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Author has written 9 stories for Happy Tree Friends, and Metal Arms.

Remember me?

Welcome to my profile,

I'm 17 yrs old and I live in Canada, eh?

Likes:Happy Tree Friends, Video games, music, playing Guitar, writing, drawing, and other stuff which I can't think of right now...

Favorite HTF characters: Flaky!!(no duh, eh?) Flippy, Nutty, Handy, Russell, and the rest, (except Cro-marmot, and Disco Bear)

Favorite bands: Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Metallica, Judas Priest, Rage Against the Machine, Foo Fighters, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Pantera, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Motorhead, Rebel Meets Rebel, System of a Down, Rammstein, and Rush

I am a pretty laid back type of person, lots of people who know me would say i'm really shy. When I'm not on here i'm usually playing guitar, playing video games on X box live (col sanders 55 for anyone who want's to add me, just send me an invite and tell me who you are on here) or i'm doing something else. Most of, if not all, the stories i will write will be Happy Tree Friends stories.

Deviant Art Profile:flippinoutflaky (If anyone's wondering why I'm taking so long on updating my stories, I'll post the reason or reasons on my dA journal)

Story Ideas: I'll admit, they aren't all written out, and saved on my computer... but they're written here, so please don't take them!

Brotherhood Built in Blood: War is being waged and the residents of Happy Tree Town have become drafted. After an ambush destroys their training camp, Flippy must teach them all he knows and get them ready, before it's too late... (I'm gonna start this after I get a few stories finished. And I'm accepting OCs.)

The Slumber Party: All the girl Tree Friends go to a log cabin in the middle of the forest for a camping trip. An as they begin to disappear one by one, they start to realise... They aren't alone. Rated M for sexual references, disturbing deaths and killings, and possibly a lemon (oh noes!).

Favorite Pairings

FlippyxFlaky- the whole reason I stumbled onto this site!

PetuniaxNutty- Don't really know why, read some stories with this pairing and liked it

Evil FlippyxEvil Flaky- (explained in A Match Made In Hell) I never expected it to be so well liked... But, i'm still really happy with how that story ended up! (although, the sequel will NEVER top it...)

CuddlesxGiggles- not really a fan, but it's used alot. (even by me)

SnifflesxSparky(my OC)- He's a complete techno nerd, and she's obsessed with anything electical, so why not?

PetuniaxFlaky- I just think it's cute!

O.C. s:





Bio: A yellow rabbit who, after suffering a large electrical shock at birth, is almost completely resistant to electricity. Her body acts like a living capacitor and stores any electrical charge she comes into contact with (and later unleashes the electrical current usually killing others around her.) Also, after being used to the feeling of being electrically charged for so long, she's become addicted to it, and will start to go through withdrawls and will do ANYTHING for a charge. When at a really high charge, her body also becomes electromagnetic, causing metal objects(usually sharp) to become attracted to her body. She is usually very friendly and likes to hang out with the other tree friends, but when low on charge she becomes unpredictable and sometimes even hostile towards others. Because of her facination for electronics, she likes to be around Sniffles, usually helping with experiments, and she may even have feelings toward him...

Appearance:Yellow fur, metal bracelets, and a golden necklace with a small thunderbolt on it. She has a tuft of fur on her head which sticks out wildly in different directions. When fully charged, her fur is bright yellow, her ears are straight, and she usually is really, annoyingly hyper. When low on charge, her fur becomes a dark, sickly yellow, her ears droop and she is very sluggish. (If anyone wants to use her in their story, your free to do so. Just don't do anything REALLY weird or have her WAY out of character or anything. And PM me before you do though, just so I know!) I've got some pics of her on Deviant Art! (flippinoutflaky). I also wanna thank: Arrow363, Boulder The Dragon, Deadliving, DeepDarkDebt09, DJ Shifty, Fog112, Hankforthewin, Neon's Wrath, Nitocolus, Phoenix Reece, Primedahedgie, and Schadinn for using her in their stories. I gave them a small bio, and with their stories, they have added new, cool ideas, given her a personality, and altogether made me a happy writer! thank you all!

Name: ??

Gender: Male

Species:unknown, but probably a bear


Bio: The last surviving member of his platoon, he searches for others to fight alongside. An explosion during a large firefight has given him amnesia, and he can't remember anything about his former life. As he regained conscienceness from the explosion, he found himself surrounded by Tiger Army soldiers, and barely escaped with his life. (he may have a particularly important part in Brotherhood built in blood.)

Appearance: wears army gear, as well as a facemask stuck to his helmet that masks his identity.




age: 18 when he joined the army,

Bio: A red fox, whose family had been killed in a car accident. He lived with his aunt and uncle until he turned 18 and joined the army. After doing bad in basic training, he was assigned to the '1st to fight' squad of solders the army could care less about. He has a knack for having bad luck, but his bad luck usually changes just before something life-threatening happens, which makes him often feel both blessed and cursed. After his friend Shade dies from an extremely dangerous assignment, Blaze gets clinical depression and now suffers from mood swings.His depression starts to lessen after he moves to Happy Tree Town. He is also extremely cocky and can be kind of an asshole to those who don't know him well, as well as to those that do.

Appearance: during the war(and A Match Made in Hell) wears a green camo army jacket (which he usually keeps open), camo cargo shorts, a pair of dog tags, and a green helmet. After the war, wears his camo cargo shorts, dog tags, and a green army hat. He always keeps Shade's dog tags in his pocket to always remember him.




age:27 now deceased.

Bio: A black Badger with red stripes who was drafted into the army and assigned into a paratrooper company. After the sight of all his comrades getting brutally killed and the fear of being alone in enemy territory, he snapped. After being given drugs that were supposed to help him, he lives without feelings of fear or remorse. Deemed to unstable to be with other soldiers, he was assigned to the 1st to fight as well. After a few years, his drugs started to slowly wear off and he starts to open up more for Blaze. He was killed in a large explosion while protecting Blaze.

Appearance: dark grey military attire, badly damaged dog tags and a battered helmet.

Well, I was going to update those after I finished Blood Brothers, but... I just decided to do it now. Spoiler alert! nevermind I guess it's too late...

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My first Fanfic. What if Flippy wasn't the only one with PTSD? After a traumatic event, Flaky starts to become more and more aggresive, but is it really her? Contains FlippyxFlaky I do not own Happy Tree friends, Mondomedia does.
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