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Author has written 3 stories for Ed, Edd n Eddy, Harry Potter, and Thomas the Tank Engine.

Hello, I am ShutUp321, or you can call me Joe, whichever is easier, I like Ed Edd n Eddy and Edd is my favorite character which is why i try to make Edd the main character in my crossover/parodies, right now I am working on Harry Pott-Ed, A Harry Potter/Ed Edd n Eddy Crossover, I have ginger hair and I love Thomas The Tank Engine


Food: Apple Pie, Sherbet, White Rice (ESPECIALLY)

TV Shows: Thomas & Friends (DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT SIX!! I am 10, I got my mother's permission to do this if you think you can sue me), Ed Edd n Eddy, Camp Lazlo, Chowder, Fanboy and Chum Chum (DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT BRAINDEAD JUST FOR LIKING FB & CC)

Color: Blue, Green, Red

Books: Harry Potter, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Little Engine That Could (Since age 4!), Thomas and the Magic Railroad: Diesel 10 means trouble, Discworld Novels, Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Songs: This Love, All you need is love, Yellow Submarine, Elanor Rigby, EEnE theme, Thomas theme, Here Comes The Sun, Numb

Weather: Warm and Cloudy (That way you don't have the sun in your eyes at the playground), SunShowers, SunSnows, Sunny with a breeze here and there (In the Summer)

Websites: Lego, Fanfiction, Youtube, Wikipedia, DeviantArt (DeviantLord6200), Thomasandfriends

Bands: Beatles, Linkin Park, Maroon 5, Voltaire


Personality: Villain, Appears as a devious suited man obsessed with the color yellow, fell into a vat of paint at age 20, takes after Two-Face, his DADDY!
Hair: Umm, Yellow!
Weapons: (These Are All Yellow) Bazooka, Jackknives, Two Automatic pistols and... a banana?
Clothes: (Yellow) Suit, Pants
Goons: Yellow Shirts, Yellow Hats, Yellow Pants, Yellow Gloves, Yellow Chainguns

The Barber
Personality: Villain, Appears as a Barber who loves to cut things wether they are hair or not, was fired at age 34 because he nearly made his boss bald, he was enraged and scalped him a week later, takes after scarecrow, his idol/inspiration, uses hairspray to blind his victims PERMenantly
Hair: Black, Short, and neat
Weapons: Carries a pistol disguised as a hairdryer, boomerang scissors, remote-controlled beard razors like rc airplanes
Clothes: Barber Apron that says "Haircuts o' Death" over a long-sleeved shirt and a bullet-proof vest
Goons: Look Exactly Like him to cause confusion

Personality: Villain, Appears as a skeleton who was once a british suicide bomber but was skinned alive when his plane blew up, got operation and decided to live a life of crime
Hair: a skull
Weapons: Everything
Clothes: Military Clothes
Goons: Dressed up as skeletons

The Lightning Wizard (Also known as Joseph), tried to name his superhero Bolt of Wonder, but Zeus would've sued him
Personality: Hero, Appears as a young boy with a long robe, has a new outfit every season for some reason, hey that rhymes!
Hair: Red, whenever turning into his superhero form goes frizzy and electric-blue
Weapon: A long metal rod which, most of the time electricity is channeled through, and his hands, which can shoot spherical electric bolts, get him mad enough and he bends the clay-mold of the universe and creates an electric implosion, in a half-mile radius!
Clothes: Dark Blue blindfold that his eyes glow through so he can see thermally, In spring he wears a dented magician's hat, in summer he wears a dark brown fedora, in fall he wears a red magician's hat, in winter a wizard's hat, throughout the whole series of Season V he wears a robe of a color depending on the season, Red-Fall Brown-Summer Green-Spring White-Winter, also wears a black long-sleeve open shirt with a white short-sleeved shirt on the inside, wears baggy dark blue pants and EVEN THOUGH NO ONE EVEN CONCENTRATES ON THE SHOES WE'LL TELL YOU! Black sneakers without velcro or laces
Partners: Policemen, his brother Catboy

Personality: Silent and eager to help anyone out as long as he gets something small out of it


Return of the Kankers- Chapter 4 is FINALLY complete after probably SIX WHOLE MONTHS, also we have a Plank scene in there somewhere, Plank fans. So, enjoy!



The Idiots of the GPS- LEGO Web comic I started back in September ()

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