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Poll: Hug or Dance? Which is better to get from a guy at Farrell's with nice hair? Hug is just a normal front hug and dance is a waltz Vote Now!
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Author has written 9 stories for Hetalia - Axis Powers, and Wicked.

If it's taking me awhile to update a story DON'T RUSH ME or else it will turn into an evil story monster THAT WILL EAT YOU ALIVE! (But I still love Feedback!)


If there is a turtle in the oven I'll be there!

Hi! I'm Tomato is Tomoto, the one that writes stories!


and Wicked

People are something else,






AmericaxAmerica- too awesome 4 you!

BelarusxAmerica- because my friend made me love it.

FrancexEVERYONE!- God you perv! LOL

AustriaxHungary- Spazzkitty made me! :)

HungaryxPrussia- couldn't resist

AmericaxVeitnam-probably seen before

AmericaxJapan-in a friendly way

UkrainexCanada-does it need explaining?

Korea!!-well of course

In my opinion Lithuania and Poland are friends right? I think that Poland and Belarus would be BEST FRIENDS!! :3 so watch out.

Well I can't think of anymore at the moment, but you get the point.



Don't smoke my cigarrete...I don't know really


Rainy Day

Who Done it? (Finally!)


Russians are coming

Titanic 2 (will return soon)

Alfred F. Jones and the Last Crusade

my inspiration came from this (Thank you!)

An the Min Der Thingy that has Norway in it

Coming soon:

Alfred F Jones and the Crystal Skull

Special Delivery

A day in the life of a REAL hero (Crossover story)

I'm trying to get all my stories done faster so I can get to work on these new ones because I already have the story line for my Crossover Story finished, but I am up to my neck in homework and other school stuff (Bleh) but I think I'll list a summary for one of the stories though...

Summary: Special Delivery

Elizaveta wasn't the richest girl in Hungary, but she was the most stubborn. She was also the most loyal to her family who sadly died early in her childhood, so to make a living she takes a job making special deliveries to some of the richest in the country. Though she soon grows some strange feelings for a sweet Austrian, but when a certain annoying Prussian joins the club things get tense. (Crappy Summary) There is no dark memories of her parents dying in the story because I just don't like that kind of stuff so don't get the wrong idea. And also this will be an Austria/Hungary story with lots of the awesome Gilbert.

Okay just to let you know that I get most inspirations from my life or my sister AND if I make an OC character or something IT DOEN'T HAVE ANYTHING IN COMMON WITH ME!! I SIMPLY MADE IT UP TO ADD COMIC-RELIEF OR SOMETHING!! Anyway, like, I live in America (Of coarse) and I LOVE reading stories, therefore(I just got an extensive vocabulary all of a sudden) if I don't update its probably because I'm reading something. Also it really makes me want to update faster if you review because no one (well almost no one) reviewed one of my stories (so I thought no one really read it) and I stopped updating it. Then MONTHS later I updated a chapter and someone said that they really missed the story. LET MY KNOW YOU ARE READING.

Anyway I will probably write something else once I think of something...

Thought of something! Totally NEED to read this!!

Okay so I was at Farrell's for a party and there was this dude with awesome hair that works there (I can't tell you his name but he was cool) and he asked if we wanted to chicken dance and (of coarse) e did...twice. And then we saw him dancing with this lady and the sang was kind of slow so I asked my friends to dance with me but they didn't so I danced by myself. THEN, the Farrell's guy (we call him ChickenBoy) comes over and puts his hands out not before he asked "What is this?" and I was like, "Um...A jacket?" he made me take it off and then we started waltzing lol (yeah I can dance) and he said " Just keep rising and Falling" which was hard because he was taller than me. After the slides, spins, and twirl crap we walked off and winked at me lawl. My friends were all like "YOU CAN DANCE OMG?!" and I was all like "Yeah totally,". My really hyper friend (who most mistake for my lost sister) got jealous because she asked for a hug and he called her creepy! But later she got a hug and we kept arguing which was better.

Hug or Dance?

So Im going to make a poll so you can vote on which is better.



Enjoy!! :3

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