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Well, hello there!

I suppose I should probably talk about myself here.

Nickname: Grey

Age: Well, I'm in college.

Gender: Female

Location: US

Favorite Games: Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, The Tales Series, Spyro, Dark Cloud, Rogue Galaxy, Paper Mario, World of Warcraft

Favorite Animes: Code Geass, Deathnote, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni, Gundam Wing, Gravitation, Cardcaptor Sakura, Outlaw Star, Princess Tutu

Fav Pairings: Kingdom Hearts: Riku/Sora, Axel/Roxas, Zexion/Demyx, Cloud/Leon Deathnote: Light/L Yugioh: Seto/Joey Gravitation: Yuki/Shuichi Gundam Wing: Trowa/Quatre, Heero/Relena, Heero/Duo Princess Tutu: Fakir/Duck

So, I made an LJ account (not sure why lol) where I'll be posting these stories as well. If you have one, feel free to friend me! I'll be posting updates on chapters there when I feel like it, along with any fanart that I make and feel like posting. It's posted under my 'home page.'

Current Stories:

An Unarranged Marriage: 10-23-11: I'm so sorry for the prolonged delay in updates! This has been a pretty shitty year for me but I promise that I will hopefully have it updated soon! I promise I have not given up! :)

Stories Yet to Come:

The Perfect Form: Another Akuroku story. Roxas signs up for a life drawing class, where Axel just happens to be a drawing model. Kama Sutra poses may or may not be involved. (By which, I totally mean so totally are involved). I haven't decided whether or not I want to break this up into chapters, or make it one giant one-shot. Anyways, it's only in the very beginning stages, as it only has a little over 2000 words.

Never Set in Stone: Yet another Akuroku story. Based off the Pygmalion myth, where the statue Axel created and fell in love with comes to life and they get married and live happily ever after. Only in this modern version of it, Roxas does not seem to happy about waking up to existance to be faced with a lifetime with a pervert. Still in the outline stages of it, though I have the introductory part of it written out, which is just over a thousand words.

The Devil's Trill: A Zemyx romance/horror story set in the Victorian era.

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An Unarranged Marriage reviews
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