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Deeply Spuffy but when I'm not reading BTVS fics I usually read Star Trek, Stargate Sg-1, Angel, or X-Files fics. Actually, I don't get nearly as much time as I used to for reading, so now I'm mostly sticking to Buffy.

I finally got around to posting my 2nd story and I'd like to post more, but I'm trying to stick to a policy of finishing before posting anything since I hate it when stories aren't finished.

Thanks to everybody who has reviewed for me. I was pretty shocked to get one, let alone several reviews for my first story. I've been reading fan fic for so long that its great to now hear from so many authors who's work I've loved. I don't write often and when I have, I haven't shown it to anybody for years. I'd forgotten how great it feels to have feedback from people and this is helping me get the courage to start writing again. It's also inspiring me to start leaving more reviews. So Thanks!

If by some wierd chance anybody wants to archive my work feel free, just let me know where its going.

Finally, I'm always looking for Buffy fans to chat with on aim, so feel free to send me a message.

*Call for beta help: I'm been working on a pretty involved time travel story off and on since October and while it's by far the longest thing I've ever written (70 pages so far) I have a long way to go. I could use help with writing style, grammar in particular, and characterizations. If you're interested in the summery below, email or IM me.

The Slayer's Circle (or Empty Chairs... haven't decided yet)
The story starts at the very end of Grave. Spike has just been granted his soul but it immediately goes AU from there. In this version, Willow succeeds in destroying the world but not before Whistler makes Spike an offer from TPTB to send him back in time to Buffy's first arrival in Sunnydale. He is given a mission to bring together not just the core Scoobies, but the people who were on the fringes, or on the outside who should have been part of the group. He'll also be given fragments of the memories of the people he needs to bring together to aid him in his quest. This story will definitely be S/B ultimately, but since I believe some relationships are necessary stages of development for all parties, Spike will also have to endure the pain of watching B/A develop before his eyes. I'm not a 'ship basher and I plan to use alot of unconventional 'ships throughout the story.

Basically I wanted an excuse to take some of the wonderful, but under-used characters in the Buffyverse and give them full development arcs over the course of 7 years. I've read that Joss & Co. plan the arcs first, and plot second, and I wanted to mimic the process. Ideally I was hoping for a round robin but I don't know that many other Buffy writers well enough to approach anybody.
If you'd be interested in helping with the writing, or just reading over some of it to make sure the voices are coming across true to character, I would be in your debt.

Also, yes I'm aware the DS9 character who's name I borrow is mis-spelled. Many, many years ago when I was younger, and a far worse spelling Trekker I adopted that screen name. For the sake of continuity this is the only name I use. Besides, I also named my goldfish Jadxia and I can't let her be the only one with it spelled wrong, can I?

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Things Present Things Past by Estepheia reviews
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Stay, Until the Sun Rises by HelloJudy reviews
Buffy struggles with her feelings of Spike as he's away, and when he returns, finally comes to terms with them..."She was close enough now to see the color of his bruises and the depth of the cuts in the silver light, close enough to wonder what other horrors lie under his black shirt where it was once a playground for her mouth."
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Spiegel Im Spiegel by Fallowdoe reviews
AU- Buffy never makes it up Glory's tower. The experiences of Spike and Buffy in an apocalyptic world. *COMPLETE* Thanks to those who have read it.
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