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Author has written 9 stories for Pellinor, Final Fantasy I-VI, Dissidia: Final Fantasy, and Legend of Zelda.

Hello, I'm Tonya and I am your typical odd teenage American girl. I love to type stories mainly for my own happiness and in hopes of making others happy! I also love to draw so some people might have seen me on deviantart as "Strawberry-Skittle" ( . A lot of my writings are yaoi or may accidentally seem like it... so warning if you do not like yaoi I am sorry but just ignore the fic then, I usually put a warning if it is yaoi.

I usually write Final Fantasy fanfics, which mainly go around Final Fantasy IV (Cecil Harvey ) But I have been attempting to write more Legend of Zelda fics if I get the chance.

I've been having major writer's block and I may not be continuing the chapter fics for a while. I'm sorry for those who have faved/alerted them.

Currently working on:

Baron High: (FFIV)
This is a modern FF4. Alternate Universe. It may have suggested yaoi, but there is probably going to be none in it. It's more of people thinking Kain and Cecil's close friendship is gay than just close friendship. It happens in life so I figured I would put it between those two friends. They are just friends. It has character bashing Warning. The bashing just fits, and it doesn't mean I have a problem with the characters...
This is going to updated slowly from writer's block problems. Sorry D:

Scars:(Legend of Zelda)
Alternate Universe. This hasn't been posted yet but its a chapter fic I'm working on and hoping to post soon. It's pretty much an agsty fic in Vaati's view and it starts when he moves and transfers to Hyrule High School. Its really about his friendship/hatred towards Link and if the title doesn't make sense it will if when I post it you keep reading. When I get the chance this will be the story I swear I will finish once it starts! Even if it is a slow update.

Ten Things I have to say about me:

1. I practically never leave my room because I am playing video games (mainly RPGs on my ps1 and ds) and reading all the fantasy books I can get my hands on! :D
2. My current book obsession is The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini. I LOVE YOU MURTAGH! (and promise to write Eragon fanfics when I finish Brisingr!)
3. I love The Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasies.
4. My favorite books are The Books of Pellinor by Alison Croggon, The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini, and The Sight and Fell by David Clement-Davies.
5. I love my insane friends.
6. I love yaoi. My favorite pairings are: KainxCecil, WoLxCecil, FirionxTidus, SquallxCloud, LinkxVaati, VioxShadow, BluexRed, RikuxSora, LinkxShadow/Dark, ZeroxKaname.
7. Kuja (ffix) Is my FAVORITE creeper! X3
8. I became obsessed with Dragons and Dragoons around the time I started playing FFIV. I blame Kain Highwind.
9. I want to attack Vaati/Murtagh/Kain Highwind into a super glomp and lock them in my closet so they are mine!
10. I love to draw!

Things have been a little tough. I will update eventually! PROMISES D: At least ficlets.

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Blind Love reviews
"His name means blind, and it couldn't have been better picked for him. He is blind to everything. His heart, nature, wants… He does not see the evil around him." CecilxKain. Kain POV. Rated T for yaoi pairing to be safe. Not hardcore.
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