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Name: Daniel..I will also answer to Dan. But call me Danny, you die. Call me Danny boy, you and your family will die lol..But seriously, never call me by those names =) The E is my middle initial, and the M is the first letter of my last name, and the tripple 0 is only because Dan E. M. was taken, and I only changed my username from Animefan0410 to this. Also because I like this better, and Dan M. seemed to short to me lol

Age: I'll give you a hint..I'm not under 14 lol

So people know, I'm only on the computer Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 6pm-10pm pacific. But I'm actually logging in checking stuff everyday on my DSi, but it's limited with capabilities, so I am able to check my stories and read other peoples along with review them. And even put in the chapters, but that takes a good while. But I'm pretty munch only typinig up the stories when I'm actually on my computer so if I posted them right after I wrote them. It would be pretty late, and would easily get shoved down to the second page in a matter of an hour or so lol

I pretty much am a nice guy who can take criticism, but I don't like assholes and will stand up for myself. But I honestly don't watch very many animes, and I don't read manga. Well I did one time, but it was pretty much because the show cut itself off and I wanted to find out what happened next. And I'll openly admit that the manga was Nana. So I'm pretty much a straight guy who can be a sucker for a good anime drama. Mainly because they're not crappy, when people die they actually die, and they work some comedy into it.

There are some animes that have watched and liked, and I pretty much watch most of them on demand because I have Comncast. So the ones I have watched are Nana, Negima (the first season), Monster (Currently still watching even though it seems like it is starting to lose it's touch), Suzuka, Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) (one of my favorite!), Black Cat, Black Blood Brothers, Ghost in Shell, Paranoia Agent, FLCL, Big O, Gundam Wing, Zoids (lol), Soltry Rei, Darker than Black (One of my favorites!), Bleach (One of my favorites!) and probably like a couple more I can't think of lol

The only shows I don't like are Wolfs Rain, Naruto, and pretty much most of the series after Gundam Wing. I don't know why, but I never got into them.

Also I am pretty much only going to be writing for Bleach, and so you know I'm a neautral ont eh whole IchiHime IchiRuki subject. I honeslty don't give a crap who he ends up with. Really though, if it was up to me I would piss most fans off and have him reject them both and end up with some random girl in the very end of the whole thing. When you think about it, he only sees anyone as nothing more than friends. He's a saving whore, as in will save anyone for no reason other than to protect. But the thing that pisses me off a bit is that agood amount of fans would actually stop watching or reading Bleach if Ichigo ended up with Orihime. Only because they can't stand her, which I understand a bit because I find her a bit annoying to a certain point. But really though, you shouldn't stop watching or reading Bleach just because of that one little thing, stop watching or reading it because the plot has gotten aweful and it's lost all interest, not because a main character ended up pairing with someone you don't like. But really and truely speaking logically, if you think about it. Ichigo has shown no real interest in the two, but the only character who has actually plain out flat shown affections for someone is Isshin (with Masaki of course, but that's only because he was married), and Orihime. She's pretty much the only character that has said she's in love with Ichigo, and even admitted it to Rangiku. All that other stuff is nothing more than pure moments being blown out of proportion. I can see why people would want IchiRuki because alot of us love that love to hate relationship thing. Instead of the casual, prince in shining armor saving the helpless person who never fights back (Orihime).

I now forsee possible PM's on my little speech there lol I say go right ahead, but don't flame and make it an actual discussion.

My story ideas:

Can't think of a title
AU: Orihime is considered the most pretty, popular, girl in school, but she's also kind of dumb, and a vain self centered bitch, who's currently dating the most popular boy in school, Ichigo Kurosaki. He's also the school's soccer star who wants to be a doctor, he's an A student in most of his classes, and nice to most people. And Rukia is one of the unpopular kids who has a secret crush on Ichigo. But what happens when Ichigo and Rukia meet? Read and find out. Orihime is OOC..IchiRuki Rated T (I though of this right on the spot, and I'm barely sure how I can go about this one lol)

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Father's day for Kenny reviews
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