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6-9-12 Last update:

If your reading this, then I have simply thrown in the towel.

I've been an emotional angst train wreck.

My PM is off, every creation I have deleted.

I refuse to write or show them again...

I have to realize something, I'm actually quite a horrible writer...

I thank everyones patience and tips, for helping me become a better writer.

But it wasn't enough, English always slips away...

punctuation, grammar, they seemed to always elude me even if I'm a college student at best...

I will only use this account for forum use only...

I know that I have been quite dreadful, and I can't make up for whatever consequences I have caused...

In other words I am pulling the metaphoric trigger on myself, and I will never write anything on this site forevemore...

It wasn't the reviewers that got to me, it's just I've been deeply angst for the past 2 months...

All I have to say is if you write bad fics the check out Das_sporking a live journal community.

And argue with them, for one of their own decided to take one of my best old fics and chew on it, spit on it, crush it, humiliating myself with it.

You can find it because it had my old penname on it...

you can the sporker who did it their as well.

was bitter, sarcastic, but even with the words from Das Mervin I don't forgive the sporker.

I'm sorry I don't forgive them, I used to be hateful but sad, then back to angry once again.

filled with anguish? no, I've been suffering emotional pain for 3 years!

My behavior has been going berserk.

I could be angry, then bitter, sad, to angry then depressed.

I express myself by writing but it only makes things worse.

Am I happy I wrote this? No, why should I be happy for making Das_sporking a live journal community a few headaches?

They did nothing wrong and neither did Das Mervin.

i'm sorry but I refuse to write anymore on here.

Im on a different site, and editing my work now.

And hopefully said sporker isn't a stalker, because AFF.net has a no tolerance policy.

I hope they just leave me alone, and never find my new penname.

puts gun in mouth and pulls the trigger*