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Hey. Im Lizzie. I am very energetic(like Alice Cullen lol)but I'm like Rosalie also. Thats what my friend said. My sis Rose is on here also so yeah...She calls me Rosalice by the way or thats what she said 1 time. Rose is not really my sister but we act like it.

I'm a person that when a book ends and its done forever, I create what would it be after in my mind. Like, in the Twilight series, I'd like Stephenie Meyer to do books in Renesmee's vision like when shes a teen with Jake. What happens to them and so on. And by the way guys, I will have a story posted up here soon. I did have a chapter done of one but guess what? My dad's flippin laptop was so jacked up that it deleted it and then I rewrote and it messed up again. But I put it on this computer but fanfiction won't let my put it on. I'll try again or just copy and paste the chapter on. But I need to get it beta'd first. Anyone wanna beta?? I just posted it but still, I'd like a beta for the rest of it. Also, Please review!! I know its rude to ask but please review. It'll make my day.

About Me:

I am between the age of 11-15. I live somewhere on Earth.

Fave Artists: Lady Gaga, Muse, Jay Sean, Lil Wayne(ONLY SOME SONGS...NOT ALL), Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Justin Beiber...basically anything hip hop or pop. Whatever you call those. I love classical music though! Fave genre ever even though I don't listen to it often but I love it.

Books: Twilight Series, Blue Bloods, House of Night(sorta..I dont like them anymore...I got to the 4th one. Zoey drives me crazy!), Fairy Tale stories(stories rewritten in a way but have a romance..check em out), Inkheart Series, Charlie Bone, Vladimir Tod and many many more that my brain cannot seem to process right now.

Fave Foods: FRENCH FRIES!!, grilled cheese, manicotti, spaghetti pie(in a Paula Deen cookbook if anyone wants to try it out...really good. you can go one her website maybe and find it..not sure,want the recipe and PM me.Ill tell you), pizza, fudge rounds, brownies, cookies made by my Nae. Basically anything chocolate..and anything pasta. I love most pastas. Except for spaghetti..it gets old after awhile.

Fave FF Authors: IndependenceIndividuality, lovelovelove22, Daddy's Little Cannibal(R.I.P. :(), keep austin weird, bronzehairedgirl620, and I don't remember her username but we call her Lozz.

I know my avatar isn't fully shown on here but that's my Renesmee that I like as a toddler. I found that on a website so that picture is not mine.

And thats about it. Enjoy my stories and please no flames!

Wuv Ya Guys,


This is Links for everything in TCEL!


Bella: brown eyes though

Mason: Josh Hutcherson but imagine younger. I couldnt find anything else.

Emily: Couldnt find anything better. sorry guys

Alex: This is an older Alex. Next is baby Alex.

Disclaimer: These are not my pictures. I take no credit.