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Author has written 18 stories for Redwall, Doctor Who, Mummy, Batman Begins/Dark Knight, Shakespeare, Avengers, and Batman.

Hey, you’re reading about me! =P Which means either you’re bored at 2:00 AM, or you've read enough of my fics to develop an interest in me. I’ll try to keep this entertaining for the bored people while including enough relevant facts for the interested people. Sound cool to you?

Okay. Here goes. Yes, I'm from Kentucky, and let me clear up some common misconceptions right away: OBVIOUSLY, I own a computer, and have access to electricity, running water, and indoor plumbing. OBVIOUSLY, I know how to read and write. I DO own shoes, at least 18 pairs; I have ALL my teeth; I DO NOT chew tobacco, nor do I use any tobacco product. I DO NOT exist solely on Mountain Dew, despite what one may hear on some documentaries; I DO NOT speak in phrases such as "shoot-fire!" or "Lawd ha' mercy!"; I REFUSE to wear overalls; I am NOT going to marry my cousin; I don't own livestock; I hate most modern country music because it glorifies the "hillbilly" stereotype; I DO NOT own anything with a Rebel Flag emblem on it; and most importantly, I DO bathe. Thank you. =P

I’m a bit of a romantic, VERY nostalgic, and I’m currently trying to recreate the world circa 1995 in my house. I just finished grad school. I play violin. My boyfriend has long hair and likes to pretend he’s secretly a member of Metallica. Books, flannel shirts, Pearl Jam, and Jack Russell Terriers are a few of my favorite things.

I’m a Jesus Freak, and it’s not even remotely a secret. Christ is my life. I’m crazy in love with Him. Seriously, come to the Jesus side, we have all the cookies. And all the cheesecake, which is great, because that’s my favorite.

Now. All that writing jazz.

As you may be able to tell by the selection of fanfiction I offer, I love Doctor Who, the Redwall series, Shakespeare, the Avengers, and Batman. I’m pretty attached to the Joker-Harley relationship, but I’m not opposed to OC pairings, if they’re done tastefully. And that’s the key word. Please, no Mary Sues with Mistah J.

I’ve been a voracious reader all my life, so really, I've been influenced by everyone; but I have a handful of VERY significant influences who are visible in my writing. You could say that Brian Jacques (of the Redwall series) taught me how to describe the landscape of nature, and Stephen King taught me how to describe the landscape of a character’s psyche. Put those two together, plus some plot techniques I picked up from Shakespeare, plus some scene setups taken from TV and film convention, plus a healthy dose of sarcasm ala Vivian Vande Velde, and you've got my style.

Music is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL to who I am and to my writing. I’ll listen to anything once, but my favorite genre is '90s grunge rock, followed closely by late '60s classic rock.

My absolute FAVORITE books, in the order in which they appear on my bookshelf:

And Then There Were None (Ten Little Indians) and Death Comes As the End, by Agatha Christie; The Canterbury Tales, by Geoffrey Chaucer; Dracula, by Bram Stoker; Gone With The Wind, by Margaret Mitchell; Homer's The Illiadand The Oddyssey; Virgil's The Aeneid; Pygmalion, G.B. Shaw; The Scarlet Pimpernel, by the Baroness Orcszy; the ENTIRE Redwallseries, by Brian Jacques; the Chronicles of Narnia, C.S. Lewis; the Montmorencyseries, by Eleanor Updale; the Hollow Kingdom Trilogy, by Clare Dunkle; Being Dead, Dragon's Bait, Heir Apparent, A Well Timed Enchantment, and A Hidden Magic, all by Vivian Vande Velde; The Stand and The Shining by Stephen King; Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte; The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkien; the Chronicles of Prydain, by Lloyd Alexander; and the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling.

While we're at it, I should mention that my poetic influences include John Donne, Shakespeare, William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Lord Byron, Walt Whitman, and especially the glorious John Keats, who I consider my literary soul mate. And as far as drama, you can't go wrong with Shakespeare; I also enjoy John Gay's The Beggar's Opera and Arthur Miller's The Crucible, as well as Broadway - The Secret Garden, Jekyll and Hyde, Cats, Sweeney Todd, The Fantasticks, and Into the Woods. If we're talking movies, my absolute favorite is The Mummy ('90s version, not Karloff). Back in elementary school, my friends and I sort of got obsessed with it and memorized the whole thing - I can still quote it verbatim. The Mummy Returns was good... Scorpion King is iffy, but it makes me laugh. The "third mummy movie" is not even qualified to be called a MOVIE, because a MOVIE has something called a "script" and something else called a "plot," neither of which can be found in Dragon Emperor. If you want to burn it as much as I do, ...I dunno. Maybe we can start a club and go terrorize the writers together. Other than that... Star Wars is the best movie series ever; The Road To El Dorado is the best cartoon movie ever (outside Disney classics), and in the realm of Disney, I'm a Beauty and the Beast fan, myself. Actually, I’ll probably love anything starring Brendan Fraser, Johnny Depp, Heath Ledger, or Tom Hiddleston (who might be the perfect human).

There is one big thing I do want to address before you get too disinterested. Recently, I've gotten some questions from some people who proof my stories here at home, and I thought they were worth addressing on here for all of you. I was asked why, if I’m such a big Jesus Freak, do I use curse words in my writing? (The question was, of course, prompted by the Joker story “Glycerine,” which sort of has an explosion of language in it.) The answer is, simply put, that I write about real people. Yes, I am a Christian, and my faith is everything to me; and I don’t use curse words in my own speech. That’s not who I am. But I’d be a pretty sucky writer if I tried to pretend that all my characters shared those same convictions. I write about a variety of characters – many of whom are criminals – and their speech patterns reflect their own personalities, upbringings, and beliefs. A close reader will notice that some of my characters curse more than others, and some don’t curse at all. Several of my characters are based on real people who I actually know, and so I write their dialogue as I know that person would say those things.

My biggest responsibility as a writer is to be honest – about my characters, and about life.

Check me out on DeviantArt - my screen name is MertonsGirl – and on FictionPress, screen name Lady Sigyn.

In current events:

My three biggest projects at the moment are

1) my continuing series of JokerHarley stories, as well as a larger story, House of Cards, which is my version of Harley’s origin as told in “Mad Love;”

2) Mimir’s Well, which is my huge Loki project;

and 3) Noonvale, my tribute to the Redwall series.

We lost Brian Jacques - author of the Redwall series - in February of 2011. That man was my first and greatest literary role model, and in a way I felt like he was a sort of far away Grandfather that I'd never met. I loved that man with the sort of love that I have a hard time explaining - in any other way except writing. Now, when I write, I write for him, to show the world the gift he gave me, and that makes finishing Noonvale a big thing. It's my eulogy to him. Here's hoping I can bring myself to work on it without crying. I won’t be working on that one, though, until I can get myself emotionally prepared to get back into it.

For those of you following my Joker or Loki stories, relax. More writing is coming, I promise. I JUST PUBLISHED MY NEW JOKER STORY!!! FINALLY!!! I feel like it took forever, but I had to wait for my main reviewer and crap-checker to get done with her fifty bajillion research papers (she's a psych/theatre/business triple major) before she could approve it for publishing. And now... LOKI. Chapter 5 is coming. I promise. I'm several pages in, but I'm stuck between paragraphs. Just be patient with me. In the meantime, I updated several other stories that you've already read, so if you want to re-review - YAY! And I'm working on a re-write of that HIDEOUS first Doctor Who story I have on here. Also... I have a semi-secret Joker project in the works (and by that I mean it gets a new paragraph every month or so). It's an origin story, so I want it to be absolutely perfect.

So…patience, please? =) In the meantime, go back and review stuff, if you haven’t!

Happy reading!

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Number two in my J-HQ series, following the (newly updated) Road Rage. Newly escaped from Arkham, and with a pretty new henchwoman in tow, the Joker now finds himself on the hunt for a new gang of goons - and where better to start than with the very best goon he ever had? If he can... convince... him to rejoin. Please read and review!
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