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Hello one and all...maybe. I tend to favourite stories and/or authors without reviewing their stories...

Thanks to Landmaster776 on Deviantart for making the C.O.S. banner for me that I use as me profile pic.

Thanks to all of you who are taking the time to read my story!

UPDATE: I apologize for anyone reading and waiting super impatiently for me to update my story. I've been dealing with life and personal issues. Just finished college and still trying to sort out my life. I still plan on finishing my story...though it'll end very differently than originally intended. I may not return to writing for a while still, this is because I'm commissioning a friend to make reference sheets of all my OCs/fursonas. I also have been redesigning all of my characters and will probably have to go back into my story and rewrite some stuff. Again, I do apologize...

Scheduled Update for Star Fox: The Company of Strays - TBA (HIATUS)

About Me:

Name: Zach Palay

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Location: Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Interest's: Video Games, drumming, making friends, thinking up ideas for possible video games and/or stories, hanging out with friends, fanfiction, and editing.

Birthday: August 20th 1993

Xbox Live & PSN Gamertag: JorZik

Favourite Music Genres: Metal and most if not all of its sub-genres, Video Game/Movie soundtracks, I enjoy listening to drum circles...

Top 6 Favourite Bands: System of a Down, Lamb of God, Soulfly, Metallica, Machine Head, and Gojira

And finally, here are my OC's profiles. I'll also provide information about the group: The Company of Strays.

Spyke's Profile:

Birth Name: Ryszard Strom

Known as: Spyke

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Species: Wolf-Bat Hybrid

Fur: Black, Medium length

Personality: Creepy, Honourable, Short-Tempered, Confused and VERY emotional

Wings: Black, Demonic-looking Bat wings

Eyes: Blood Red with a vertically slit-pupil

Height: 6 ft.

Build: Moderate and has really good balance

Details: Left ear is torn, Scar crossing left eye to right cheek, Scar that wraps around entire right arm from shoulder to wrist, Left shoulder is cybernetic

Weapons: Katana on Back, Broadsword with a jagged blade and Norse symbols on hip, 3 Throwing Spikes sheathed on his left wrist and Twin daggers on both shoulders

Clothing: An open black vest with nothing underneath, Black fingerless gloves with spikes on the knuckles, Black baggy pants with rips at the knees, Black spiked boots, a black handkerchief wrapped around his neck and a necklace with a silver ring on it(it belonged to his father)

Skills/Abilities: Is an expert Swordsman, Martial artist and Battle tactician. Extra sensitive senses, can fly pretty fast using his wings, has trained self to fly up to the top of Mountains on Titania, expert leadership skills, fast reflexes and when angered enough can punch right through a person

Bio: Spyke was born a few years before the Lylat wars began on Titania. At this time Titania had many inhabitants living in villages spread all over the planet. His father was the general of the military for his village, his mother was a bat bounty hunter who was hired to kill Spyke’s father but fell in love instead. Spyke was the only one of his kind born with Bat wings because his mother was the only bat living on Titania. Now at this time his name was Ryszard Strom, and on his fourth birthday is when his life went to hell. Ryszard was with his father and mother wishing him a happy birthday, when suddenly gunshots were heard. Corneria had discovered Titania and the Cornerians were trying to kill the Titanians. Just as Ryszard’s parents told him to hide, they were both mowed down by heavy machinegun fire. His mother’s dying words were for him to hide, so he ran into the nearest home and hid as best as he could. He sat in his hiding place for 12 hours before emerging from the home only to find that his village was nothing but a smoking, bloody ruin of homes and burning bodies. Ryszard ran over to his parent’s bodies only to find that his mother was brutally mutilated, but his father was just about to cross over. Ryszard knelt next to his father and listened to his father’s dying words, which were “Avenge us!” Just before passing, his father gave him his Broadsword and his mother’s Katana, throwing spikes and twin daggers. From that day on Ryszard was left to wander Titania alone in search of these “Cornerians”. On his tenth birthday is when he discovered a Cornerian military outpost and before he knew what he was doing, he rubbed his eyes to see that he had just slaughtered everyone in the base, from that moment on Ryszard Strom was now dead and in his place was a wolf named Spyke. Before he left however, Spyke’s sociopath childhood friend Ripper had just caught up with him (apparently Ripper had been following Spyke) and FROM THAT day Spyke vowed that Corneria and every Cornerian be destroyed. Four years later Spyke and with….some of Ripper’s help formed the Titanian resistance group known as The Company of Strays. To this day The C.O.S has recruited over ten thousand wolves to their cause. On a side note their base can be found deep within the mountains of Titania.

Theme Song: Hallowed Be Thy Name (Cover) by Machine Head

Ripper's Profile (A Major character in The C.O.S.): http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2074229/Jack_The_Claw

Falanks' Profile:

Birth Name: Falanks

Known as: Falanks

Age: 45

Gender: Male

Species: Wolf

Eyes: Blind

Fur: Ghost White, Kind of long

Personality: Quiet, Keeps to himself

Height: 5’ 10”

Build: Lanky with perfect balance

Details: Entire left arm, hand and lower half of body is cybernetic, Black tribal markings all over back, chest, right arm and neck, Cybernetic tail with what looks like a claw or spike at its tip

Weapons: Has 4 telescopic pole arms on back, one pole arm on both shoulder blades, one pole arm going straight down the center of his spine and the fourth pole arm just above his tail bone. He also carries some kind of shield on his back (looks kind of like Greek shield) that can deflect almost any projectile, he also uses a ton of magic Including; Telepathy, Telekinesis(Hydrokinesis, Pyrokinesis, Aerokinesis, Electrokinesis, and Terrakinesis), Transvection, Remote Viewing...

Clothing: A worn, ghost white rag over his eyes

Skills/Abilities: Expert at using a wide variety of pole arms, Capoeira, Medicine and Parkour, Is very agile and flexible. Can also see everything around him with his mind (inanimate objects, warm-blooded/cold-blooded beings, robots, ect…). Also speaks telepathically and has a great sense of smell and hearing

Bio: Not a lot is known about this wolf, aside from the fact that he was banished from Cerinia after single-handedly wiping out half of the Cerinian military and trying to assassinate Krystal’s father the moment she was born. He came to Titania in a badly beaten up Venomian escape craft. After gaining clearance to land at a newly built Cornerian military outpost, he landed and they ended up taking him prisoner, thinking he was from Venom. Four days past until Falanks was rescued by Spyke and The C.O.S., welcoming him with open arms. Falanks is now the Medical and pole arm specialist for The Company of Strays.

Theme Song: 4th Movement Of The Odyssey by Incubus

Kane's Profile:

Birth Name: Kane

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Species: Unknown

Fur: It used to be grey but is now stained with the blood of his parents (Crimson), It's really messy

Personality: Completely Insane, Nosey, Schizophrenic, Cocky, Very ‘Tech-Savvy’ and VERY observant

Eye: Left eye is a Dark, Golden Yellow with an “X” shaped pupil

Height: 5’ 3” (because he’s hunched over)

Build: Lean and slightly muscular; due to being hunched over, he has a severely stooped back/posture.

Details: His right eye socket has no eye in it, can see blood stains and rip marks around the eye socket, has many scars of varying sizes all over his body, he is always a bit hunched over due to the fact he was born with his spine being bent out of shape and what looks to be a massive (still bloody) scar starting from the right side of his chest curving down to the left side of his stomach and vice-versa (left side of chest curving down to right side of stomach)

Weapons: Predator style wrist blades sheathed on his right wrist, a VERY HIGH-TECH and telescopic .25 cal. Sniper rifle with a built in silencer sheathed on his right shoulder, about 2 dozen smoke pellets, two Cold Steel Recon Tanto Fighting Knives sheathed on his back and a Ka-Bar D2 Extreme Fighting Knife sheathed on the left side of his waist

Clothing: He wears a dark sand colored assassin outfit (think Altair from Assassin’s Creed) and a portable computer built into his left wrist communicator

Skills/Abilities: Expert Assassin, pretty good at Recon, crazy at hacking into high security systems, somewhat good balance, amazingly stealthy, can reload his sniper rifle in .04 seconds, has amazing accuracy, has really sensitive hearing and pretty good tracking abilities.

Bio: Kane’s childhood wasn’t very pleasant. When he was born, both of his parents were drunk and his mom was only 19 while his dad was 22. Every day of Kane's life, his parents would constantly beat on him, if they were angry about something they would take it out on him; if they were sad they would take it out on him, even when they were happy they would beat on him. At the age of ten Kane ran away from home after his parents told him that he was a mistake and that they never wanted a child, he ran all the way to the Cornerian military base to speak with General Pepper about his situation, but when he told Pepper about it he didn’t believe Kane. Instead of helping Kane, Pepper called his parents to come and pick him up. From that point on Kane despised the Cornerian government, but after his eleventh birthday he started to hear voices in his head telling him to kill his parents, of course Kane didn’t listen to them. But when his 16th birthday came, his parents were drunk and high, his dad took out a knife and started to assault Kane. His father slashed at him until finally without realizing it the knife got stuck in Kane’s right eye. At this moment Kane lost control, he pulled the knife out along with his right eyeball, took hold of the knife and mutilated his parents. After seeing what he had done, he quickly hijacked a cargo ship headed for Fortuna. For three years Kane lived on Fortuna working as a bounty hunter and even became the most feared bounty hunter, seeing as how he killed all the other feared bounty hunters. At the age of 23 Kane was hired to take out a Titanian resistance leader named Spyke. But when Kane got to Titania, Spyke was waiting for him. Kane asked what the resistance group was against and when Spyke said Corneria, Kane threw away his contract and joined The Company of Strays and became their reconnaissance, assassination, hacking and technology specialist. But even to this day he can hear those voices in his head.

Theme Song: Juular by The Devin Townsend Project

Arson's Profile:

Birth Name: Ryan Kreesh

Known as: Arson, Walking Apocalypse

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Species: Wild Boar (Synth)

Eyes: Orange-Red

Fur: Arsenic (Holographic)

Personality: Quiet, Intimidating, Somewhat emotional

Height: 6’ 8”

Build: Large (no he’s not fat!)

Details: Everything (except for his back & most of his organs) is made of really thick and strong starship armoring

Weapons: Two dual-wieldable flamethrowers hooked up to two Napalm tanks on his back, a telescopic minigun in his left arm, C4, a Napalm Grenade Launcher, a telescopic Bazooka (I think you get the idea)

Clothing: Heavy Duty desert camo pants and Heavy Duty metal combat boots

Skills/Abilities: Really strong, Expert at using any form of Heavy Weapons, Can breathe in space, Able to survive MASSIVE falls or somewhat big explosions and can catch arty shells or missiles in mid-air

Bio: Everyone in the C.O.S. has some kind of scar whether it is emotional or physical. But if there is one wolf who has the worst physical scar it would be Arson. A few years before Arson met Spyke, he was a very well respected Cornerian Spec. Ops operative. Everyone loved him except for one of his superiors, this guy hated the fact that Arson was getting way more attention than he was. So one day Arson was assigned a solo mission, all he was told was that he would be dropped into an enemy minefield on Venom and that he would have to disable the mines and the AA guns. Now what they should’ve told him was that he would be dropped into a ditch filled with mines bearing the Cornerian military insignia. After Arson impacted the mines a Cornerian search party found him…or what was left of him. Somehow all that survived was his back and two of his organs (which were his heart and brain) and they took Arson’s remains back to a Corenrian hospital. Numerous scientists and doctors helped to rebuild Arson out of machinery and warship armor, they rebuilt his bones out of some form of nanites and when they finished, they put some form of prototype holographic technology in him so that it looked like he still had fur. Three years later, Arson awoke in the hospital bed not remembering what happened, until his family came into see him but were disgusted by the way he looked and ran out of the hospital. This hurt arson even more because he was trying to remember who they were. Two days later his superiors came in and told him what had happened. Arson, outraged by what he was hearing ended up headlining a Cornerian news broadcast where he caused the hospital he was in to become engulfed by flames. Before Arson left Corneria though he broke into an armory and stole two dual wieldable flamethrowers, he then hijacked a cargo ship and had it crash land on Titania. After emerging from the wreckage, Arson saw, what looked to be a cross between a bat and a wolf standing before him. The Bat-Wolf called himself Spyke and asked what Arson’s business was on Titania and after Arson told Spyke everything that had happened, Spyke asked him if he would like to join the Company of Strays. Arson agreed and from that day forth he became the Heavy Weapons specialist of the Company of Strays.

Theme Song: One by Metallica

Silver's Profile:

Birth Name: Jessica Niestrum

Known as: Silver (How strange huh?)

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Species: Lynx

Fur: Silver

Personality: Playful, Flirty, Black Humored, and Patient.

Eyes: Yellow with Black Slits

Height: 5’9

Build: Curvy hourglass figure

Details: Has a slight nick on her left cheek.

Weapons: A Katana like sword, a Desert Eagle type pistol, and whatever she’s driving.

Clothing: A black combat vest topping light desert camo along with camo pants and army boots. She occasionally wears a bandanna around her head, but not too often.

Skills/Abilities: An expert pilot and driver in nearly any vehicle she’s put into, is very talented at sneaking around, and can pick most locks with ease.

Bio: Both of her parents were in the Cornerian military, and they were very over-protective of her...you know what with them always leaving to go fight somewhere.
At the age of 16, one of her parents’ superiors came to her house to bring the news that both of her parents were found dead...on a certain desert planet. They had been on patrol when someone attacked their outpost and were caught in the cross-fire. Jessica waited two years so she could join the military and avenge them. Now the problem with this was that she too, was one day sent to that same planet...but her fellow soldiers were not very...ummmm "nice" to her. When it was her 23rd birthday some soldiers thought it would be nice to have a little "fun" with her... now the problem is that they chose a bad time to do that because right as they held her down and were about to start, the alarms blared and a certain wolf-bat was standing in the doorway eating an apple, saying to them "now, that’s not very nice" and in the blink of an eye their mutilated corpses hung from the ceiling.
Right after Spyke finished cleaning his sword, Arson rushed in saying that they need to leave unless they wanted to be a pile of irradiated dust. And so, Spyke picked up Jessica and flew away from the base, to safety. And 2 days later she became part of the C.O.S. and also she threw away her name...mainly because when Spyke first met her he called her Silver...though she never did find out who killed her parents...

Theme Song: Break Me Shake Me by Savage Garden

The Company Of Strays Info:

Name of Group: The Company of Strays

Leader/Founder of group: Spyke

Reason for forming group: Resistance against Corneria and those allied with Corneria

Years active: 18

Number of soldiers: 10,000 – 15,000

C.O.S. Salute: stand up straight, take right hand into a fist and lightly pound left side of chest

Weaponry: Shields, Spears, Pikes, Swords, Daggers, Wrist Blades, Fists, Any part of body, Catapults, Artillery Cannons, AA Guns, Anti-Orbital Guns, C4, Napalm, Nanites, RPG’s, Bows and Arrows, Assault rifles, SMG’s, basically anything they can get their hands on

Armor: Their armour looks like a cross between Samurai armor and the armor that the characters wear in the game Section 8

Location: Titania

C.O.S. Ship Details: Its name is The Maccabee; it’s more of a Space “Hulk” than a Space ship, the “Hulk” looks like a cross between a Covenant Cruiser, The Spirit of Fire and General Grievous’s command ship. Its weapon armament includes plasma turrets; cannons, energy beams, Nova Bomb cannons and multiple monofilament harpoon/grappling hook cannons (yes they board enemy ships by broad siding them). The Maccabee is bigger than any Lylatian Warship/Cruiser ever built or seen. Also, instead of traveling via Hyperspace, slipstream or those gate things, it travels inter-dimensionally.

Battle tactics/strategies: The C.O.S. tend to use a mixture of battle tactics which include Greek, Samurai, Guerrilla warfare, American Civil War, etc...

Background Info: The Company of Strays was formed by Spyke when he was ten. At that time the only people in the C.O.S. were Ripper and himself. About 4 days later, Spyke and Ripper came across a vast amount of mountains, but the thing that Spyke found to be amazing about these mountains was that they were formed like a massive wall and then in one spot they bent into a “U” shape. After Spyke and Ripper inspected the mountains they found numerous caves within them. They both spent about 2 years living in those caves. Spyke realized that just sitting around wouldn’t help them achieve anything, so him and Ripper went out and found another Cornerian military outpost but as Spyke looked closer he could see a massive holding cell filled with other Titanians and what looked to be some sort of wolf with Ghostly white fur and a rag over its eyes. By midday everyone in the outpost was dead, Spyke then freed the Titanian prisoners and the white wolf. Spyke then asked everyone there if they wanted to join his still growing resistance group. As the years went by more and more Cornerian outposts were destroyed and a deadly bounty hunter eventually got wind of the news of these attacks and was hired to take out the one causing them. Though instead of killing Spyke the bounty hunter now known as Kane joined them. Spyke asked Kane to send out a signal that would attract more and more wolves to their cause. So, as the years went by more and more wolves began coming to Titania to join them. Of course every now then someone would come forward and ask why they were following orders from someone younger than them, those wolves usually never spoke again.

Theme Song(s): Clenching The Fists Of Dissent by Machine Head, Wolves by Machine Head, Ten Thousand Fists by Disturbed, Prevail by Kataklysm, Block by Machine Head, etc...(I think you get it)

If anyone wants to chat or ask me anything about my characters, story, or whatever...don't hesistate to contact me. If you wish to use my OC's in a story talk to me about it...as it can get a bit complicated...

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