not that I run away!"

"What's that even mean? TELL ME!"

"Gah! I hate secrets!"

"I don't like lying."

Athena: Kowalski's daughter. She's smart and alot of fun to talk to. even though you might not understand what she's saying! She listens to reason and trys her best to keep Marshal and herself out of trouble. (all the penguins have down feathers right now)

She had dark brown eyes, filled with knowledge and curiousity. Then again, curiousity killed the cat.


"MARSHAL! You did WHAT!?"

"I'M the sarcastic one, here!"

"No! Do not call me wrong! I hate the W word! That's for Marshal, not me!"

"Dad, you gotta relax!"

"AH! I... I'm becoming a mother to my father!" (She's really protective of her dad at times.)

"Hehe, Buttons."

"Cube!" (first boyfriend. Read Geeze Doumani to read all about it!)

"Buck! You're so sweet! ...No. You're not. Leave. Now."


Peanut: Marlene's son. He's a trouble maker as well. His Best friends are Marshal and Eggy. He does sometimes feel a little left out when Marshal and Eggy go "Military Leader" on him. He has light brown fur covering his entire body except for a creamy white on his chest and belly. He also has two light blue eyes and four little black paws.

He helps Maurisa wish smoothes. Well... he goes over there for Maurisa, but you get the idea. ;) He's an awesome chef, though he doesn't like to brag. Hehe, he so does.


"Dude, come on! We can do this!"

"Give me the cook book."

"So... mom, did you see Skipper today? Huh? Huh!?"

"J.J., you can take care of yourself! Give Maurisa a break!"



Prince J.J.: King Julien's hier to the throne! He can be nice, but loves to pary and dance. He's annoying, but fun. He has brown fur with a black and white stripped tail on his royal booty, which he'll be shaking a whole lot! He also has yellow eyes.

His HUGE crush is on Roz, much to Skipper's displeasure. And NEVER give him sugar. You will not like the results.


"Let's boogey!"

"I can dance! Well... Buttons... forget stupid, stinky fish eating Buttons."

"My Roz!"

"Oh, Maurissaaaaa!!"


Maurisa: Maurice's daughter (again you can tell by the name) She unfortunatly has to work as a servant at times, but she's not afraid to speak her mind! She is covered in dark black fur from head to toe to tail and two yellow eyes.

She's really sassy at times, but dreams to be a princess. She does have a crush on Peanut, which is her prince in her mind. But in reality she's a servant with an attitude... and a math geek.


"I'm sorry, J.J.! You made me sorry. The chores made me sorry. School made me sorry. SOOOORYYY!!"

"Elli, you have to do something! Slap him in the face, tell him off, something!"

"I'm not just a servant!"

"See? Here. You forgot to carry the exponent."

"We don't wanna know."

Ducks ( I know in the end of Paternal Eggstinct Eggy said cute and cuddly BOYS, but I wanted to add a few girls)

Eggy: Leader of his brothers and sisters. He may be the youngest, but he takes control. (Eggy's not really my O.C., but I gave him more of a personality.)

He acts just like Skipper, but younger and less mature. He'll pull pranks with Marshal and Eggy a lot.


"We gotta do this!"

"I wanna do it!"


"Joey's such a sucker! ...Oh, hey, Joey! Heh."

"I'm on point!"

"I'M in charge! ME!"

Lucky: Eggy's older brother and the oldest of all the ducklings. He feels that he should be leader at times, but Eggy really has more experience. He's a softy kind of boy anyways.

"I'm not doing that!"

"But I'm older! How come Eggy's in charge!?"

"I am NOT a stick in the mud! ...Okay, maybe I am a little."

Lilly: Second oldest. she's a girly girl and loves fashion and talking and talking and talking. Did I mention she's a talker?


"Haha! Pink! It's perfect!"

"Ooh! He's cute! He's cuter! ...Helllooooo handome!"

"Nels, we're twins! If I can't wear that color, you sure can't!"

Nellie: third youngest, but she acts like the youngest. She's shy and sweet. Her best friend is Elizebeth. (all the ducklings are yellow feathered right now)

"Um... do we have to?"


"Eggy, come on, let's not fight!"

"Ooh! I wanna know!"


Ariel: Doris's daughter. Atheltic and fun! She does fell left out because she can't play on land like the others. She looks like any dolphin, but she's small right now.

"Sorry! I don't know my own strengh!"

"Ugh. I'm stuck in the water!"


"Keep your eyes on the ball!"

Doris: Well she's not really mine, but I gave her a personality. She's smart, but not as much as Kowalski it. She's pretty fun loving and hates her family, besides Ariel and her mom.

"See? I told you!"

"Ha... ha... hi, Kowalski!"

"Why'd you do it!?"


Haley: She's a good friend. Her claws may scare you at first, but she really is a nice girl. Scared of water! She has wild orange fur like her mom, but has a sweeter personality indeed! She's an awesome actress and can make a story as random as a space invasion on a ketchup bottle sound believeable!


"And I haven't won a grammy yet?!"




Carrie: she's not my O.C., but I gave her a name in a personality. She's tough and hates to be told what to do, and is very sarcastic and let's her claws do the talkin!

"Well that went well."


"Stay behind me!"

"Cat pee REEKS and we wouldn't want an accident in here!"

Squirles- (Father's Day chapter 11)

Buck: One of his sons. He loved Athena and has grey fur like his mom. He loved Athena first, but he'll flirt with ALL the girls!

"How's it going, baby?"

"I'm lost... IN YO EYES!"

"Hey, Athena! Show me some love! ...Why do you have a bat?"

"I told you it would work!"

Jack: his other son, who is obsessed with Elli! He has brown fur like his dad. He loved Elli first, but he'll flirt with ALL the girls!

"What's up, cutie?"

"Haha! I knew you loved me!"


"Hear this! PPFFFFFFTTTT!"

Questions (Got this from Ninjagirly's profile! You rule!!)

1) What gender are you?

Marshal, Buttons, Prince J.J., Peanut, Eggy, Lucky, Buck, Jack: Boy!

Athena, Elli, Haley, Maurisa, Lilly, Nellie, Ariel: Girl POWER!

Athena: Ha!

Marshal: sticks out tongue

2) How old are you?

Athena: Well, we're a few months old, but we have the spirit of a year old!

Marshal: Well, we're about a year old, so don't say we're newborns!!

3) Want a hug?

Marshal, Peanut, Eggy: We don't do hugs. We do pranks!

Everyone else: rolls eyes We'll give you a hug! :)

4) Bad habbits?

Athena: We'll I admit I can act like a know it all.

Marshal, Peanut, Eggy: Trouble makers!!

Elli: I faint alot

Prince J.J.: It's considered illegal to give me sugar.

Maruisa: I have a temper.

Buck and Jack: We're ladies men! winks at girls

Girls: roll thier eyes

Haley: I'm a little afraid of water, but it's better.

Ariel: I have a loud mouth.

Lucky: I'm a little over protective at times.

Lilly: I gossip

Nellie: I'm really sensetive

5) favorite foods?

Prince J.J. and Maurisa: Fruit.

Marshal, Elli, Buttons, Athena: Fish!

Peanut: oysters

Eggy, Lilly, Lucky, Nellie: Bread crumbs

Ariel: Not that picky, I love popcorn though!

Buck and Jack: acorns

6) Favorite icecream flavor?

Prince J.J.: puts head in his hands look at number 4

Maurisa: I like vanilla

Marshal: chocolate

Elli: strawberry please!

Athena: I'm a fan of chocolate chip cookie dough.

Buttons: Blueberry!

Buck and Jack: what's ice cream?

Athena: D: You've never had frozed cream that can have delicious toppings?

Buck and Jack: No, and I don't think we want to now!

Ariel: Anything with syrup!

Eggy: Chocolate

Lilly: if it's pink, I'll take it!

Nellie: Vanilla

Lucky: Chocolate

Peanut: Chocolate

Haley: Eww chocolate? I'm a strawberry girl!

7) Have you killed anyone before?

All: WHAT?!

8) Do you hate anyone?

girls: Buck and Jack!!

Buck and Jack: being rejected!

boys: ??

9) Any Secrets?

Marshal: I cry about my real parents sometime.

Elli: I have a crush on Marsh...a boy.

Athena: I have stage fright.

Buttons: Love dancing

Peanut: I don't know anything about military life like Eggy and Marshal seem to know.

Haley: I'm still kinda scared of water.

Buck and Jack: I cry on the inside when I'm rejected.

Girls: Aww! D:

Jack and Buck: :D

Eggy: I get this wierd feeling like I'm in bubble gum and popcorn when I'm with the lemurs or penguins.

Lilly: I want to wear clothes!

Nellie: I can't fly that well.

Lucky: I want to be the leader of the ducklings.

Eggy: what was that?

Lucky: Nothing.

Ariel: I liked being a penguin more that a dolphin.

Prince J.J.: I'm a little uncomfortable being a prince.

Maurisa: I want to be a princess!

10) Hobbies?

Eggy, Marshal, Peanut: Trouble making! devil smiles

Elli: I love watching T.V. with my dad!

Athena: reading.

Buttons: Kaboom

Prince J.J.: dancing!

Maurisa: Trying to stop dancing!

Lilly: designing clothes I'll never wear. :(

Nelli: swimming.

Lucky: Flying.

Ariel: Ugh...swimming all day! Oh, I love to play with my beachball!

Buck and Jack: hang out with our girlfriends!

Girls: We're not your girlfriends!

Haley: I like to entertain the humans!!

(Sorry if I missed anyone, I kinda wrote it in a rush!) :)

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Button's first word reviews
Buttons really wants to talk, but what happens when talking could save him from getting hurt? Based on my last story the rescue program.
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After King Julien orders his subjects to bake him a yummy cake on King Julien Day, Private, Kowalski, and Rico catch Skipper Cleaning the H.Q. Funky style!
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