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Author has written 7 stories for Dragon Ball Z, and Doctor Who.

Well I'm pretty new at this so I don't have much up. Sorry.

Well I'm seventeen and six foot tall. But none of you really care (at least i dont when I read peoples bios)

I am a Christian. I am not ashamed of it but I refuse to put one of those 'copy and paste this if you love Jesus' things. They are cliche and were written by someone else so they aren't heartfelt. I'd rather put my own statement than use someone elses.

Anyway, on to my writing.

I'm not great at writing humor. Which is weird because I'm NEVER serious in real life. At all. Period. It makes me feel awkward. I like to draw attention to myself but in a positive, funny, way.

Anyway, most of my stories will be either Dragon Ball Z or Wheel of Time just so you know. I will write some for Highlander the Series and maybe some Harry Potter. Also maybe some Xanth. I might mix it up a little more than that but no promises.

I like all of my stories, if i didn't I wouldn't have written them but my favorite that I have written is Last Stand at Kami's Lookout. Which is kind of funny because it's my least popular...

Favorite Characters:

Dragon Ball Z: Gohan. Hands down. He's not only the strongest (not counting fusion since they are technically two people. I also don't count GT since Toriyama didn't write it.) he's also smart (Goku is great but in the brains department he is sadly lacking) and more realistic than most of the others. I also like Videl a lot. Which means I enjoy G/V fics.

Wheel of Time: Mat. Or maybe Perrin. Hmmm, i can never decide, but definitely one of them.

Highlander: I really like Duncan of course, but hes a little to perfect sometimes. I really like Richie and Fitzcairn.

Harry Potter: I honestly don't have a favorite. Although if I had to pick I'd say the Weasley twins.

Xanth: Dor. Period.

Things I dislike:

Super Saiyan 4. I HATE IT!! It was the most idiotic thing I've ever heard. They only came up with it to try and make Goku stronger than Gohan again.

Gohan going Super Saiyan Three. I mean really? He has absolutely no need to go SS3, because his Mystic/Ultimate form is stronger.

People making Gohan go SS while Mystic/Ultimate. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE! Check it for yourself. When he asks how to go Mystic/Ultimate Old Kai tells him, "Just do that Super Saiyan thing." hence when he tries to go SS he turns Mystic instead.

My Stories:

For What It's Worth: Gohan's class is on an extended field trip. To where you ask? C.C.? Nope! OUTER SPACE! Between Bulma, Vegeta, Trunks, Goten, Mr. Satan, Videl and some strangely familiar aliens will Gohan have a moments piece? As I am the author I will say it's highly unlikely. This is my next big project, I promise it will be better than TPoaL. If all goes well expect around thirty chapters.

The Price of a Life: Gohan's school is taken over by an old enemy from Dragonball and in the midst of everything, Gohan's secrets are revealed, everyone's favorite blond jerk dies, Goku gets arrested and Vegeta is nice? I'll probably wrap it up in five chapters or so... maybe more but almost definitely not less.

Last Stand at Kami's Lookout: This is what I think should have happened when Super Buu attacked the Lookout looking for Gotenks. This story actually came into being because I was pissed off that Yamcha ran like a sissy and didn't even try to help. While it was written because of Yamcha it's mainly about Krillin. I'm going to start work on the sequel any day now.

Confessions: Short and funny. Videl gets angry at Gohan for keeping secrets from her and not standing up for himself and calls him a lying coward. What does Gohan do? He gets very angry. They yell and a few secrets are revealed to the onlooking classmates. It's a story that Vegeta would find EXTREMELY funny. ;)

That's all I can think of for right now. If you wanna know anything else just ask.


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