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Author has written 17 stories for Kyle XY, and Heroes.

Thank you for visiting my profile -- I've added a summary of all of my stories near the bottom. I should also note that I can read in French and Spanish and if you wish to provide a review in those languages, you are invited to.

Let's start with a small table outlining my Top 5 most popular stories since I joined up! Number 7, Warmer than Stone, is still one of my favourites but is nowhere near as popular as I'd like. It's a real shame. Interestingly (and totally surprisingly to me) my wife prefers my story Why Kyle Now Squeaks, which is my second least popular story all time! Fancy that!

1. Devil in Sheep's Clothing

2. At the Brink: A Kyle XY Journey

3. Amanda's Shorts

4. (Re)Living Memories

5. Kyle's Briefs or Boxers

Second, I'm going to list the stories I'm currently focusing on, in order:

At the Brink. Once At the Brink ceases trying to kill Kyle and Jessi I'll post the chapter!

There is a hiatus on Bitten but not Dead and Altered

There is a larger hiatus on Revenge of the Clones

Please note that I love the idea I have for Revenge of the Clones; I only am trying to focus on my original story and it's taking a lot of my time. This story is the longest of all of my planned stories, likely 100k words in length planned.

About me:

I'm a Canadian male, aged 35, married with two beautiful small children, and aspiring to become a published author through the conventional route in science fiction.

My wife and I watched all three seasons of Kyle XY in August 2009, most of which was mostly done through our local library and Blockbuster. We're both saddened that it has been cancelled. I've been inspired to write again since watching the series, and have been writing feverishly since. Prior to this I'd never done fanfiction and didn't know it was quite this popular... And now thanks to my Kyle XY addiction, I own all three seasons on DVD. I am also an avid fan of Heroes and have all three seasons on DVD for that too (and I loved Season 4). It's a shame it's been cancelled too, as well as Flash Forward.

I have a great love of science fiction with human themes. Favourite authors are (in Sci Fi) Robert J Sawyer and Isaac Asimov. In fantasy, J K Rowling and Terry Goodkind.

Probably as much as I love to write, I love to play with numbers, especially primes and squares.

I wish to thank anyone and everyone who reads any of my submissions whether you review them or not. I appreciate any criticism.

New to 2010 I am writing about 7500 words per week for an original novel length story with the smallest bit of Kyle as an inspiration. Obviously it won't be on here because it will be original, but as many of you know, when I write, it just pours out. It's like the episode after Leap of Faith where Jessi is madly writing stuff on every available surface...

But I digress. I hope you enjoy everything I write. Feel free to PM me as well. I am always willing to chat!


Summary of my stories follow, with maybe a tad more info than permitted in the official summaries. They are no longer listed in any order (it was starting to get difficult). Note also that most of my stories are alternate universe or at least of an idea that would likely have never made it to television, like (Re)Living Memories -- for obvious reasons!

Warmer than Stone: I am most proud of this one. Kyle has a stone cold heart. A girl falls literally into his lap (from her 5th floor balcony), starting a chain reaction that destroys the "normal" life he was living. Complete!

(Re)Living Memories: Semi-Twilight Zone-ish (or Outer Limits) take on Kyle XY, but set completely in the Kyle XY universe. What if Kyle took Amanda into his memories and she got stuck there? This one had so much potential and could be taken in any direction. It's done at 7 chapters as I thought, but will be followed up with a longer story focusing on these three characters: Amanda, Kyle, and Jessi! Complete!

At the Brink: A Kyle XY Journey: An illness (that I will explain) destroys 92 per cent of all land-based life on Earth, causing society to fall into the Dark Ages again. Roving bands of men (aka zombies, even though not undead) are terrorizing survivors, raping and pillaging and the like. Kyle and Jessi are determined to restore humanity as quickly as possible, together. It starts off pretty dark, but I expect to have a nice ending in about 16 chapters. Obviously AU. I also want to say this story is a tad gross (I could have made it much worse :p) but it should, for the most part, get much better from now on with the exception of very large zombies. The end is in sight!

Revenge of the Clones: I took this title not from Star Wars, but more Revenge of the Nerds (although the premise is altogether different). I expect this story to be as long as Devil in Sheep's Clothing, with a lot of action, though that might take a while to build up sufficiently. Did I have to mention that Kyle dies in the first chapter? There will be a fair bit of Kyle and Kessi stuff in here, even though he's dead! Currently on hiatus but not because I don't want to write it.

Devil in Sheep's Clothing: My longest complete work. The first chapter was a one-shot of Amanda's reaction to Kyle telling her everything. It was then expanded to have Amanda try innocently to make him more selfish when Latnok decides it's a great idea and expands upon it, to fantastic proportions. Kyle throughout struggles with a newly enhanced sense of smell too. It starts off very normal and episode-like, but takes marvelous twists and turns by the end. Need I say a trio of ninjas and not one but two endings? Read it, then let me know your thoughts. Complete!

Practice Makes Perfect: My first serious attempt at humour. It's a little risque and I certainly could have made it very dirty, but I didn't. Whether the humour works or not, you'll just have to read and tell me. A number of people loved it enough to mark it as a favourite... A definite Kylanda fic. Complete!

North Bay, Population X6,000: My hometown used to read population 56,000 when I lived there oh, let's just say 15 years ago. Kyle finds a drastically changed North Bay, boasting a populace of only 6,000. One reviewer was kind enough to mention they are from the North Bay I describe in the work. No, no zombies, and yes oneshot. For zombies you have to read At the Brink: A Kyle XY Journey. Complete!

Josh the Lovable Geek: As a little bit of a geek myself when it comes to certain things like the game Wizardry and DDR (you should think a AA geek), I've made Josh and Kyle very particular in this story. It won't likely remain a one shot but it won't be a long story either. I have to warn people though this is really off the wall. I'm trying to be a little funny, and serious with mature ideas. For example, there is a surprise pairing, not because it is a fully desired pairing, but because there is history there. Complete!

Josh's Nooks and Crannies: Another ficlet compilation but this time focused on Josh. This will feature a fair bit of Jandy but I must tell that the first chapter is pretty out there!

Why Kyle Now Squeaks: An even more off the wall one shot. I tried to write slapstick comedy into Kyle XY. As writers we all write best in our own little niches, mine being sci fi and fantasy; this story is so far out of my niche it's funny. As to a summary for this piece? How about this: Kyle speaks with a very high pitch now, but why? This story explains it quite well. Complete!

Frozen: This is my first crossover story between my two loves: Heroes and Kyle XY. Yes, I know I've not written very much for Heroes yet but I will eventually, once (if?) the Kyle XY bug ends. Anyway, Hiro's tumour is killing him, and he's sick with a cold to boot. He sneezes and does something extraordinary, even for him. Not only does he cross time and space, he crosses into another universe, and meets a beautiful girl named Amanda Bloom. Chapter 3 has garnered a tremendous response and when I reread it just days ago I was floored! Is now complete! Although a part of the ending is not really elaborated on (a certain courtship leading to marriage perhaps, eh Mrs Merlin) this side story did not fit with the idea of the story. I just might make a ficlet in Amanda's Shorts to cover that courtship though...

Sugar or Spice: My creepiest story, even creepier than my zombie story. Instead of a summary, MFarag, a lady from Cairo who reads and reviews practically every single chapter of mine, summarizes this exceedingly well with a poem at the end of her review of chapter 1. I certainly couldn't have said it any better! To Mariam! ;) Now I will add that it's complete after 4 chapters, and it ends pretty creepily besides! Creepy with a capital C, definitely, but explicit no. This is actually my second most popular story right now, which is pretty amazing considering it doesn't have zombies. That one's now my first. Enjoy! I've considered this story to be a potential prequel to my story Warmer than Stone, and be a good reason for Kyle to "forget himself". Complete!

Amanda's Shorts: Inspired by Alexander Ripley's Unsaid collection of unrelated short fics featuring Jessi, this will be a collection of fics for Amanda Bloom. They will not be only romance but a bit of everything. And yes, I too absolutely love the title!! I must say my favourite oneshots in here so far are Ivory and Amanda's Shadow. I have even made a short about her shorts too, thanks to Alexander Ripley for that idea (chapter 8). Likely will never be completely complete!

Altered: I'm going for a more mysterious sci fi fic with this one even though I've actually never tried mystery specifically! Amanda wakes up naked in bed with Nate, but only remembers that she hates him. It starts from there, where will it end? I've decided this cannot remain a oneshot, because I really think there's more there to explore. Read and let me know what you think. It will have to wait a little bit though because I have a lot of ideas but I especially want to finish At the Brink first. Small hiatus.

Kyle's Briefs or Boxers: Like Amanda's Shorts, a collection of ficlets and slightly longer fics (hence briefs or boxers!) featuring Kyle. Definitely will not all be about romance or choosing a pairing and is therefore rated T and general. The first chapter is inspired partially from the lackluster bonus future revealed feature on the season 3 DVD. Will likely never be complete!

Nicole's Knick Knacks: Like Kyle's Briefs or Boxers and Amanda's Shorts, this is a compilation of ficlets featuring Nicole Trager. I absolutely love the first ficlet. There likely won't be many in this compilation but it will likely never be complete either.

Bitten But Not Dead: Sylar is bitten by a hot vampiress. It was a strange thought that popped into my head that wouldn't let go so I had to put it to rest. Ha ha! If I am to continue it, think Buffy meets Sylar but with the Sylar killer 'tude. Small hiatus but boy do I have ideas for this one!

If anyone has a challenge (I don't want plot ideas, only a challenge, like make a sci fi tale that's humorous between Hillary and Josh), drop me a line. I'll think about it and see what comes out. Then I'll mention it in the author's note at the beginning.

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