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So my name is (insert name of preference), and I have been a Twilight addict for almost a year now.

I wonder if they'll ever make Twililght anonymous meetings, lord knows some of us need it. :) I probably need something more along the lines of an intervention...or maybe even an excorcism, but whatev's, I deal with it as best I can. I've told my friends that if I start missing school so that I can read that they can then hire the help I need.

So anywho long story short I was one of those people who absolutely refused to read the books, (fear of joining the band wagon/evil brainwashing cult, but who are we kidding, we know that's what we are) but as it turns out I am now obssessed. Not so much with the books, but the idea and the characters (please don't kill me I didn't mean it! I actually reread the books every few months) and that is how I came to fall in love with fanfiction. Your stories really bring the characters to life in a way Ms. Meyer didn't (long live the queen!). Lol. I always found it funny how you'd think the characters would change based on the author, but almost everyone who writes canon stories have the same concept of what the characters are like, so that's why I feel that is what these beautiful character's were meant to be.

So, (another "so" I need to find a new transition word) I'm not sure I have what a takes to publish an actual story, although I do have a couple ideas floating up in the old noggin, so for now I'm sticking to reviewing other people's stories. Not in a "this is good" or "this is bad" way, more of: what key points of this story will interest you with out ruining the story. So check it out and see if you like. Stick around and I may even have an actual story posted up!

Enslaved to fanfiction,

AvidAddict (Does my pen name make any sense? I thought it did)

Okay, so I'm bored at the moment, just finished reading a really great story, and seeing if it's too late to start another one...unfortunately it is, but there's always tommorow. :D

I think I'll just write a little about myself:

Favorite Movies: Indiana Jones is the shiz, no matter what people say Harrison Ford + whip= sexy times, either that or George Clooney in a tux.

Die Hard, because they are the only action quadroligy (is that right? Doubtful.) that doesn't suck ass. Oh and cuz some geniuses made a song explalining all the movies so if you wanna check it out it's called: Die Hard by Guyz Nite. Flippin' awesome!

Uh... favorite movie of all time, I would have to say The Parent Trap. And not the original one. Gasps! I could probably renact that whole movie for you with three other people. As well as My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but come on, who can't recite some of Aunt Voula's lines?! Just classic.

And how can I forget the Disney Classics? Although Aladdin is my favorite.

I have many more, but I think it'll be a bit of a long list so I'll stop here. Oh and I love Monty Python and The Holy Grail! Sorry I have no self control.

Moving on... as you can see I'm an elipses whore, but before that I used to be a tv whore. That is until fanfiction took over the proverbial wheel, now I only watch primetime: Lost, Fringe, Bones!, House, Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy, and the like. I don't have cable so I have to make due with zee network channels.

Umm on music I like a little bit of almost everyhting, but I perfer oldies. Like Bella ( I know, I did not just compare myself to her) besides being clumsy (as in if there is a cup, I will inevitably spill it) I am also an old soul, whether it be '20's, '40's, 0r '70's, I probably would have fit better then.

If I were to compare myself to any of the Twilight character's, I'd probably relate most to Jasper, but take in mind a mix of the story and fanfiction versions. I'm a little rough around the edges, and told difficult to approach, but once you get to know me I loosen up and am just as ridicuous and even more sarcastic than the next person and believe it or not I become very attuned to you and am usually able to help you out. So that's that. I'll probably add more to this, but for now I'm done. PM me if you want to talk about anything...it would make my day. :D

Update! Or not, I found out where the sexy, hot bitch Dr. Carlisle lives! Or at least I think I do. If the authorities ask I don't.

New Moon:

Saw it @ midnight...made my own crown cause I didn't want to pay the 5 at King Burger for the real one, I know, lame, but it was fun. The first time I saw it I was like, I like the first one better. I thought the dream sequence was completely butchered and that all the scenes were incredibly choppy. And you know how a bunch of people complained about Hardwicke's unsteady cam? Well she has nothing on Weitz, that mofo got me so dizzy! Especially when Bella is in the forest? Holy Crap! Not fun. And then there was the whole issue of Alice's wardrobe, but again, a whole seperate issue. Now the second time I saw it it was better, besides everything trying to be squished in there it was pretty acurate and Kris' and Taytay's chemistry was a nice change.Though RPattz still holds my heart, after I saw the trailer for Remember Me I found no excuse for his acting in New Moon. He looked like he was gonna cry like a biznatch every 5 seconds... Anywho, those are my thoughts on new moon. Now the most important thing that came out of all of this though is that when I left that theater I was soooo TEAM CHARLIE!! WHOOOOO!! Am I right or am I right? PM with your thoughts.


Umm... update, for those random readers of My Two Cents, i have deleted it but have no fear,or do, it will be back shortly. It's just i reread it and realized it was crap so I'm rewriting the little reviews I had and coming up with new ones. I thought these wonderful stories deserved more justice. But I must warn that I will be busy for a while, so I'm not sure what shortly exactly means, but for those of you who care just keep me on alert and you shall know when I have reposted. Thanko Muchos!

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