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~Birth Name: Dominik Dresdner

~Known as: Ripper

~Age: 29

~Gender: Male

~Species: Wolf

~Fur: Slate Grey

~Personality: Split. He often goes from a violent, unpredictable, and generally insane personality, to a calmer, more articulate personality. The first is used mostly in public, where its savage nature can be put to use more effectively, though it is not unheard of for him to use the savage side for the intimidation value if nothing else. The second is used only around Spyke, and his closest allies.

~Eyes: Crimson

~Height: 6'1; Upright 5'8; Slouched

~Build: Slight-Moderate

~Birth place/current residence: Titania

~Details: His entire left arm and eye are replaced by cybernetic components, as he was grievously wounded during the massacre in which his and Spyke's village was destroyed. The arm itself is grossly disproportionate to the rest of his body, not to mention that due to years of exposure to the arid climate and dry, sandy desert wind, the arm's gears click and clank quite noticeably. The eye is more akin to a camera than it is an actual eye, as it clicks like a camera shutter when he 'blinks'. It's also noteworthy that the most part of his body is covered in either burns or scars of some kind, again due to the same incident which crippled him.

~Weapons: Cybernetic Claw, and whatever he can get his hands on.

~Clothing: A pair of extremely tattered combat camos, a hoodie of sorts that has been made to accommodate his cybernetic arm, and rough cloth wrappings which cover most of his face and head.

~Skills/Abilities: He is surprisingly agile and dexterous despite numerous battle injuries, Is very effective in hand to hand combat, Can generally tear though most body armour with his cyber-claw (This includes light vehicle plating), Often goes into a heavy adrenaline rush during combat and as such ignores most minor wounds, Can be decently tactful and cunning when the situation demands it of him, Is very intimidating, Is extraordinarily sadistic.

~Bio: Born in a small Titanian village, Dominik barely knew either of his parents, though neither were particularly noteworthy. His mother unfortunately died during child-birth, much to his father's dismay. His father on the other hand, spent most of his time out in one of the many hunting parties that where sent out by the village to find food. As such, Ripper was raised communally by the village's various families. One he grew rather fond of was the Strom family, particularly their young son Ryzszard, whom Dominik bonded to as almost a brother.

His life was good for a time. In fact, his future looked quite bright for a short while. Then everything went to hell on Ryszard's fourth birthday. About midday, the sound of gunfire could be heard from outside the tents and huts. Moving to investigate, he was thrown back by a massive explosion, which knocked him unconscious. By the time he cracked open his eyes; the moon was already past its high point in the sky, and all he could smell was smoke. Smoke and death. It didn't take him to long to realize that the tent he had been in had caught alight, as had he. While this fire had burned him permanently and crippled most of the left side of his body, it did happen to cauterize his wounds from the prior explosion, which the shrapnel wounds would've killed him had he not been in the burning tent.

Quickly dragging his half dead body from the smouldering remains of his home, he found the carnage left by these 'Cornerian' Soldiers completely terrifying. Something snapped at the sight of his 'adopted' parent's corpses, along with the many other dead. Dominik Dresdner ceased to be himself within' that horribly scarred body on that day. An alternate, bestial persona was created to try and hide his fear of losing any more friends. This was aptly named 'Ripper' by his friend later on, due to its savage and nigh uncontrollable nature. After burying the dead in hastily dug, shallow graves, he set out after the only tracks that were still discernable. Tracks which belonged to his friend Ryszard, whom he eventually caught up with.

After wandering about through the Titanian wastes for many years, he assisted his friend Ryszard, who now called himself Spyke, with gathering various like minded men and women. To whatever village they went, Spyke spread their tale of death and destruction, and subsequently showed them Ripper, a physical and mental victim of Corneria's vicious and unrelenting raids. Always would there be those who would wish to join their cause, sometimes gathering an entire tribe, and other times one or two, if they were lucky. To this day, this group still operates, now calling themselves, The Company of Strays, or the C.O.S for short.

~Theme Song: Bulldozer; Machine Head, This was my life; Megadeth

Sadly, that's it for characters I've created, or at least, ones that go into already established cannon.

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