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It is simple. I am the Phooka, an internet virus (maybe-I just write strange reviews) currently located here. I won't attack if you read. I won't write bad things if you read. Most of all, REVIEW! And I will keep writing, and therefore be too busy to attack anyone.

My name is hidden somewhere in the stories, but please, it's an anogram of my real name, with a few tweaks added.

I am 157 years old in your years, although my mind capacity is certainly that of a five-year-old, thirteen-year-old, or 157-year-old. From my stories, you decide.

I am honored to be on this amazing site, and I personally think that Bolt is one of the greater parallel worlds of our time. See, there's another thing about me. I am attracted to what I call 'bookworm universes', worlds created in a book or movie. I would like to think they're real, and reading about them/watching about them allows me to create it in my mind, and make new worlds out of it.

I personally think that had Socrates lived, I would have been his dedicated pupil. YAY FOR HEROES THAT ALSO HAVE A GREAT SENSE OF HUMOR!!

I plan, one day, to create a new universe, write a book, raise a civilization (languages all ready), and fall on an apple pie, to see how it tastes upside-down.

"The thing is," said my Phooka, "That sometimes a great story can be ruined by something illogical. I have no guilt in admitting that romance -especially certain types of romance, such as between-species - just doesn't seem to catch my good eye at the worst of times. Not that they aren't good, because several fanfiction writers out there have done very well with that sort of thing."

I am the C2 of the Community 'The Mister Carrot Awards', on Bolt Fanfiction.

Bolt Competition Winners

Bolt's Section

All the Year Round by PenNameSmith

Bolt's Fight for the Mind by 8MilesThatWay

What's Really Important Jimmyrocket

Real Life Hurts by Tigress PL

Until I'm Saved by Hihey9989

Mittens' Section

All the Year Round by PenNameSmith

Half your Adult Life by PenNameSmith

Sharpenny by Dr. E.T.

Rhino's Section

Bolt the Superdog: Origins by Australian Chaos

Operation Bolt by Heckfan

Bolt: Obsession by AstonMartinLover

Penny's Section

All the Year Round by PenNameSmith

What's Really Important by Jimmyrocket

Bolt's Fight for the Mind by 8MilesThatWay

The Phooka's Section

BoltShadowTrace by Dr. E.T

Competition for Boltites

I have decided to follow the examples of Eve94 and Doctor ET, and hold a competition. But this one will be solely for the Bolt section. If prizes are nessecary, I will create a new community specially for the winners. They will be judged by:

Bolt, for the Deeper Meaning and Seriousness

Mittens, for Humor

Rhino, for Action

Penny, for Personalities

and The Phooka, for plain nonsense and wackyness.

There will also be a section for best reviewers, and these people will have their stories placed in the new community as well, if they have written any for Bolt. And for that, there will be a couple of guest stars, from the best stories.

Fun Facts

Here are some random facts that may be extremely random, but here they are. There may also be a small explanation for them.

The answer to the riddle 'Why is a raven like a writing desk?' in Alice in Wonderland is 'because you are mad', if said by another person.

The answer came to me while I was on holiday this summer. The reason for this answer is that if you say 'why is a raven like a writing desk', you are saying, 'why am I raving like a writing desk'. This would explain the Mad Hatter's reaction to Alice repeating the question.

The Doctor's name (Doctor Who) is L'Thaspus D'Chix, pronounced Lu Thaspus De Kaix.

I figured this one out thanks to an article on wikipedia. If you search up 'Doctor Who', then eventually, you will reach a section on 'the Doctor's name'. On it, there is a picture of an ID card the Doctor used in 'Remembrance of the Daleks'. On it there are pseudo-Greek letters. I simply had to translate the letters, and take into account both that Galifrey seems similar in some ways to Ancient Greece, and that they might pronounce the words differently, to come to the conclusion that the Doctor's name, hidden for so long, is "L'Thaspus D'Chix."

If you've been on the computer for hours on end, reading numerous fanfictions, copy this onto your profile, and add your name to this list: danyan, Zutara Lover, Black'n'red'Butterfly, Enrica, twilightgirl1918, Just A Little Bit Dramatic, Pirates OWNS you, Cripsee, I'll have some stupid cliche, Insane Winged Girl, Faxness-Fan48, An-Jelly-Ca,VMsuperfan, SVUlover, daisy617, Pillsbury Dopegirl10, Yaoifangirl42,Animefreak469, ChibiUlquiorra, Blacksand1, ArktonDartorix, Darthdragon, JimmyRocket, The Connector's Phooka,

Please, if you enjoyed my reviews, if you are a writer who writes, if you are even close to being human, or have been close to a human, add me. I will try to create more for you.

PS. I think my favourite people on this site so far are TigressPL, Academia Cicero, and Jimmyrocket.

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