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Well, I didn't forget about FanFic... but I did disappear, maybe just a little... sorry! I am having FanFiction withdrawls, I gotta write something! Lol. Hopefully I'll post tonight.

Scroll up and check out my poll-I want to celebrate the one year anniversary of LLPA! I've had so much fun working on it!

Thanks guys!



Hey guys:) Wow, I am doing so much better with school over. It almsot feels like last summer! Almost. Enough that I am much happier than I was during school, with the promise of high school in the fall! So excited to be with my friends from the other middle school again! But I have a lot going on. I hope I don't kill myself with work and forget about FanFiction!

Anyway, the one year anniversary of LLPA is coming up in just a couple months, and I'm trying to figure out a good way to celebrate that. I mean, come on, that is SO COOL! It doesn't drop below, like, ten readers a day. That's so awesome! Lol. I attribute that to you guys, not myself, which I guess doesn't make much sense but it makes me feel awesome:) I can't believe people actually like my writing that much!

Anyway, if you really like my writing, I have a blog now! Check me out at where I will do book reviews, some blog-ish interactive FanFic type stuff, some stuff just blogging and being me, and some maybe pretending to be characters and having them answer your questions because I think that's really fun. Lol. So anyway, check me out. Hit me up with a beta reader request once I'm done with camp and Guatemala (see Beta Hiatus message). I'm going to camp next week and then Guatemala on a mission trip the week after that. Oh, and my Percy is going to camp too so I am super excited:) So I'm going to write a bunch in the next few days on my blog and here and then disappear off the face of the earth for two weeks! Sorry. But I am so excited!!! Anyway, here you go, I'm gonna go...write now. Haha.

Keep Flyin,


P.S.: Just updated Life, Love and How Much I Hate Luke Castellan. Sorry it's so short, but I started getting a headache. I kinda like it anyway, so I think it's okay. But once my headache goes away the next chapter will probably be, like, chapter 23.5.


Hey, guys. Finally read FANG. Omg, confusing! Hope you guys have read it. It's better than MAX and The Final Warning (well, anything's better than The Final Warning :P haha sorry I really hated that one.), but very suspenseful. And I want to punch Fang in the face. When I told my Percy that, he flinched, because more often than joking that he's Percy we joke that he's Fang, so it was kinda funny... But I told him I meant the character, not him. And now I've got him reading it so that he can promise me he's not as stupid as Fang!!!!!

Anyway, as you can tell, I might actually live up to my name now and write a Max Ride FanFic, other than the little short story I put up... I mean a good one. I've got plenty of ideas brewing. Wish me luck, my luck is your luck--well, if you like Max. :)




MY SAUDI ARABIAN READER IS BACK!!! sorry idk I just think thats really cool. Whoever you are from Saudi Arabia, you were my first reader from a country other than the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. (I don't really count those since they all speak English, even though I know other countries do too... haha.) so I always check to make sure I haven't bored you. Idk why. If you wanna shoot me a PM, I kinda wanna know who you are... hahaha. Idk why. Well yeah I do. My Percy was born in Saudi Arabia (random, right? He has an accent from... somewhere...cuz his family travels all over the place. It's hot.). Lol

Don't you sometimes wish you had an English accent? I do. Sorry. I'm a hopeless American. Bye.



Wow, it's been a while. Sorry. I'm raising money for a mission trip, recently got a job, and all my teachers finally decided they were gonna prepare us for high suffocating us with homework. Good teachers would ease into it, but no... well, my LA teacher's awesome. But LA doesn't even count, that class is so easy. Except roots and stems. Ugh. :P

Anyway, I'm sorry I ditched you guys. I've missed FanFiction. But I had some time today... after reading like 100 pages and finishing a 558 page book... yahoo...

So it's time to return to poor Percy and Annabeth, whom I left... somewhere. I don't even remember. :(

Here it goes!



Alright, it's up. Sorry guys! Hope you like it. Not the best chapter ever-I'm not even near the climax of the story yet. And I gotta get back into FanFic. It's been so long. Haha.



My permanent disclaimer about not owning Percy Jackson:

Ok so, I do not own the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. If I did, I would be sitting in a mansion in Greece with Iggylover and Headintheclouds (can't remember the numbers that follow their names, but they are my bff's who have FanFic accounts). We would be eating really expensive chocolate and looking out a window at the Mediterranean Sea. Iggy, Percy, and... Headintheclouds pick a hot book character... would all exist. Well... no not Percy. Hmm... I'll think on that one.

Point is, I do not own any rights to PjatO. I just love it obsessively.

My Funner Profile


Is your username referring to Maximum Ride by James Patterson? Yes, yes it is. I love Maximum Ride almost as much as PJatO. Glad I have fans who are fans of both. :)

More on the username... MAX IS A GIRL. lol. Thank you. King brought that to my attention. see guys mentioned in Grover's interview, involving the way guys fight. King is mentioned. He is reading my profile right now. I feel special. Wow this got long. Awkward. (AWKWARD WORKS FOR EVERYTHING. just thought u'd like to know.)

My Favorite Books/Recommended Reading List

the Bible, Various Authors, recommended because God is the best thing ever and he has changed my life in insane ways :)

Rick Riordan. I know he's not a book, but he is the best author in the world. I have not read his series for adults yet, but I plan to someday because anything he writes finds its way into my hands and read in hours.

Maximum Ride, James Patterson, recommended because I think Max is an amazing female lead, the strongest female lead I've read. If she teamed up with Annabeth and Thalia they'd be as powerful as Kronos. Max is like my role model. Sometimes I think "What would Max do?" because I tend to end up being a motherly figure to my friends. Max guides me too. I sometimes turn to book characters or lead singers of my favorite bands to give me advice :P I feel like I know Max, or sometimes I am Max. Hence my username. :) And now I sound like a book freak destined to be either a librarian or a cat lady living alone surrounded by books and cats. sigh

Olive's Ocean, Kevin Henkes, very good book for anyone who's lost a friend for any reason, or just anyone really. It isn't something I would have picked up but it was in a little book store in this tiny town at the beach where my family goes on vacation, and one of the people who worked there recommended it. I love it.

the Host, Stephenie Meyer, I know how many of you ran screaming when you saw "Stephenie Meyer." Please don't. I also like Twilight, but not as much as the Host, and please don't stop reading because of that. I don't like it as much anymore as I used to and I am NOT one of those people who is obsessed with it. Please don't judge me just because I like Twilight. I will never bring it into a FanFic, swear and promise. Anyway, I recommend the Host to sci-fi lovers, Twilight lovers and people who like big, complicated books. :P

Ingo, Helen Dunmore, I love the whole trilogy. Big recommendation for anyone who loves the ocean, or anyone going through divorce/loss of a parent or close family member. Look it up, I love it.

If You...

would throw the book Fang at the wall if James Patterson makes Fang die, copy and paste this into your profile

are totally against Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart playing Max and Fang, copy and paste this into your profile

like Twilight but like making fun of it even more, copy and paste this into your profile (yes, some of us like and also like to hate it. XD)

wish Percy Jackson were real, copy and paste this into your profile.

wish Fang were real, copy and paste this into your profile.

My funner profile is in progress. This is what I have so far. :P

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Life, Love, and How Much I Hate Luke Castellan reviews
Percy FINALLY got Annabeth back after Athena stole her away, winning Athena's approval and the most beautiful girl in the world. Now, five years later, our favorite demigods are 22, and Luke is back--in search of Annabeth. Rated T because I'm cautious.
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