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Okay guys. I have some news that might make you scream.

Yes, I know, you're all like, "WTF, NOW you show up, ya bitch!"

Okay, yea, well...whatever. I'm going to be deleting a story or two, and I'm postive one of them is going to be "Duncan Can't Take It." Y'know, I really don't enjoy making it. Honestly, I started working on the chapter a couple weeks ago, THOUGH I'VE HAD CRAPLOADS OF SCHOOL TO DO, and I've only written maybe, I dunno, 7 pages. And I'm not even a third through the episode. I only like writing the parts of the story that you DON'T see in the TV episodes. If you want, I'll post what I have of the next chapter. Anyone's welcome to continue it if they want, because I'm not really feeling this story anymore.

Here's a link:


1. Make a trail of lemonade going to the rest rooms.

2. Set all the alarm clocks in Electronics to go off at 5-minute intervals.

3. Make a trail of tomato juice on the floor leading to the rest rooms.

4. Walk up to an employee and tell him/her in an official tone,
" 'Code 3' in housewares"... and see what happens.

5. Go the Service Desk and ask to put a bag of M&M's on lay away.

6. Move a 'CAUTION - WET FLOOR' sign to a carpeted area.

7. Set up a tent in the camping department and tell other shoppers you'll invite them in if they'll bring pillows from the bedding department.

8. When a clerk asks if they can help you, begin to cry and ask,
"Why can't you people just leave me alone?"

9. Look right into the security camera & use it as a mirror, and pick your nose.

10. While handling guns in the hunting department, ask the clerk if he knows where the anti-depressants are.

11. Dart around the store suspiciously, loudly humming the "Mission Impossible" theme.

12. In the auto department, practice your "Madonna look" using different size funnels.

13. Hide in a clothing rack and when people browse through, say "PICK ME!" "PICK ME!"

14. When an announcement comes over the loud speaker, assume the fetal position and scream "NO! NO! It's those voices again!"

15. Go into a fitting room and shut the door and wait a while and then yell, very loudly, "There is no toilet paper in here!

16. Get several bouncy balls and throw them down an aisle shouting "Pikachu, I choose you!"

Repost this if you laughed...


1) CRACK open your briefcase or handbag, peer Inside and ask "Got enough air in there?"

2) STAND silent and motionless in the corner facing the wall without getting off.

3) WHEN arriving at your floor, grunt and strain to yank the doors open, then act as if you're embarrassed when they open themselves.

4) GREET everyone with a warm handshake and ask him or her to call you Admiral.

5) MEOW occasionally.

6) STARE At another passenger for a while. Then announce in horror: "You're one of THEM" - and back away slowly

7) SAY "DING" at each floor.

8) SAY "I wonder what all these do?" And push all the red buttons.

9) MAKE explosion noises when anyone presses a button.

10) STARE, grinning at another passenger for a while, then announce: "I have new socks on."

11) WHEN the elevator is silent, look around and ask: "Is that your beeper?"

12) TRY to make personal calls on the emergency phone.

13) DRAW a little square on the floor with chalk and announce to the other passengers: "This is my personal space."

14) WHEN there's only one other person in the elevator, tap them on the shoulder, then pretend it wasn't you.

15) PUSH the buttons and pretend they give you a shock. Smile, and go back for more.

16) ASK if you can push the button for other people but push the wrong ones.

17) HOLD the doors open and say you're waiting for your friend. After a while, let the doors close and say "Hi Greg, How's your day been?"

18) DROP a pen and wail until someone reaches to help pick it up, then scream: "That's mine!"

19) BRING a camera and take pictures of everyone in the lift.

20) PRETEND you're a flight attendant and review emergency procedures and exits with the Passengers.

21) SWAT at flies that don't exist.

22) CALL out "Group hug" then enforce it.

Which TDI/A/M/C Character Am I?!

()You are a wannabe at sometimes
() You have a best friend
(X) You wear/used to wear braces
() Singing is one of your hobbies
(X) You easily fall for the eye candy
() One of your favorites colors is pink
() You work/have worked on a farm
Total: 2


() You surf
() You're a vegetarian
(X) You care about the environment/Mother Nature
(X) Animal Cruelty is wrong to you
() You usually wear your hair in a ponytail
() You have a boyfriend/girlfriend
() You get along with everybody
(X) Everything should be natural to you
Total: 3


(X) You love technology
() Most of the time you flirt and hit on girls/guys
(X) You are a quick healer
(X) You easily get sun burn
() You have a gap between your front teeth
() A poor diet scares you
() You play the keyboard
() BBQ Chips is the King of all Chip Flavors to you (YES YUM YUM YUM!!)
Total: 3


() You are/were a CIT
(X) You want everything right
(X) You get mad easily
(X) Everything is important to you
() You are/were on the Student Council
() Everything turns out wrong for you
(X) You fall for the delinquents/criminals
(X) You've once been out of a game/challenge unfairly
Count: 5


(X) You love animals
() Everybody loves you
(X) You've been raised right
() Everybody is your friend
(X) You are most of the time happy
() You never get mad
() You get scared easily
() Group hugs are cuddly
Count: 2


() You have/had a mohawk
() You've been to jail/prison
(X) You love skulls and crossbones
(X) You have piercings
(X) Green is one of your favorite colors
(X) Punk is one of your favorite music genres
(X) You pick on dorks
(X) You have a smug facial expression sometimes
Count: 6 (XXDDD)


() You often lift weights
() You wear knee high socks with gym clothes
() You've been through anger management
(X) You are competitive
() You can lift anything
() Happiness is not your forte
() You often don't fall in love too easily
() You're never happy
Count: 1


(X) You're homeschooled
() You're a sexist
() You have/had/wear a toque
() You often say "eh"
() You wear a sweatshirt almost everyday
() You pick your nose often
() You have no friends
(X) You are pale
Count: 2


() You love parties
() You have the perfect boyfriend/girlfriend
() You often make out most of the day
() You wear a cowboy hat
() You're the youngest sibling in your family
() One of your nicknames is "Party Boy" or "Party Girl"
() You are invited to all of the parties
(X) You skateboard
Count: 1


() You're goth
(X) You have highlights
() You wear blue lipstick
() You wear fishnets and black
(X) You make the first move
(X) Preppy things piss you off
(X) You have a younger brother
(X) Annoying things irk you up
Count: 5


() You can be a pervert at some times
() You often say "Booyah" or "Yes"
() You're a dork
() You fall in love with the ghetto girl/boy
(X) You read comics
() You breathe loud
() You get picked on most of the time
() You save chewed gum
Count: 1


(X) You're the Queen Bee
() You are/were a cheerleader
(X) You often lie about being nice sometimes
(X) You often get embarrassed sometimes
(X) Weird people make you mad
() You break couples up
() You often call people "losers"
() You are never trusted
Count: 5

Izzy (E-Scope)

() You're crazy/psycho
() You were once wanted by the police/RCMP
() You're a redhead
() Fire is your addiction
(X) You love acting silly
(X) You run a lot
(X) You want to be called by your nickname
() You've camped out in the woods
Count: 3


() You're the eye candy
() People often stare at you
() People faint when they see you
() You lie to most people
() Beauty is a talent to you
() You once/often get photoshots
() You don't care about anything but beauty
(X) You're gorgeous
Count: 1


() You have a BFFFL
(X) You have big hips, but skinny body
(X) You're pretty
(X) You're often sweet
() You blush easily
() You wear pigtails
(X) You listen to Pop Music
() You're skinnier than your friends
Count: 4


() You're the ghetto girl
() You wear baby T's
(X) You easily get pissed off
(X) You love winning
(X) You have a great taste in style
(X) You know how to dance
() Rap is one of your favorite music genres
() You often wear hoop earrings
Count: 4


() You are/were a blonde
() You're dumb
(X) You take/took Gymnastics
(X) Your boobs are big
() You're a "Daddy's Girl"
() You fall for the jocks
() Your eyes are blue
(X) Makeup looks pretty on you
Count: 3


(X) You are a bookworm
() Your IQ is off the charts/high
() You're in Honors classes
(X) Sports aren't your forte
(X) You are often sarcastic/cynical/cocky
() You're quiet
() You've accidentally kissed someone of the same sex
(X) You don't like parties
Count: 4


() You're overweight
() You fart a lot
() You can burp the ABC's
() Everyone loves you
(X) You love adventure
() You're out of shape
() You love to eat
() You often say things about historic people such as Alexander the Great and David and Goliath
Count: 1


() You have a BFFFL
() You're chubby
() You cry without your best friend
(X) You accidentally do things wrong
() You do everything with you best friend
() You easily cry
() You love to squeal
() You often do things wrong
Count: 1


(X) You play/played the guitar
() You often wear green
() You've been heartbroken
() Your favorite number is 9
(X) You care for the people you love
(X) You're still looking for that special someone
(X) You act weird sometimes
() You easily fall in love
Count: 4


(X) You suck at sports
() You often wear red
() You wear a headband
() You wear sweat clothes
() You're tall
() You have brown hair and brown eyes
(X) You have a fear of an animal
(X) You think you're strong when you really aren't at sometimes Count: 3

Johnny Test Theme song #1

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Check out a day in the life of Johnny Test.

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Just another day in the life of a boy, just another day in the life of a boy, just another day in the life of a boy, just another day in the life of a boy named, just another day in the life of a boy named, just another day in the life of a boy named John-ny Te-e-e-e-e-e-st! Whoo!

Theme song #2

Johnny got a head of fiery hair and a turbo-charged backpack.

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They boy's best friend is a talking dog.

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A feral booster, Bling Bling, what do we make of this?

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Total Drama Island/Action Theme song

Dear Mom and Dad, I'm doin' fine.

You guys are on my mind.

You asked me what I wanted to be, and I think the answer is plain to see.

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Family Guy Theme song

Lois: Is seems today, that all you see, is vi-o-lence in movies, and sex on TV.

Peter: But where are those good ol' fashioned values...

All: ...on which we use to rely? Lucky there's a family guy! Lucky there's a man who, positively can do, all the things that make us...

Stewie: Laugh and cry!

All: He'!

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My name is Cleveland Brown, and I am proud to be

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Through good times and bad times it's true love we share.

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The Oblongs Theme song

Oblongs, Oblongs.

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American Dad Theme song.

Good morning, USA!

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Malcolm in the Middle Theme song

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Life is unfair...

If you LOVE Total Drama Island/Action, copy and paste this into your profile and replace answers with your own

TDI rocks how? AWESOMELY!

Best TDI character ever: DUNCAN!

Worst TDI character ever: Eva

Most annoying TDI character ever: Ezekiel

Best episode ever: No pain, no game

Worst episode ever: The one where Duncan gets voted off, no matter how cool it was!

The order in which YOU wanted the cast to be voted off (in TDI): Ezekiel, Sadie, Justin, Harold, Eva, Owen, Beth, Tyler, Izzy, Lindsay, Geoff, Trent, Eva (again), Noah, Katie, Bridgette, Courtney, Cody, Heather, DJ, Gwen, Izzy (again) and DUNCAN!

How much do you LOVE TDI? I'm totally obsessed. WITH DUNCAN!

Should Owen have won TDI? Ew, no way! I HATE him!

What I would do if you ripped up my sketchpad, spit on the pieces, and threw them in the air to get blown away:

1. I would kick your legs out from under you and pin you to the ground

2. I would pinch your ear until I got you to buy me a new one

3. I wouldn't shut up about all the sketches and drawings that I wasn't going to be able to replace for at least two years

4. I would scream and rant around like a little girl

5. I would start ripping stuff from the walls and breaking things

6. I would go into your room and break the one thing most valuable to you...unless I could just steal it and make money off it on eBay

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“And what could be better than serving up smiles?” (Ding)

“Being dead. Or anything else.” Spongebob and Squidward, Spongebob Squarepants

“Why can't you just study like normal kids?! You learn the facts, and YOU DON'T EXPLODE!” – Dukey, Johnny Test

“I'll do to her what douche bags did to the guitar!” – Stewie, Family Guy

“Until you have a child...until you have a do not understand, okay?” – Brian, Family Guy

“You fat son a bitch! You don't even know how old I am!” – Meg, Family Guy

“Didn't we have an electrician in there today?”

“Uh, nope, he left.”

“Isn't that his truck?”

“By God, Brian, we're murderers.” – Brian and Stewie, Family Guy

“Did we just carjack someone?”

“We sure did, Brian. We sure did.” – Brian and Stewie, Family Guy.

“How? With his X-ray vision? ...That'd be cool...” – Chris, Total Drama Action

“Afternoon, ma'am. That's a great sett'a legs you got there.” – Duncan, Total Drama Action

“You're not pretty, okay, Duncan? You're hot. You are HOT. Sexy, studlike.” – Gwen, Total Drama Action

“I have cow boobies on my head!” – Harold, Total Drama Action

“Like she's unpantsing me with her eyes.” -- Harold, Total Drama Action.

“Harold got Courtney booted last season. Yep. Payback's a bitch." -- Duncan, Total Drama Action

"I'll tell you what." -- Hank Hill, King of the Hill

"Benjamin, I see you got an Etcha Sketch!"

"It's a Gameboy, you idiot." -- Whitey and Davey, Eight Crazy Nights

"Ho, this is such bull shit-tah."

"In this house we say bull spit! That's a technical foul!" Davey and Whitey, 8CN

Mummy...Johnny brought a gun to school
He told his friends that it was cool
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It shot with a great crack
Mummy I was a good girl
I did what I was told
I went to school, I got straight A's, I even got the gold
But mummy when I went to school that day, I never said goodbye
I'm sorry mummy I had to go, but mommy please don't cry
When Johnny shot the gun he hit me and another
And all because he got the gun from his older brother
Mummy please tell daddy that I love him very much
And please tell Chris, my boyfriend, that it wasn't just a crush
And tell my little sister that she is the only one now
And tell my dear sweet grandmother that I'll be waiting for her now
And tell my wonderful friends that they were always the best
Mummy I'm not the first I'm no better than the rest
Mummy tell my teachers I won't show up for class
And never to forget this and please don't let this pass
Mummy why'd it have to be me no one deserves this
Mummy warn the others, mummy I left without a kiss
And mummy tell the doctors I know they really did try
I think I even saw a doctor trying not to cry
Mummy I'm slowly dying with a bullet in my chest
But mummy please remember I'm in heaven with the rest
Mummy I ran as fast as I could when I heard that crack
Mummy listen to me if you would
I wanted to go to college
I wanted to try things that were new
I guess I'm not going with daddy
On that trip to the new zoo
I wanted to get married
I wanted to have a kid
I wanted to be an actress
Mummy I wanted to live
But mummy I must go now
The time is getting late
Mummy tell my Chris
I'm sorry but I had to cancel the date
I love you mummy I always have
I know you know it's true
Mummy all I wanted to say is "mummy I love you"
In memory of the Columbian students that were lost
Please if you would
Pass this around
I'd be happy if you could
Don't smash this on the ground
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Just keep this in heart
For the people that didn't get to say "goodbye"
Now you have two choices
1) repost and show you care
2)ignore it and you have just proven you have a low-down, cold-heart


Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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