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Poll: Should Reid and JJ fall in love and get married if they ever survive the whole "Whisps of Darkness" ordeal in an epilogue, or is that too happy endish? Note- please read "Whisps of Darkness" first. Vote Now!
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Yeah, I doubt anyone really thinks I own anybody from my stories, but I still gotta write this. Blech, I hate work. Oh well, let's just get this over with.

Kay, I don't own nuthin, yadda yadda yadda, am I the only bored one right now? Hows bout I spice it up?

I, the most incredible being who ever stood on this planet, sadly does not have the awesomeness to own the AMAZING characters, TV shows, and wateva else is in my stories, other than the things I say I created. I write this with tears in my eyes, wishing with all my might that I could receive my fave characters for Christmas. Stupid Santa, do you have a hearing problem or somethin? BRING ME MY SPENCER REID, FOR CORN SAKE! Jeez, ClausMan, get your act together already...

Glad I got that over with...

Okay, I am probably totally freakin some viewers out right now- DEAL WITH IT! I am who I am, and you anin't gonna change me, no how, no way!

Now, here is my actual profile- my deepest apologies for the INCREDIBLY long disclaimer...


I believe that life is all about-

"Plock Plock..."

"Shut up, Nugget"

Sorry bout that, you have just heard the very intelligent words of my pet Dodo.

ANYWAYS, back to me. As I started saying before being rudely interrupted, I-



Sorry, I-


"Oh my goo, I am going to kill you, ya little-"

(My last words are blurred, for I am now in a life-or-death struggle with my bird. We fly around in a shower of feathers until I finally make it out with my internal organs intact.)

Okay, sorry bout my short absence. Okay, back to my profile. Now what was I going to say about my philosophy on life. Ummm... I forgot. Nice job, me! Jeez, I fail.

To make up for this failure *points up* here are some of my FAVE things-

Harry Potter, Criminal Minds, All things Starkid, Carbonated beverages, GLEE, Singing, All things USA (TV Station), Frozen Yogurt, Wheelchairs, My mom's Whipped Cream, Sausage, Apples to Apples, America's Next Top Model, Ping Pong, Pooh Bear, and The Beatles. Whoop Whoop!

Some of my incredibly UNFAVE things-

All things Disney Channel, the New SpongeBob episodes, the Twilight Series, Vance from NCIS, Spoons with Mac n Cheese, People trying to comfort me after something bad happens, Football, Dancing, Turkey and Chicken, and Social Studies.

Oh well, onto info on my beloved stories.

Story info (mentione above)

I LOVES ME MA CRIMINAL MINDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, my earlier NCIS obsession has faded, and now my heart belongs to Criminal Minds. Sorry about the sudden change... Anyways, this is the show I will be writing about from now on. And I love Reid- to death... (Supposedly infatuation with TV show characters is unhealthy, but who's really sure, you know?)

Kay, so you get the idea- I bet you guess all my fics will be Reid-Centric. Well, if you didn't, you have been warned...

Haha, all of you "Stranded" readers- sorry! I ended it cause it sucked so bad. Oh, I failed at writing back then. Oh well...

And I may have a few Glee stories up now that I have actually watched it- Rock on Blaine/Darren Criss- I love Starkid...

And to all of you LOSERS who don't know what Starkid is... LOOK IT UP!

TV Show Information That Swirls In My Brain So I Need To Tell Someone Or Else I Might Explode

Characters From Criminal Minds- Listed from hatred to OBSESSED! Listed Below-

o Strauss- EWWW! (Enought said)


o Seaver- WHY, JJ, why did you leave us with her for a replacement (even though she has a totally different job)? She has taken their mojo... ):

o Gideon- Awesome, but totally bonkers!

o Rossi- Mr. Lazy eye man- ROCK ON!

o Elle Greenaway- Girl Powa!

o Prentiss- You will forever stay in my heart... tear, sob, and heart-wrenching mourning ensues

o Hotch- The infamous ever present glare- poor Hotch, he has such a suck-ish life... He still ROCKS!

o Morgan- Please, why can't I be his baby-girl?????

o Garcia and Jayje- I bow down to you, oh tech goddess and WHY DID YOU HAVE TO LEAVE JJ! Come back! And leave stupid Will- blech, hate him...

o Reid- I LUV YA SO MUCH DUDE!!!!!!! You got da brain power, man- BEST CHARACTER EVA!!!!!!!!!!

Glee Stuff- *shrug*

I LOVE Blaine like a TON! Well, mostly because he is played by the one and only DARREN CRISS! AAAAAAGGGGHHHHH!!! Oof, I think I just fell over- sorry, I was flailing around so much, I accidentaly knocked over something, bent down to pick it up, and fell over.

I also just like the character Blaine, because he is so proud and happy and strong. Confident, but in a good way. And secretly a TOTAL dork!

So yeah, I just started watching it a few weeks ago and now I am positively OBSESSED. It's impossible to take me away now. My sister also likes it, but not as much as I do. I find I am the only one scrambling to get home to watch it while she just goes on the computer and asks for a recap afterwards; oh well, I may journey alone, but I don't care.

So yeah. I am seriously in love with Daren, and the rest fo teh Starkids. Talented, amazing, AMAZING group. I've seen them perform multiple times, including Darren Criss's amazing Broadway performance in HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS WITHOUT REALLY TRYING. Epic. FTW FRIGGIN eppic.

Some of my other fave TV series are; House M.D., NCIS, Psych, Monk, Royal Pains, and Myth Busters.

So yeah- I guess- errr... ENJOY!

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